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He was born into a life of luxury, a life of wealth, a life of prestige, a life of expectations. But money can't buy happiness. When his last hope turns into the last straw, it sends him over the edge, but that's not quite how it works, apparently. Fate still isn't done with him, not yet at least.

The events that ensue are wilder than he could have ever imagined.

Too bad we still don't know his name.

BTW, credit for cover art goes to Stalin the Stallion. Visit him here!

I know this is the classic cliche...wait! Don't stone me! I haven't even graduated from High School yet! I still have a life to live! Please let me know what you think of this story, such as whether there are any plot holes, or whether someone seems out of character, etc.

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Comments ( 82 )

Taking a mans life.

408054 I think you mean asshole.:twilightsheepish:

That. Was. Awesome!!!

My my my, what have we hear
worried of stoning friend? have no fear
From just this intro you have me hooked
I got to say that ending left me shocked
I must now indulge in the rest of this tale
So lets see whats beyond this veil. :twilightsmile:

To be fair, I think that's what we'd all do in that situation.

exactly what i said....

Well, that was both funny and harsh in the same chapter.

:twilightsmile:I approve!:twilightsmile:

well done sir, have a moustache :moustache:

Strangely compelling. The hater is at a loss of words. :scootangel:

408392 the poetry is very creative! I thank you all for the positive feedback. If you guys have any suggestions for what to happen in later chapters, do not hesitate to tell! But for now, here's a derpy face for everyone!:derpytongue2:

Benxlabs, I am looking forward to a continuation on this story. I would love it if each chapter was a bit longer and when you update this next, you add more than one chapter at a time.
Why does their world smell like fudge? :\
5 out of 5 Rainbow Dash's being mean and laughing at other people's misfortune. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:
Btw.. why doesn't he just tell them that he woke up in a hospital and has no idea where he is? That is the first thing I would do. Also I would ask Celestia what happened since she is more reasonable than other ponies.

412199Thanks for the feedback. As for why the pony world smells like fudge... I just read that in some other fics, so I decided to incorporate that. The main character is extremely socially awkward, since he has had very little communication with the outside world. I never thought about him saying that he woke up in the hospital...but I'm guessing he'd be too embarassed to admit he ran away from the hospital. I'm not sure if anyone realized this or not, but he doesn't watch MLP and is not a brony. Therefore, he has no idea who the heck anyone is. I'll try to update this as soon as I can.

You don't know the meaning of socially awkward until you have met me... lul :3

>> benxlabs I noticed that you do mention the Cutie Mark Crusaders in Rainbow Dash's dialogue, so how about you incorporate that in the sense that he might join them trying to discover his cutie mark possibly, or something that he enjoys.:raritywink: Good work

414175I just met you, didn't I? Therefore I know the meaning of socially awkward. Also, what would a good chapter length? I need a gauge to determine how long my next chapters should be.

Idk prolly around 5k words.
Anything that doesn't get people's hopes up when they see a new chapter just to have it be too short and have them wait for a new one.

414245I was thinking that too! But i think he is too old to join a couple of fillies. Hmmmmm

Dang man! That was a great story! When can you release more?

This is geeting worser and worser for him,poor guy....:fluttershysad:


Does this story need a sad or tragedy tag? I'm hesitant to add it because readers may stereotype the story. What do you guys think?

Nice! My only complaint is how Discord was freed, since disharmony wasn't beings displayed in front of him.

470977I was thinking that too...but you know how he commit suicide? And how in the first chapter, how I mentioned he had great rage in his heart? I was thinking that the sheer amount of negative emotion stored inside him would provide sufficient disharmony to release him. But if you think that's not possible, then I can change it. :pinkiecrazy:

449222 "Find the tallest man in the land then chop him down wiiiiitttthhhhh.... A HERRING!!!"

You know what I find strange? The third chapter, "Return" seems to top all the others with views, with 195 atm. I would predict that the first or last chapter would have the most views. Perhaps it is because it used to be the last chapter? :rainbowhuh:

sonofabitch discord... I love this story. When he was forgetting his memories, I kept yelling at him telling him his past. He didn't listen. :raritydespair::pinkiecrazy:

Can't wait for more

Sincerely the Doctor

470990 That might work, besides Discord is the god of chaos and that is some pretty chaotic stuff.:pinkiecrazy:

471032 Now I can't do that. ITS impossible.

471144 Afggdgddbufbhdbfuh dat grammar. I is gon keel u.

471233 Yes really... first off the ammo for that gun is probably 5$ a round just like .50cal rounds. Secondly I have about 1k rounds for my mosin nagant that would be flying at you, then about 500 rounds out of my sks. that is about 10% of my stuff. Come at me bro.

471668 Yep.. that's much cheaper. :D :rainbowlaugh:

471768I'm not a mad gunman I'm an assassin:trixieshiftleft:

Damn, he just went Luke Skywalker on Discord's ass

Where's Pinkie? :pinkiegasp: She's my second favourite pony after all!

483009She's somewhere in the Everfree Forest, being Pinkie Pie. I was going to include the adventures of the main 6, but it's from the perspective of our main character...ish...kinda...you know...whatever you call it. They'll meet again soon enough.


Well umm...y'know , i really don't know why Pinkie would be in the forest if she even don't know 'bout the mission...she wasn't in the castle i think?

Anyway,(almost) ANYTHING is possible with her :derpytongue2:

So my old enemy temptation, we meet again!:twilightangry2:

Also, great chapter as usual.

Comment posted by benxlabs deleted Aug 11th, 2014

You used the word preposition instead of proposition. Prolly should change that.
I like these flashbacks that he has, though his past life seems very troubling. Kinda reminds me of myself, except for the killing of the kid. :pinkiegasp:

512666He killed the kid because he let his anger get the better of him. Like Discord said, he could destroy Ponyville with his anger alone. :trollestia:
I hope it doesn't sound like he has anger management problems...

My old enemy temptation!

Also, you misspelled proposition. Just to you know!:twilightsmile:

512684Changed it! I seriously didn't know that though, so thanks for helping me with my English!

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