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After a long hiatus, MXC is back on the air on the Hub, with a special episode taking place in Equestria. Kenny Blankenship and Vic Romano can't wait to see ponies get brutalized in the way only MXC can do.

But Celestia's desire to make the show more child friendly conflicts with the show's PG-13 roots. Who will emerge the victor in this battle? GET IT ON!

Originally written for DeviantArt in late 2011 under ChrisSpartan117. Cover image by Kiyoshiii.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 29 )

This brings back so many memories. I really hope you have more of this on the way.

Poor Fluttershy, though. :fluttercry:

Oh my God, is this real? I LOVE you man!

We must celebrate!

Albeit, written a bit... oddly. But all the same, the originality for the cross is there. So, nice work getting to it first.

One of my favorite catchphrases of all time: GET IT ON!

MXC and MLP? This is just too much! Seriously, I started giggling like a Neighponese school-filly when I first saw this in my feed.

A little weird with the writing in some parts but still fast paced funny, looking forward to more xD

Honestly I love this idea, it captures the wacky and crazy antics of MXC so very well. Also the best part was the jokes about legal issues and matching their mouths to what they were saying.

MXC? Wait, someone other than me watched that show?

Oh god...I could cry with happiness right now!

where are the bobbaganooshes?

Oh my fucking God, I loved MXC when it was on. Combining it and ponies? Yeeeessss.

Wipeout, MXC, who cares as long as people are getting hurt in amusing (and non-fatal/non-crippling) ways for our entertainment, right?

you have captured this perfectly, may you never be eliminated sir

Good night and big balls

The only events I think I'd have a chance on are Rotating Surfboard of Death and Dash to Death. That's it. Everything else actually looks difficult.

"And as usual in politics: nobody wins."

Shame we can't have Guy in this but he's still probably still in jail from the last time he was near horses anyway. Shame Saddle Sores didn't make the cut for games.

I love Pinkie's little cameo like that time "they let the lunch guy compete" in the "Donors vs. Addicts" version of the real show.

You wouldn't want to try Le Tour de Grand Prix? With the trikes?

No Taco Bell impact replay? Celestia has gone too far this time! (course they are hard to write, nice lampshade hanging.)

Freaky mines? Should that be mimes?

I laughed out loud at the "10 year old girls" bit.

4248247 wait, what are they gonna do about Saddle Sores?

Comment posted by DiscordsAdvocate deleted Apr 25th, 2014

Excuse me, sir. You forgot the most important part.


Loving this fanfic! I miss this show, it was the only show that made me and my grandpa laugh so hard. also wipeout suck balls! very bad acting, I can tell.

Sequel. Now!:flutterrage:
Except on the moon this time! please!:twilightsmile:
now with the things they regularly do as they did on the show. meaning the funny jokes, the replays and the most painful eliminations parts!

4286369 I could totally support that. With Nightmare Moon running the background and managing to get a deal with something like Disney XD or something (Because I have no idea how but that channel has become filled with innuendos and such.)

“And next for the pegasus, it's Rainbow Dash herself. Let's see if she lives up to her name.”
“Haven't you been in Equestria long enough to know everypony does?” Ken points out.


Sadly it appears that Vic and Kenny GOT ELIMINATED. At least Guy and the Captain came back for the finale. Shame there was no Babaganoush pony.

“That's just a one-lap NASCAR race for horses. This is the real thing, with injuries, and less betting on who's going to win.”
Man, I've used the first half of that argument before.

Still a weird crossover but a fun fic. It creeps me out that Guy's flirting with Nightmare Moon though.

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