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I love My Little Pony! Toola Roola is my favourite!

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Skeletor encounter. Genius. :twistnerd:
Why hasn't that happened sooner in a fanfic?

Best. Possible. Thing. FimFiction is over, we're done here, everyone go the hell home.

Fan-bucking-tastic! Poor Skeletor.:raritywink::twistnerd: oh the nerding XD

Those damn sea-ponies.

Huh... you know, now that I think of it... Masters of the Universe SHOULD get another reboot.
Preferably one that doesn't blow ass this time around...

Fallout Equestria? What the buck is that?

THIS. THIS is the greatest epic ever written about candy colored anthropomorphic ponies. Ever.

I agree, it's all over. No one can possibly top this.

I lost it at smacking Rainbow Dash into the next reboot. :rainbowlaugh:

Will this Fan Fic have some sort of Logical plot


Do I care


Best story ever.

hewwww I actually saw that coming

Incidentally, the following confrontation is also the reason RD doesn't like anypony touching her hooves. It brings back... very bad memories.:rainbowderp:

This is what true genius looks like.

Is this Minty from the Backroom?

Minty is best 90s action hero.

Why haven't I seen a He-Man/Prince Adam pony yet? I think we need a full-on crossover

This made Equestria Daily?! It doesn't even meet the word count requirement! Oh it's about socks, I see...


wha.... what just happened?
you have died and gone to cartoon heaven
Im okay with this

It's a socksplosion! Or socksploitation! :pinkiegasp:

This was just FANTASTIC :pinkiehappy:

My friend, you have earned yourself one solid Dischord Day approval. Post Event. Because I'm so outrageously hipster that I don't do April Fools day reading until the 2nd. The 1st is so mainstream.

"Skeletor all up in the bitch!" best line ever.
Mintyneeds to be in the canon, Because she punched the G3 Rainbow Dash for saying she dresses in style.

So, that's how Equestria was made!

That was most amusing. XD

I actually kind of would like to see a serious story about a previous-gen pony meeting the mane 6 from the current gen though. o_o;

That was magical. :twilightblush: Minty would be...proud!

One of the first EVER

Poor Minty. Ironic since she was one of the few G3 Ponies given a deep and unique personality.


The thought that this was one of the first MLP fanfics here made me wince.

i'm writing something with Minty...not a pure comedic story like this but it just made me think of it :twilightsmile: i really should publish it soon...

Minty beating Dashie to the next reboot?
:pinkiesmile: ... And that's how Equestria was made!
All dated memes aside, I really like this. A lot of fun. It felt a lot longer than a fic with less than 2,000 words.
Just one question... In the cave, Minty couldn't see anything because she wasn't a G1 pony? Like the past gen ponies are in different planes of existence? Seeing as how the season 5 finale was about time travel, the season 6 finale or the movie to be could do something like that.

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