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Spike will finally get to know "the truth" about his origin.

This fic was a collab between myself and TheOriginalThundersky. I want to thank him/her for help me out and working with me on the idea of this story, and helping me to finish it.

I also want to give a huge thanks to spideremblembrony for his fantastic work of proofreading, editing, and helping me smoothen out the whole story.

Give them both much love because I feel the deserve it for helping me with this story.

This story was worked on for a number of weeks on and off between days. But I'm happy with the results and hope you guys would enjoy the read as well.

This story has been featured!

The cover art used in the story was made by AssasinMonkey Enjoy everyone.

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Great one shot

4228770 Thanks alot :D

P.S. Thank the two people that helped me with the story. They are really awesome :D

This is most beautiful and I cannot even imagine the amount of work that was required to create this fic... something tells me you have perfected this fic for a long amount of time and the results are astonishing! I'm gladly giving you my like and favorite, no regrets :twilightsmile:

Quite nice story.

Finally! A story concerning Spike's origins. :pinkiesad2: This changes everything.

Very good, nice job to the both of you!

I was not prepared for these feels!!!:pinkiesad2:

Geeze, after all this time sunbutt didn't thought of giving a decent burial to Spike mother?:unsuresweetie:


Nonetheless good chapter

Where did I come from?

Where did I go?



What if Celestia killed spikes mom and stole the egg and is just using a spell for her to talk.:ajbemused:

Great story. :twilightsmile:

Not sure if you meant it or not, but it the very last line reads to me as he considers Twilight his mother.

Spike... so much Deapth and Epicness lies in the little guy

Tears have been shed, and they aren't nearly as manly as I wish they were.:raritydespair:

there are alot of grammar issues but it is still a great story

Why must great stories be so SAD!!:fluttercry:


I always find it interesting how people say there's various issues they have with a story, but never actually point out what they were.

The difference between helping and being an asshole in this case is not pointing out what problems you had with it. Because if you really are trying to help, then SAY what you found wrong with it.

4234319 I talked to the author and I'm going to help him out in private not in the public forum, I'm not being an asshole I'm just saying their are problems. Calm down and let people help in their own way

4234319 Well, in his defense there are issues with the story as far as grammar. And, most of it is my fault. I should have gone through it one more time to be on the safe side.


Spike, heaving a heavy sigh, finally gave it to the books silent temptations

Should be "in" at that point.

Spike couldn’t help but notice a particular chapter concerning the Apple family.

Should be a comma before but.

Again, these and others are just some things I missed as a proofreader. I just wish I had gone through it one more time, just to be safe.:fluttercry:

It was an OK story, but I found the pace to be far too brisk and underdeveloped for a topic of this nature. You could have stretched it out to about 10,000 words and made the story have more an emotional impact to it.

Overall, 5/10

What about spikes dad


Also, I would like my feels back. :fluttercry:

4235020 that dose not answer my question but it was a good read

4231218 That's not at all what I would get out of this... But who knows...? Sequel, I'll ask Fantasia.

4281420 Lot of html going on there :P

Oh My God!
i clicked the link and now i have to figure out how to unsee what i just saw ... :fluttercry:

Great One shot.
Lovely just lovely

4311085 Why, thank you ,but thank my friend TheOriginalThundersky for the help. It would be much appreciated :3

so beautiful

Poor Spike. Nice story, just beautiful.

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