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Kerbalkind has long reached for the stars. Since they were but a young species, they dreamed of going to the stars. Thirty years ago, Jebediah Kerman was the first kerbal in space. Now, Kerbalkind has set foot on every planet in their home system, including the gas giant Jool(that mission didn't turn out too well). So, they've decided to go further. Horizon is the first interstellar spacecraft Kerbalkind has ever built, capable of housing five crew for up to six and a half years. Its mission: to orbit the third planet of the star Skolo-138. The first possibly capable planet for sustaining life discovered other than Kerbin and Laythe, it was considered imperative that a mission be sent to examine it and make contact with any life that might be there.
The five crew chosen by the Kerbal Space Program's Astronaut Complex were the most experienced Kerbalnaughts in the corps: Jebediah Kerman, first Kerbal in space and first Kerbal to land on every single planet; Bob Kerman, his long-time friend and copilot; Bill Kerman, that one guy who stayed in the orbiter and was more or less forgotten; Hanald, a professional pilot and long-time test flier for the Space Program; and Alsted, a radio operator who had helped at Mission Control since before Jebediah's historic first flight.

Now back, and better maybe better hopefully the same as ever!

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I haven't even read this yet, bit you have already recieved all of my yesses.

K.S.S. Vendetta is best warship.


I must cowrite something with you. PM me. I mean it, I have the idea and everything.


5/10 pacing
7/10 plot
3/10 characters
9/10 grammar
10/10 flow
Fucking 100000000000000/10 for writing a Kerbal crossover.

Thanks for reading and for the review! I hope you enjoy what is to come, I have a lot more planned :)


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Like jusk fork kerbals, addink k tok everky workd:rainbowlaugh:

Aww, no more chapter for awhile?:fluttercry:

I seen a kerbal crossover and thought of this

Wait ponies speak backwards Spanish huh

I have one question:

Is this related or at least inspired by the Let's Plays of Robbaz? :rainbowhuh:

4370783 Somewhat, but not really

meptied? what's meptied? l(1st paragraph last sentence)

4392097 Whoops, minor typo!

4392631 Lol. A few things I'd like to see is if celestial flips out when she finds out about electricity, and the flights mentioned in the chapters done in game.

What is this a crossover of?

This is rather interesting, keep up the good work! :pinkiehappy:

Dude, Your FTL drive needs a better acronym. STD?! You really did not think that one through.

(or you did it as a joke)

“What kind of life?”
“Can it be turned into rocket fuel?”

This had me laughing. JUST LIKE KETHANE.

Warranty void if used on Jeb

Now KSC needs to send a fleet compromising of a Extra-planetary launchpad ship, A kethane Drill and refinery ship, A ore drilling ship, A part constructing ship and a Colony ship. (plus anything else a Base might need)

Great story. Keep it up and update. One of the best KSP crossovers I've ready with good characters.

whens the next chapter?

'Bout Time! was waiting for an update or a hiatus/cancelled announcement. It was by chance i saw this and that it was updated among all the other cancelled stories I've liked and followed.

You know while I haven't had chance to play KSP what happened with the space plane seems kinda common

Hmm... Surprisingly less comedic than I was expecting.

Dialogue is a bit lacking in quality and in believability, it seems forced and blunt, without the normal nuances most people would have when speaking.

But this story is still fairly good and I will continue to read!

You're making me care about the Kerbals! No! Now I'm going to remember the hundreds I sacrificed just to see if I could make them land on their helmets from orbit! Or the ones I lost because the ship exploded. Or the ones I purposely sacrificed to appease the Kraken!

Wait, twilight was in. Canter lot to talk to Jeb, then back in ponyville to collect the probe in less than an hour. Meanwhile Bob and bill have been on the way to canterlot for now three days (with a day of recharge in between) and are somehow still right next to ponyville.

Then the Pegasi arrested a random creature for literally no reason, calling him an enemy of the state with no actual proof or reason for it

I'm sorry, but this chapter is so confusing and so full of plot holes that I can't even begin to bring myself to finish the story. No disrespect meant, but please for the love of all that is decent go over your work again and clear it up.

Typical luna. She likes to invade everyone's privacy when they are weakest.

She tried to see if anything similar was going through the minds of the other two, but all Bill had going on was sheep flying biplanes around in circles, while Bob's dream was of a deconstruction of the planet; he was drooling as he touched each layer and studied its composition intensely.

I'm dead :yay:

Questions again arose. “What about our Kerbalnauts? Are they safe?”
“What kind of life?”
“Can it be turned into rocket fuel?”
“Did they find the land of infinite snacks?!”

The land of infinite snacks eh?

Also the rocket fuel
Just jam a couple ponies in the solid fuel booster

nah just grind down the unicorn horns into a flammable dust and compress it into a solid block of Magical Solid Rocket Fuel.

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