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Lyra has never been one to try and take center stage, but when center stage comes for her and her big dream has a shot at becoming reality. She wouldn't dare let it slip away.

Follow Lyra as she journeys through a year of shenanigans, rediscovers herself, the ponies around her, and what it really means to have a voice.

Important Note

Art owned by the amazingly generous SierraEx! Thanks again!

This story is set in the Universe of OWoC and is a continuation of Finding your Voice.

Reading these two stories is not necessary, but HIGHLY recommended in order for certain behaviors and characters to fully make sense.

Disclaimer: I do not own My Little Pony, I write about it.

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Enjoy the first of many chapters to come! I apologize for the title of the chapter being a bit plain and boring, I plan on tying all the chapters together as one big lyrical rhyme. So I had to do something that would fit that model. :P

Comments and speculation always appreciated!

Love and tolerance,


Yay more Lyra stories!!:pinkiehappy:

Liked this story but your going to explain how twilight became an alicorn in the next chapters right? Because so far that has perplexed me

:yay: Quite a nice start. :twilightsmile:

I am suprised Pinkie cannot hear her considering all the other odd stuff she can do. :pinkiegasp: Even more so if she were Twilight's imaginary friend like in Petriculture.

Can't wait for more of this story, and I saw one little mistake

I could go see what Rainbow Dash do a few tricks. should be
I could go see Rainbow Dash do a few tricks. :pinkiehappy:

Also 388657 that is explained here On Wings of Change

YES! Silent Lyra has begun her take over! :rainbowkiss: Also, there was a lot of Pinkie Pie and as we all know, Pinkie Pie is best Pie. In my humble opinion, I mean :pinkiehappy:

Anyway, this looks awesome so far.

388657 like I said in the SUPER IMPORTANT MEGA AWESOME EXTRA SPECIAL FOOTNOTES, LEGENDARY EDITION. ($19.99, requires full game to play) this story heavily intertwines with OWoC and is a direct continuation of finding your voice.

388739 continuity and for lack of a better term; creating the obstacle. I played with the idea of having pinkie be able to hear, but then I remembered she's part of the universe of OWoC, and I can't change who she is in this universe just to make the interaction with Lyra interesting. :rainbowwild:

I love the feedback, and by extension, every one of you magnificent fillies and gentlecolts.

Love and Tolerance,


Woah woah when did Twilight become an alicorn? :pinkiegasp:

389076 *ghostly voice.* reeeead the noooooote in the descripppptionnnnnnn.* ooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo.

If I get another comment like this, I'm moving the note into the first paragraph of the story. XD

How did Twi become an Alicorn?!?!?1!

Just kidding, I've been following OWoC so I already know. That said, however, when did Twilight have the referenced conversation with Lyra? Did I miss a chapter?

389253 This story takes place somewhat in the future of the current position of OWoC. I promise It'll catch up! :twilightblush:


Well, if Lyra can improve Pinkie could be one of the first still. Possibly only on certain days of the week, as she is random. :pinkiehappy:

(I think for mine since Pinkie will be a creation from Twilight's head she will be able to hear Lyra once Twilight does)

Looking forward to reading this later, sadly I'm busy for a bit today, so hopefully later this afternoon I can read the beginning. :yay:

389445 "Possibly only on certain days of the week"
F*cking, GENIUS. :yay:


I enjoy that you've made a pony with a disability without constantly having that pony stressed out over it. I love Ditzy Doo stories, I really do, but some authors basically turn a depth perception issue into "My life is a living hell." Yes, the lazy eye is probably going to make some ponies stare, but its Equestria damnit, I would like to believe harmonious creatures would not allow somepony to be victimized endlessly without addressing it. That's just not friendly.

No Bon-bon and no romance? I'm leaving! XD
Best of luck with the story though <3

>The unicorn sat at the table absently munching her sandwich as she listened to her blue and pink-maned friend list off every conceivable use rosebud could serve as a confectioner's ingredient.
This right here is Tell. Show her listing they ways rosebud can be used.

>...shrugged, and grabbed a pen from a nearby counter.
Find a less awkward was of phrasing this.

>Moments later Lyra cantered over to her friend holding a written note in her aura.
Time means nothing here.

>Suddenly, Bon-bon felt like slamming her head against a wall in a sigh of defeat.
Cut "suddenly"

>drop off the response, (and) take a walk perhaps.

Pinkie Pie doesn't talk like this.

>what was the best word here?
Just change this to "off."

>schmati-matimics :rainbowhuh:

>Lyra just didn't ever stop trying to have fun and do things.
Cut "...and do things.

One of the keys on my keyboard just broke, so I'm gonna take a break.
Edit: Fixed it

>"Huh? Do ya? Do ya? Lyra? Do ya? Do ya Lyra? Do ya? Do ya? Do ya? Do ya? I bet you DOOOOOO." Chattered Pinkie as her face pressed up against the startled mint pony.
Out of character

>"Hi Heartstrings!
Remember in Harry Potter where Harry and Draco call each other by their last names... because they hate each other.

>"Oh! Are we playing hide-n-seek? Why didn't somepony count? Who's the seeker?" said Pinkie.

>and my cutie mark was different...
This would sound better as "and a different cutie mark."

>Though as she thought on it,
Show her thoughts, thought AzuNyan.

>watching his older sister
In my headcanon Twilight's Spike's mother /opinion

>The confused hatchling
Spike seems a bit old to be called a hatchling. And my spellchecker is telling me that the word is misspelled, but I'm not sure it's right.

>Lyra listened as Spike let out a gentle, "Whoa..."

>If there was one thing Twilight couldn't stand, it was accepting a situation with no current solution. The only thing it did was make her want to press harder for answers, even if she couldn't find any at the moment.

>he had always managed


http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/PointOfView Work on having consistent PoV and making PoV switches clearer.

389699 And somehow I still have your track. :rainbowlaugh: Alright, Wall o text war it is my friend. :scootangel:

>The unicorn sat at the table absently munching her sandwich as she listened to her blue and pink-maned friend list off every conceivable use rosebud could serve as a confectioner's ingredient. -- Will do

> ...shrugged, and grabbed a pen from a nearby counter. -- Will do

> Moments later Lyra cantered over to her friend holding a written note in her aura. -- Good point, I'll find a better way to stay a list of actions.

> Suddenly, Bon-bon felt like slamming her head against a wall in a sigh of defeat. -- Yup, guess it's unnecessary.

> drop off the response, (and) take a walk perhaps. -- :facehoof: Gosh dangit...


> Can do, probably will.

> Chalk it up to Pinkie pie, girl is so hyper anyway that I can't imagine her not saying "Schematics" like that.

> Man I have a lot of unneeded text. :rainbowlaugh:


> See link above, and her naturally over the top energy levels. Then again I believe it to be a matter of personal Opinion.

> "Hi Heartstrings!" -- This is personal opinion stated as fact. Just because Derpy refers to Lyra on a last name basis does not immediately mean that they are unhappy with eachother. This is a unique interaction between the two characters and one of Derpy's quirks.

> "Oh! Are we playing hide-n-seek? Why didn't somepony count? Who's the seeker?" -- I felt that since Derpy just finished speaking, Lyra can't speak, and Pinkie is the only pony left in the scene that the audience would draw a logical conclusion as to the source of the phrase. Especially considering the subject matter of the sentence and how it ties to Pinkie's personality. though for the sake of being proper I suppose I could add that.

> and my cutie mark was different... -- Again, Dropped the ball on that, Sorry. :twilightblush:

> Though as she thought on it -- I'll do that. >.<

> Eh, it's a matter of opinion. Twilight was a filly herself when she hatched him. So she's always been more "Older sister" than "Mother", though she possess' both traits to be sure.

> :facehoof: GAHHH...

> :facehoof::facehoof::facehoof: GAHHHHHHHH...

> ... I'm almost ashamed by this point. XD

Thanks for ripping the story apart and taking a peek into the guts. XD Means a lot, and it helps me do better in this, and future chapters. :pinkiehappy:

Love and Tolerance,


> By dragon standards, Spike is very much a hatchling; He doesn't even have his wings yet.


Since my own head cannon is also that Pinky was 'made' by Twilight, I too fully love and endorse the <censored> Genuisness of that idea! :pinkiehappy: :twilightsmile:

A nice little slice of life story Koba. Me Gusta. :twilightsmile: Your writing has a nice happy flow to it, and it is nice to see a handy-capped (hoof-capped?) pony that doesn't let her disability control and ruin her life. Bravo. :moustache:

390471 I try! I see too much Woe-is-me in stories where one of the main characters has a disability. TIME TO CHUCK THAT OUT THE WINDOW! :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks for the feedback, Always appreciated. :pinkiehappy:



Yay more Lyra! :pinkiehappy: I think if this keeps up Lyra might become my favorite over Luna :pinkiegasp: it is getting very close... very close indeed. Keep up the good work!

I'm surprised with all the grammatical nitpicking this one slipped through.
>She finally popped free and telepathically reached for her notepad as Derpy and Pinkie giggled quietly.
I believe the word your looking for there is telekinetic. Telepathic is the sharing of thoughts from mind to mind.
Come to think of it that could be what she's doing using her music as a carrier.
I'm certainly enjoying this and it's predecessor. Can't wait for more of it and OWoC.

390657 Just recently added that in a bout of caffine induced hallucination... I'll fix that right away... *hangs head in shame.* :facehoof:

Sorry for my ignorance, but why are you calling Rainbow Dash Firefly, Rarity Sparkler, and Pinkie Pie Surprise sometimes?
Wait... is this an April Fools joke? :rainbowhuh:

Nevermind, I just saw Knighty's blog post. :twilightsheepish:

Dat Knighty... :facehoof: so much lulz.

390107 Even in the clip she pauses a little between words.

391448 be that as it may, I'm not particularilly nit picky or certain about how I convey that kind of response from her. I guess it's just what my gut instinct tells me since it conveys the same idea in a pretty similar way.

Love and tolerance!


An Alicorn, huh? Now I HAVE to read OWoC at some point here just so I can keep up. Not that I was looking for an excuse NOT to read it. :twilightsheepish: But, uhm...Well, I just haven't gotten around to reading it yet, is all.

But, I like how this one is turning out. Can't wait for the next chapter. :twilightsmile:

Hehehe, I read this on April 1st. I was so confused to see Surprise, Sparkler and Firefly. Apparently the staff decided to troll us. And to think i was about to go off on you for consistency between OWoC and this! Glad I checked~

Really liking Silent Lyra.

392460 This was tame considering what she's going to be like in later chapters. But hey! Every awesome story has to start somewhere. :twilightsheepish:

(The above statement is opinion and does not mean in any way shape or form that you are forced to accept the writer's opinion of this work of fiction. 'awesome' is a relative term to be used on a per-individual basis, and may not, in fact, be the majority vote.) :trollestia:

Love and tolerance!


Thank you very much for writing this.

Whoops, must have missed a bunch of errors. Sorry Kobal! :twilightblush:

Anyway, brilliant to see this is not only now up here, but also made it to EqD! Good job! :scootangel:

I was just starting to enjoy this but when humans were mentioned...:facehoof:
Well... I guess it was fine.

397478 If you're worried about it going the Anthropology route, dont worry. This story is more focused on Lyra than it will be about her obsession with humans. :pinkiesad2: I promise this isn't going to devolve into yet another "OMGLYRAHUMANSZOMFG" sort of deal.


Quiet you...


. . .

Anyway, Yeah, It's more about Lyra as a character than anything else.



Project Lyra is go, and what a start it is!
This. Is. Going. To. Be. Awesome.

Well done! Tracking to see where this goes.

I hate this! it feels like the story of Twilight has gone on, and I've missed the rest of it :twilightangry2:

This is great, I like it very much but I need to see wings of change concluded before I read any more or I'll go mad. :twilightsheepish:

A sequel.




I really liked this chapter, it fits rather well, although it does irk me how this takes place after, or at least during a later part of, OWoC.

Good work! :twilightsmile:

445568 O_o; Whoa now... Let's be friends here, I'm scared you're going to bite my head off. XD

I just moved the Epilogue From "finding your voice" (the parent story) to here to become the Prologue. Nothing major. Sorry for any false alarms everypony.

Didn't I read this earlier? :derpyderp2:

You just reposted a chapter...

Dammit I got so excited :applecry:


Again, I wrote a Blog post and I stated here 445577.

I moved them because It made more sense as a prologue than an Epilogue.

Again, Sorry for the confusion... :facehoof:


Hopes raised, and then dashed. :twilightangry2: You are a cruel tease Kobal. So very very cruel. :raritycry: None of the other stories I'm following have updated in a few days and then I see Songs has a new chapter and I get all exited. But it's just you re-organising. If you will excuse me I have to go sob silently in the corner. :fluttercry:

I'm just kidding. I wasn't that heart broken... :twilightsmile: Besides, if you had posted a new chapter then I'd never actually write my own story. :twilightoops:

445899 Heavens to Betsy! You're writing your own story?! Can't wait to see it! :twilightsmile:




I've been writing and posting chapters for weeks. :derpytongue2: If you mean a Silent Lyra story, nope, not writing one of those at the moment. There is a future story bouncing in my brain that could have a Silent Lyra cameo, but that's about it. Sorry, I didn't mean to imply I was working on a Silent Lyra story. Besides, I doubt I could do as well as Songs. :twilightblush:

I thought I was going crazy for a second, I knew I'd read it before but I also knew it was a new chapter... Thanks for wierding me out, don't do it again :flutterrage: I mean :fluttershysad: If that's okay with you?

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