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A Mysterious Pony


It pretty much is what the title says it is.
Vinyl Scratch isn't always tuff, strong and brave.
When a little, tiny bug shows up in her room, she'll definitely be the opposite.
And Octavia isn't too keen about this side of Vinyl.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 35 )

LOL. In rl, mosquitos spread some pretty nasty diseases.

Nice! Polish your writing style a bit and you'll be famous in no time! :pinkiehappy: Also, tiny amount of punctuation mistake, but excellent overall!

And it's true mosquitos are not the best bug to be in a room with when you're sleeping.

Loving this so far! :pinkiehappy: How long is the whole story going to be though?

this was enjoyable. I liked it.



Guughh, I am going to have to agree with vinyl here. Mosquitos are the fucking worst.

Not bad, but could use a bit of work on the grammar and spelling here and there.
Also, any particular reason Vinyl keeps spontaneously changing her gender?

It's my first fic. I was trying to go for roleplaying.
I'm going to release a new, different story, way better than this. Probably today or tomorrow.

4239725 Don't get me wrong, it was pretty good. I liked the concept, and for the most part I was able to look past the issues. A good rule of thumb, though: read the story aloud. If there's anything that doesn't make sense, it'll be a lot more obvious when it comes out of your mouth. Just a little editing advice. Anyway, great job for a first story; keep up the good work! :twilightsmile:

Oh, you should read my second story, I've been getting a lot of people favoriting it, and saying it's good. It's not finished though. But it's still good.

While the story was enjoyable. I do agree with deli73<< said. A little more polishing up and you'll be popular in no time.:twilightsmile: Maybe an editor would help?

Just suggesting it.

Thanks for the tips, but this was a practice story, my other are better.

Did I miss an anthro tag? :applejackunsure:
Was funny and cute but seriously I figured most things as anthro when I'm not particularly attached to those stories. :applejackunsure:


Nothing to be ashamed of Vinyl, I once used my mini glock to kill a spider :derpytongue2:

Well I liked for the sake of just having enjoyed the story... I liked... regardless of the fact that I do not like the idea of lesbian ponies or gays... :duck:

Also I do believe the editing could use a bit of a touch up - which I wouldn't mind helping with, if the author would accept. :twilightsmile:

But over all it was a good story. :scootangel

4535600 Well, this is my very first fic, which I don't really like that much after some thinking and never really had a chance to really edit it.

4535982 Well that's very understandable. :scootangel:

This is so funny! Thpugh I feel bad for Vinyl though I agree with Octavia: They're just freakin' bugs!

4646378 Thanks, but I have to agree with Vinyl. I mean if anything pops out of nowhere, bug or not, I would be freaking out.

4647382 True. Hey, are you gonna continue "What Howls at Night"?

4647926 Of course. I'm working on the next chapter, but I don't think it'll come so soon.

4648121 I'll let you know when the next chapter is out, though.

This is amazing! But still needs some editing.

Have you ever considered doing a sequel where some members of the mane 6 come in and help Vinyl get over her fear?

5729925 Oh...
Well, at least I gave you the idea.

5729976 True. You are good and you should feel good.

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