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A rather silly citrus you can address as Lemon Lass, bringing the fandom some of the most thought-provoking cartoon equine fanfictions since 2012.

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I'm the first person to comment on my own story.

Let me be second. ;)

Somebody actually read my story?
And then bothered to comment on it?
Thank you so much.
Here, have some cake. :pinkiecrazy:

Is this cake a LIE!? :rainbowlaugh::twilightoops::facehoof:
(No, I haven't played Portal)
*eats cake* :pinkiehappy:

Sparse, but I like how you've written this. It's an interesting character study, nice bit of stream-of-consciousness. There's not much going on, but I like the softening of the bravado towards the end, and the admission of weakness rounds it out nicely. Seems in character to me, the fast style and formatting fits with Rainbow Dash- not a pony to have complex thoughts. Is this supposed to be free-form poetry? I get the feeling the sentences are laid out the way they are for emotional/dramatic effect.

I like how you do the allusion to her problems and worries, and the Wonderbolts reference fits nicely with that.

Is there a reason you use "Rainbowdash" instead of the proper "Rainbow Dash?"

Thanks for the positive feedback! It was meant to be a sort of free form poetry as well, so thank you very much for picking up on that. Glad you enjoyed!
As for why I put 'Rainbowdash' instead of 'Rainbow Dash', I guess it's just personal preference. However, I will be more than willing to change it if you so wish.


Well, I saw a comment you left on a forum in Author Support ("bloodthirsty mob") so curiosity made me come to see what you'd done that wasn't in that vein. I try to leave some useful or positive comments when I find a story interesting, and I liked how Free turned out. I tend towards wordiness, so the way you changed the mood with a few words struck me.

As for the naming convention, no need to change it just on my account- fix it if you think it should be fixed. Since I thought I was looking at a poem, I wasn't sure if it it was a purposeful style element.

Well said. I hereby approve this story for the Narrative category.
I will relocate this story as soon as possible.

Really gives me a sense of how deep Rainbow Dash can be. The sense of not being bound by anything.
Letting go of your earthly tether. Entering the void and becoming wind. :pinkiecrazy:

Rainbow Dash is a horse who can fly and she has blue wings.

I was quoting Korra.

...Me gusta.

No, really. This is great.

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