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Wings, a Horn and Hooves - Autum Breeze

Lyra and Bon-Bon love each other, but being both mares, they can't have children. one night, they are given the chance to be mothers

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Chapter 2 - Breakfast at Lyra and Bon-Bon's

Chapter 2

Breakfast at Lyra and Bon-Bon’s


Lyra sighed as her apartment building came into view.

Using her magic, she unlocked the front door and went to hers and Bon-Bon’s apartment, which was on the ground floor.

Quietly she opened the door and snuck in, after casting the silencing spell again, so she made no sound as she crept in.

She trotted over to the coach and levitated Scootaloo onto it gently, so as not to wake her.

At once, Scootaloo’s face scrunched up and she started reaching for something to replace the warmth that had left her.

“Mom...” she whispered, a few tears poking through her closed lids. “Dad. Aunty Heart... don’t leave me.”

Lyra’s heart stung and she knew she couldn’t simply leave the small filly on the coach. She needed somepony besides her.

At that moment a light came on in the kitchen, bathing the living room in enough light that it illuminated it, but not enough to wake the sleeping filly.

Lyra whirled around to see the cream-coloured fur and bubblegum mane and tail of her Earth Pony wife.

Bon-Bon was not looking pleased, causing the unicorn to shrink a little under her gaze.

“Do you know how late it is, Lyra?” she asked, her voice curt and firm.

Lyra had missed that voice, though right now she was fearing it more than relishing in it's tones as she’d planned.

It was at this moment that Bon-Bon noticed the small filly lying on their coach, reaching around in her sleeping for something and recognized her from the many visits she and her friends had made to Bon-Bon’s, her store.

She turned to Lyra, a puzzled looked on her face. “Lyra, why did you bring Scootaloo to our home?” she asked in a whisper.

“I found her outside of town,” Lyra said, turning to look at Scootaloo as she continued to reach for something that wasn’t there.

Bon-Bon’s puzzlement turned to a frown. “Then you should’ve taken her home. Her parents must be worried sick. How will it look if they learn a complete stranger just came up to their daughter and took her home with them? The last thing we need is for her parents to sue us over a misunderstanding.”

Lyra turned to Bon-Bon, a sad look in her eyes. “She doesn’t have any parents, Bonny.”

The Earth Pony blinked, her face blank. “What?”

Lyra looked down, a few tears in her eyes. “I found her in a clubhouse near Sweet Apple Acres. She’s been living in it for the last three months since her aunt went into hospital.”

Bon-Bon took a step towards her mare. “Her parents... are dead?”

Lyra nodded solemnly. “She said they died four years ago. She was living with her aunt til she had to go into hospital.”

“Are you...? Is it possible she was just making up a story?” Bon-Bon asked hesitantly.

Lyra looked up at her. “She was crying into my fur while she told me, Bonny. I’ve never seen a filly so distraught before. She was so scared when I found her she curled into a ball and peed herself; certain I was gonna hurt her or something.”

Bon-Bon put a hoof to her mouth as she gasped and looked to the filly on the coach, still looking for the warmth that had left her.

“I thought we could take her in, at least for tonight,” Lyra said, walking over and resting a hoof on Scootaloo’s mane.

The filly grabbed her hoof and held onto it as if her life depended on it.

Bon-Bon joined Lyra, her eyes misty. “I’m proud of you, Lyra.”

The unicorn smiled. “Let’s get to bed. I think we should let her sleep with us tonight. She needs somepony close to her.”

Bon-Bon nodded.

Lyra levitated Scootaloo onto Bon-Bon’s back, where she snuggled into the warm of the other pony and gave a contented sigh as Bon-Bon’s natural scent reach her senses and she curled a little more into the Earth Pony’s fur.

Bon-Bon blushed and Lyra smiled.

“Come on, Bonny,” she said, and they headed for their bedroom after Lyra quickly levitated Scootaloo's stuff into the kitchen.

Their bed was a double, always had been, even before they’d become a couple. it was more efficient,

Lyra and Bon-Bon got into bed, Lyra levitating Scootaloo off Bon-Bon’s back so she could get in.

Once the two had settled either side of the Pegasus, she sighed and snuggled, somehow into both mares at the same time.

They chuckled, said goodnight to each other and went to sleep, the small filly sleeping happily between them.


Scootaloo was standing in an empty field.

She looked around, her eyes wide with fear.

“Hello?” she called out, her voice trembling. “I-is anypony out there?”

Her answer was the sound of the wind blowing.

She lowered her head and started crying.

“We bid thee welcome to my realm, Scootaloo.”

Scootaloo’s head shot up, her eyes brightening. She knew that voice.

The sky turned to that of the night and Princess Luna came out of the moon, landing in front of the small filly.

“Princess Luna!” she cried, running forward and hugging the alicorn’s deep-blue foreleg. “You’ve no idea how good it is to see you!”

The lunar princess chuckled, then sigh sadly. “Oh, but I do, sweet Scootaloo.”

The Pegasus looked up to see the sad look on the alicorn’s face.

Luna closed her eyes. “We have watched your dreams for a while now and what we have seen has greatly saddened us, Scootaloo.”

Scootaloo looked down, ashamed her dreams had caused Luna such sadness.

Luna lifted the filly’s head to look in her eyes.

“Do not be ashamed, Scootaloo. You have no control over the dreams that have been plague you. You suffer these dreams because of what has been happening to you.”

Scootaloo looked down, tears in her eyes. “Everypony leaves me. Soon I’ll be all alone.”

A chuckle made her look up to see the princess smiling. “Not all have left you, young one. There are two mares right now that wish only that you are happy.”

Scootaloo cocked an eyebrow. “Who?”

The night princess merely smiled, releasing Scootaloo and flew backwards into the sky, disappearing into the moon.


Scootaloo felt warm. Really warm. She’d never been this warm in the clubhouse before.

It was like back when her parents would let her sleep in their bed with them after a bad dream.

Her aunt had done this too when Scootaloo had a particularly bad day... before she’d gone to the hospital, anyway.

She’d always felt better whenever she’d slept with another pony next to her. She’d missed this feeling so much.

She heard the sound of a sigh.

She slowly opened her eyes.

Lyra, the pony from last night was lying next to her, giving a warm smile as she slept.

Wait. That hadn’t been a dream?

Scootaloo was shocked. She was certain she’d been so depressed about how things had been going in her life that she’d just imagined all that. But Lyra being here proved that wrong.

So Lyra wasn’t a made up pony in her mind. She was real and she’d really let her sleep at her house for the night.

Scootaloo’s heart swelled and she snuggled into the unicorn's mint-green coat.

“Hey, Scootaloo. Have a nice sleep?”

She stiffened. Lyra was awake?

“I-I-I-I—” Scootaloo stammered, not sure what to say.

Lyra chuckled and ran a hoof through the filly’s mane. “S’okay, kid. We were happy to let you sleep here.”

Scootaloo was about to responded when she registered exactly what Lyra had just said.


It was then Scootaloo noticed the warmth she was feeling from Lyra’s body was also behind her.

She craned her neck and saw an Earth Pony she knew well.

“Hello, Scootaloo,” Bon-Bon smiled, her eyes half closed. “Did you know you snore a little?”

Scootaloo’s face went bright red and she turned around, burying her face into Lyra’s fur. She’d been snoring again? Oh, Celestia! How much more embarrassing could it get?

Lyra shifted, then made a “Hmm?” noise.

Scootaloo wondered what was up, until she noticed, the warmth from the two mares around her wasn’t the only warmth.

Oh, no.

She burst into tears. Couldn’t she have had just one night without this happening?

Both mares became worried by Scootaloo’s crying.

“Scootaloo...?” Bon-Bon asked slowly, sitting up and noticing the warmth of the bed. “Scootaloo, do you sometimes wet the bed in your sleep.”

A small whimper was all Scootaloo could manage.

Lyra held her closer and sighed. “Then I guess tonight you’ll be wearing a diaper.”

Scootaloo’s heart froze. The bluntness. It was almost cruel.

“B-but I’m not a FOAL!” she shouted, looking up at the unicorn angrily.

Lyra smiled apologetically. “Sorry, I should have made that clearer. You’ll have to wear them only tonight and every night, until you stop altogether.”

Scootaloo blinked. Wait. Tonight? Every night? As in, she’d been sleeping here tonight too and after? They weren’t just going to leave her alone outside?

Lyra chuckled. “With your aunt still in the hospital, we can’t just leave you out on your own, can we?”

Scootaloo felt sad at the mention of her aunt’s condition, but then she realized what Lyra had just said. She’d be staying with them instead of having to sleep in the clubhouse every night. She had not told any of her friends about it, not wanting to bother them, so was not sure how she felt about this now.

She hugged Lyra tightly, whispering, “Thank you.”

Bon-Bon got out of bed, shortly followed by Lyra and Scootaloo.

Lyra’s horn glowed, as did the sheet, then they all lifted off the bed and folded themselves up before floating into a basket on the other side of the room.

“I’ll just wash these,” Bon-Bon said, picking the basket up and putting it on her back and headed out to the washing room.

“How about we get cleaned up?” Lyra asked and Scootaloo giggled.

Scootaloo really enjoyed the shower and Lyra helped clean her.

She hadn’t had a warm washing in weeks and it felt heavenly.

Lyra then started tickling Scootaloo as she washed her, causing the filly to burst out laughing.

After several minutes of horsing around, if you’ll pardon the pun, they dried off and went out into Lyra and Bon-Bon’s kitchen.

Scootaloo was surprised this was an apartment building. It was pretty big. The kitchen only was just smaller than the one in Rarity’s house.

Scootaloo sat at the table as Lyra went about getting breakfast ready.

She watched, intent as Lyra poured some ready-mix pancake batter into a buttered pan and started making pancakes.

Her mouth began to water, especially when she saw what type of pancakes they were. They were choc-chip pancakes. She loved chocolate chip cookies. She’d never thought pancakes could have choc-chips too. The very idea blew her filly mind.

Several minutes later Lyra placed a plate with three pancakes on it.

Scootaloo stared at the steaming, mouth-watering, puffy delights in front of her. She’d never have expected to be given this kind of a breakfast from two ponies she’d never really spoken too before.

She looked at Lyra, her eyes wide.

Lyra giggled at the look on her face.

“I’m gonna guess this is the first time you’ve had choc-chip pancakes, huh?”

Scootaloo nodded viciously, unable to speak from the large amount of pancake she had stuffed in her mouth.

This was the most wonderful thing she’d ever tasted in her life. It was like Celestia had risen the sun within her mouth.

Lyra went over to the fridge, opened it and turned to Scootaloo.

“What would you like to drink? We’ve got milk?”

A nod was all Scootaloo could answer with, her mouth still too full to speak.

Lyra chuckled, took out the milk and poured Scootaloo a glass, then set it in front of her.

Minutes later, Bon-Bon came out and Lyra placed a plate for the two of them on the table, with noticeable smaller pancakes and began eating.

“So,” Bon-Bon asked as Scootaloo started devouring her second helping of pancakes, “what do you think of the chocolate chip pancakes?”

“d’r da b’s e’r," Scootaloo managed through her pancakes and Bon-Bon giggled.

“They should be the best ever,” Lyra smirked, glancing at her wife. “The chocolate chips they use in them come straight from Bon-Bon’s shop.”

Scootaloo almost choked and had to drink some milk to swallow before she could respond.

“Seriously?! They use your chocolate chips in the pancakes?”

“You betcha, kiddo,” Lyra’s smirk grew a little. “Ain’t nopony in Equestria that knows candy like my Bonny, here.”

Bon-Bon blushed deeply. “Lyra, you’re embarrassing me.”

“No, I’m not,” she grinned, giving her a peck on the cheek. “I’m flattering you. Totally different.”

Bon-Bon’s blush deepened and Lyra nuzzled her.

Scootaloo couldn’t help but giggle, but covered it up by making a gagging expression.

“So, you got school today, Scootaloo?” Lyra asked once she’d finished nuzzling her wife.

Scootaloo nodded, then looked a little worried. “I hope I won’t be late.”

Bon-Bon smiled, her blush mostly gone. “Don’t worry, Scootaloo. Lyra can help you get ready.”

Scootaloo blinked, then frowned, confusion coming over her face.

“What’s wrong?” Bon-Bon asked, having expected a different reaction than what was given.

“I dunno,” Scootaloo said, looking down, still frowning in confusion. “This feels... normal.” She looked up at the mares across the table. “Why is that?”

Both mares looked to each other, their expressions saying they had no idea why either.

“Let’s worry about that later, Scootaloo,” Lyra smiled, getting up. “Right now, we gotta make sure you’re not late for school.”

Scootaloo got up and followed Lyra.

A few minutes later she and Lyra said goodbye to Bon-Bon and headed off towards Ponyville’s only school.

When they got within range, Scootaloo said goodbye to Lyra and headed off, ready for a new day of learning after a good night’s rest.

Author's Note:

Well, here's chapter 2.

wanted to do a couple of nice touching scenes her between Scootaloo and the two mares kind enough to take her in.

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