• Published 14th Apr 2014
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Whispers in the Cliffs - DitzyDash

After Applejack tells Apple Bloom the truth about her parents, the filly goes on a journey to find them.

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A yellow filly rose out of bed to the call of a rooster at 6:00 A.M. Time to get to work, she told herself sleepily. She loped down the hallway down the dusty, wooden, staircases that creaked every time you laid a hoof on them. She passed the memory filled photographs of her family, pausing to wolf down a piece of bread as she walked past the kitchen counter. The earth pony pushed open the door and trod to the barn where she knew the rest of her family was working. Before she opened it, she heard a voice. Her big brother's voice. She knew it was very rude to eavesdrop on somepony's conversation, but she just couldn't help herself. Leaning towards the door, Big Macintosh's voice was just audible from the thick wooden doors of the barn.
"- couldn't help 'em Applejack. The cliff was unstable. It's not your fault. It's nopony's fault."
Apple Bloom gasped. They were talking about her parents. Another voice, much older, spoke
"Applesweet and Apple Crush were fine ponies, an' let's leave it at that." Granny Smith said firmly.

The old green pony pushed open the door to find the sweet little yellow pony standing still with a sheepish grin on her face.

“What in tarnation are you doing by the door? You weren’t eavesdroppin’ were you?” Granny Smith asked.
“Well…..I was about to come in an’ I…” Apple Bloom sighed guiltily. “I might have been listenin’”
“Apple Bloom! It’s very rude to listen to somepony’s conversations!”scolded Applejack.
Applejack got up from her chores and gave a paper to Apple Bloom.

“Can you take this down to the post office?” Applejack asked.
“Sure” said Apple Bloom, happy to help with the chores.Then she took the letter and walked to
It was a long walk to the post office, and she got bored and began to read the letter. It was in Applejack’s hoofwriting.
Dear Apple Fritter,

I am sending this letter to confirm your visit to Ponyville. It is a beautiful town and everyone at the barn hopes you come! Also we might try to get lots of the Apple family here so we can do a remembrance of Applesweet and Apple Crush. Since it was my fault they died, I want to make a whole day filled with remembering my parents.

With all my love,

The filly thought about it. AJ never told me about how my parents died. It was always a mystery to her. Suddenly she bumped into somepony. The pony looked down at her. It was Rarity.
“Oh! Excuse me! I’m so very sorry!” Apple Bloom squeaked.
“It’s nothing darling, just be more careful next time!” the marshmallow colored mare said, smiling.
“Well, darling where are you going?” Rarity asked.
“Goin’ to deliver a note for my sister.” the yellow filly said.
“Well you’d better run along now, and I must give this dress to Twilight, I promised I’d make her it! ”
“Bye Rarity!” yelled Appleboom as Rarity went on her way.
“Bye-Bye, darling!” Rarity said as she trotted off in the direction of Golden Oaks library.
Apple Bloom realized she was at the post office. She pushed open the door, revealing a yellow tail sticking up from under a desk.

“Um… excuse me?” Bloom asked tentatively. The pony that was under the desk gave a start, and accidentally bumped her head on the hard desk above her.

“You’re Applejack sister!” the pony said, as she was still getting over her hard hit. The pony lifted her head above the desk. Apple Bloom gasped a little. The mailmare’s eyes were very strange. One of her yellow eyes was focused on her, but the other eye drifted to the ceiling.

“Um… Hi. Are you okay?” the filly asked suspiciously.
“Okay? I am great! I just ate five muffins!” The queer pony said. “My names Derpy. Derpy Hooves.” she said, offering her hoof to Bloom, who took it hesitantly. Then the grey pony shook it so hard that Apple Bloom’s hoof was still shaking in thin air after the mare had released it.

“Well,” said Derpy. “What brings you to this fine post office?” She gestured around.

“Uh… I’m deliverin’ a letter to Apple Fritter.” Apple Bloom answered. “She lives in Dodge Junction.” Derpy took the envelope, nodding.

“What’s a member of the Apple Family doing in Dodge Junction?” The yellow eyed pony asked. “Isn’t that where the Cherry family lives? You know, the lot of them. Cherry Fizzy, Cherry Jubilee, Cherry Punch, -” Derpy was cut of by a polite clearing of the throat from Apple Bloom.

“ So sorry to interrupt you Miss Derpy, but I really do have to go now if I want to get back at 7:00.” the little filly said apologetically.

“Oh no, don’t worry about it, I’m a rambler.” Derpy said. “Alright.” she took the letter from Apple Bloom, stamped it, put it in a little box and waved goodbye.

“Bye Bloom! Hope to see you around!”

“Goodbye Miss Derpy!” Apple Bloom smiled at the mare. She went out the door and started the walk back home. Suddenly orange blur crashed into her, sending both of them rolling. When the filly rose to her hooves again and brushed the dust of her coat, she finally saw who was going at such a dangerous pace.

“Hiya Bloom! Sorry, I only saw you at the last second,” Scootaloo apologized. “Are you hurt?” she examined Apple Bloom.

“Hi Scoots. Dontcha know that going at such speeds could seriously hurt a pony if you didn’t see them?” the earth pony scolded. The orange filly looked ashamed.


“Don’t be, I’m fine.” Bloom assured her friend. She cast a look at Scootaloo’s scooter. “Hey, Scoots? Do you can scooter me back home? It’s a long walk, and I’m really tired.” she asked.

“Sure!” replied the pegasus. Attached to the end of the scooter was a box. Bloom pressed the button, and it whirred to life, almost instantly making a cart that two fillies could comfortably sit in.

“You know Scoots, how can you possibly pull me and Belle in this thing and still move?” Apple Bloom questioned. Scootaloo shrugged.
“It might be the engine that you installed last summer. I guess it still works. I like to think that I’m just super strong, though.” Scootaloo said, grinning. Bloom grinned back and hopped in the cart.
“Take me to the barn, oh great and strong one!” she commanded. Scootaloo began to flap her wings and the scooter took off.