• Published 12th Apr 2014
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Shimmering On - DerpyStarlet

Sunset Shimmer used to have the whole school in her hand. She can manage without that power... right? The elements want her to learn friendship, but she can't decide if she's being forced or if she is actually learning friendship.

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Magical Metempsychosis

I sit in the hiding spot I've been using frequently. It's only just out of sight and no one seems to look here for me, but I can still see everything else. I use it as a short escape from the constant demands from these construction workers. Seriously, they just don't let up. I freeze as I hear voices directly above me, I realize they're talking about me.

"Have you seen her?" The first voice asks.

"No, but you need to find her soon. Make sure someone keeps an eye on her, we can't have her seeing what we're doing..." the second voice says.

"It'd be so much easier if we didn't have to babysit the kid," my skin bristles at that statement.

"Yeah, but it would look suspicious if we just neglected her help. Especially if she's only doing menial tasks," the second voice explains.

"How long can we keep it up? We can only keep her distracted for so long," that caught my attention. Why do they need me distracted?

"Well, we'll start working this weekend, then we can have it finished by the end of next week. Just keep stalling until then," I stop at this. Of course, they're paid by the hour! No wonder the wall looked the same, they're dragging out the job to get more money! But, by extension, their also prolonging my punishment. I could care less about the money, but I will not suffer with the schools budget.

"So extortions your game, huh?" I pipe up, popping out of my hiding spot. I buff my fingernails on my chest nonchalantly as the two tremble nervously. Their trying to compose themselves, but failing.

"I don't know what you're talking about," one of them says.

"Haha- shut up. I heard it all. And you know, I recorded it." I lie, holding up my phone. They buy it and panic traces their features. "Now, I could go to principal Celestia... Thankfully for you, blackmails my game. Don't worry, the terms are simple. You end my help, I don't tell." I tell him.

"Done," the other worker agrees. Wow, that was easy.

"Okay, see ya later. Or not, probably not." I wave lazily. I stop as I notice someone else popping up behind them, I can't stop from grinning devilishly.

"Thank you, Philomena, for alerting me to this unfortunate turn of events." The two construction workers freeze at Celestias voice. They turn to find the principal of Canterlot high petting her pet eagle, the two workers go white. "I must say Sunset, I'm a little disappointed. However, under the circumstances, I'll allow it. This part of your punishment has been served in full, enjoy the rest of your time off. As for you two," Celestia turns to the two workers. "Please direct me to the project manager," the two nod stiffly and start directing her to the project manager.

I have to admit, I wanna see how this turns out. I start to follow them. Celestia raises an eyebrow at my presence, but she doesn't question or try to stop me. We follow them to the project manager and he greets us with a smile. Celestia smiles a bittersweet smile, the project manager doesn't even realize what's happening.

"It has come to my attention that your company is not providing the services we have promised to pay for at an acceptable pace," the manager takes a second to take this in, but he finally gets the point. The look he makes is evidence enough, he's sweating buckets. My attention is brought away by a certain eagle nudging my shoulder. I turn to the side and find Philomina looking at me expectantly, I hesitantly reach my hand up and gently pet her head.

I assume it's a her, she reminds me of Celestia's pet phoenix of the same name. Which makes sense, considering all the similarities here already. I'd be shocked about not having seen Philomina before, except for the fact that I've never really seen Celestia outside of school. The school technically has a rule about not having pets on campus, and the principal would obviously follow the rules more strictly than Fluttershy. Surprisingly enough.

I continue to pet Philomina as I watch the unfolding discussion. The manager is growing increasingly frantic while Celestia maintains that same calm strictness she's so good at. They finally reach a consensus, and I have to admit I didn't really listen to a word they said. I was just having fun petting Philomina and watching the manager squirm. I do know that the plan didn't involve me, which is really the only thing I care about. Celestia finally ends the discussion with a curt goodbye and I follow her out, Philomina sticking close behind. I hear some yelling from behind as the manager no doubt gets after the two who had let the secret slip, I just scoff at it all.

"Well Sunset, what are your plans now that the first part of your punishment is served?" Celestia asks. I look at her cautiously before sighing and throwing up my hands in defeat.

"I dunno, probably tell Rarity about this turn of events." I absentmindedly scratch Philomina as she sits on an empty gas tank standing nearby. Celestia and I stop walking, I stand near Philomina and continue to pet her.

"I didn't realize you were one for gossiping, seems a bit social for you." Celestia comments. I think back on all the times I spread gossip to tear people apart and for personal gain.

"Not usually, but Rarity told me to tell her if I was released by Monday," I say idly.

"Why, what happens on Monday?" She asks.

"Apparently we're going to Manhattan," I answer.

"Manhattan? That's quite the expensive trip. I didn't realize you had so much money," Celestia says in surprise.

"I don't, Rarity's paying," I reply, inspecting Philomena's feathers.

"For your ticket?" Celestia asks.

"For everything," I hear Celestia gasp.

"Goodness, that's a lot of money. I had no idea her business was so successful," Celestia says.

"Neither did I," I reply blandly. Theres a moment of silence, Celestia just watches me pet Philomena.

"She seems to have taken a shining to you." Celestia comments. I actually smile at that, I never really liked animals. I never explicitly hated them, I just always kind of thought pets were useless. I do find myself enjoying their company though, a pang of regret at my missed opportunity yesterday courses through my body. I retract my hand a little and Philomena looks at me curiously, I smile hesitantly at her and continue petting her.

I lay my other hand on the container and retract it as the sticky feel of gas meets my finger. I look at the container and down at the ground. There's a leak and a small trail of gas leading towards the corner of a building ahead. I stop petting Philomena and lean down to look at the gas trail

"Stupid Principal... finding out... stupid Celestia..." we look toward the corner at the sound of grumbling. The manager turns the corner and stops, he stops mid-puff of a cigarette and nearly chokes. "Ahh! Principal Celestia... you're still here, I'll just-" he runs off and Celestia shakes her head. I notice one small detail that chills my blood. He left his cigarette behind, and it slowly rolls into the gas.

The trail of gas lights up in flames and the container erupts in an enormous ball of heat and flames, catching Philomina inside. There's a terrible screech as we watch the flames engulf the bird, Celestia looks on in horror as tears brim in her eyes. Her previously calm demeanor utterly shattering as her bird dies in front of her very eyes, my mouth hangs open as tears brim in my eyes too.

I only knew the bird for a very short time, and already it was gone. This wouldn't have happened if I had just left, if I had noticed the gas sooner. It wouldn't have happened if I had done something, anything differently. The flames die down and I stare in shock at the remaining pile of ashes.

"Philomena!" Celestias loud cry is filled with sorrow, panic, and surprise. I watch as my mentors equivalent, my principal, a person I had always looked up to, breaks right in front of me. Tears streak down her face and she lets out hysterical sobs as she looks dejectedly at the pile of ashes. I walk forward absently, completely stupefied at what had happened. I reach out and felt the still burning ashes, I almost retract my hand. I press my hand against it and clench my eyes shut, I can't bear to think that the animal I had almost befriended was ended so quickly.

As the burning sensation in my hand increases I feel something else, a bright warmth spreads through my body. I recall feeling it before, but where? I open my eyes and fall back as there's a bright flash. I rub my teary eyes and see Celestia doing the same, she's still sniffling confusedly at the flash. I look at the pile of ash and it erupts into flames once more. However, the flames die out and sitting in the middle of the pile of ash is none other than Philomina. She squawks happily and Celestia watches, slack-jawed.

"Ph-philomena?" She asks cautiously, the bird turns as it recognizes it's name. Celestia dries her eyes and throws her arms up in ecstacy, "Philomena!" She cries happily. Philomena screeches in delight and glides over to Celestia, I stare in shock at the scene before looking at my hand. What did I just do? My hand is badly burnt, and the pain is starting to catch up to me. I hold it away from me slightly to keep from hurting it more, I look up to find Philomena hovering beside me.

She looks at the wound and closes her eyes, I watch as a single tear drips down. I try to retract my hand, but I'm too slow. I feel the drop hit and wait for the burning pain, instead I feel a soothing coolness. I look down to find the burns fading away rapidly. I stare in shock at my hand then at the bird. What have I done?

Celestia was on the other side of me and she watches the burns fade away, we both stare in shock before Philomena breaks us out of our stupor. She screeches and flies over to Celestia, who promptly nuzzles the bird fiercely. Much like one would a kitten, or cute puppy, except with a bird of prey instead.

"Sunset, you saved her. I don't know how, or why, but you did. Thank you," Celestia says, tears threatening to break the calm she's struggling to keep. I can tell she sorely wants to scream in joy or something of the sort. I just turn abruptly and wave a hand lazily.

"Whatever, let's just say you owe me one." I turn the corner and Celestia is silent for a while. I hear a cry of glee a second later and I peek around the corner a second later to find Celestia crying into her pet bird happily. A small smile graces itself upon my lips and I feel a warm sensation throughout my body, could this be that feeling you get from performing a kind deed for someone?


The events play themselves over in my head over and over again. Magic, that's all it could have been. But, I don't have magic. At least, I shouldn't. I didn't. I can't, it's impossible. Yet, here we are.

Phoenix tears heal wounds, Philomenas tears healed my wounds. Philomena was reborn by fire, like a phoenix. I touched that bird with magic, and now it's part phoenix. What kind of magic can do that? Not just bring a creature back to life, but infuse it with magic natural to another creature. There aren't even spells for that in equestria, at least as far as I know. Even if by some force I did have magic, then this should still be impossible. If by some strange force I did have magic, it's strange magic I have no idea about. The only thing as dangerous as deadly magic, is any untrained magic.

Magic left uncontrolled can cause all sorts of chaos and can do all sorts of things which can be exceptionally annoying and/or dangerous. And if I truly do have some sort of magical abilities that I know nothing about, it’s even harder to control it. Not that I seem to have any control at all. Though, it tends to happen in moments of duress. Maybe that’s something…

So, what? I have a magical self defense mechanism? No, because it’s not strictly defensive. It seems to have the ability to imprint a magical signature and revive creatures, meaning this magic is advanced. Or at least complex. Now the matter of how, most likely the elements. But Twilight took the elements back, doesn't that mean the magic went back with it. Unless... the power was in them all along? No, that's silly. Besides, that would mean they have magic too. Obviously the elements have left an imprint upon me, and it seems this imprint has benefits.

But why? And to what extent? And how? Imprints like this are usually curses, and that doesn't supply power. A curse would take the victims inherent magic and pit the magic around them against them, manipulating small acts against the victim. Or large acts if it was a particularly powerful curse.

But this doesn't act like a curse, it acts like a set of rules. If I try to do something against those sets of rules, it stops me. It's almost like a magical limiter, or a magical filter. But a filter? Usually an addition to a complex spell design, or a result! This rule set is a side effect, a side effect brought forth by the elements of harmony. But that would mean the elements of harmony are like a complex spell design, they're just a couple gemstones.

Besides, it's obvious the elements don't have the power on their own. They just tap into that power inside the bearers. I managed to tap into magic probably seeping out of the portal and as such it was just pure power. But, that doesn't make sense. Their magic isn't just pure power, it's literally weaponized friendship.What's different? When I used the elements, it was just the one and it seemed to conduit any power it could find with reckless abandon. When they used it, it tapped into every aspect of the elements precisely. Their attack was complex, it had a form. It had a spell form. Spell forms.

How could five girls who had never even seen magic before uphold five sides of a spell form? Sometimes advanced unicorns who know what they're doing struggle with that. The experts struggle because it's an intricate procedure with delicate variables, but here these ponies are performing it perfectly. No, here these humans are performing it perfectly. How?


"How does it work?" Sunset Shimmer, Celestia's star pupil asks the DJ. The DJ snickers a little at the curious filly, he looks at her with amusement dancing under his shades.

"You're certainly different from other ponies, no ones asked me how they work yet. Let me show you a secret," he motions for her to come closer to his machine. She comes closer to the speakers and he opens a panel on the back and points inside. "You see that crystal, it's enchanted with the projection spell. I used it as the root enchantment for the spell because then I don't have to uphold that spell the whole time. The wires in there are made with gold, because it's a good conductor for magical energy. And then there's a magical battery and a stabilization enchantment on the case itself. " He tells her.

"Why use a crystal and not something cheaper for the enchanting?" Sunset asks.

"Well, for one. Crystals hold enchantments extremely well. That and they stand against time, meaning they don't wear out easily. But one of the biggest things is that crystals are known to amplify enchantments or spells considerably. The enchantment being a volume projection spell, amplification is extremely useful. Also, a Crystals enchantment can be made to only recognize when an aspect of a certain pony activates it. In this case I tuned it to my magic." The DJ explains.

"Oh, that's cool." Sunset decides with a quick nod of her head.

"Heh, it is isn't it." The DJ agrees with a chuckle. "Well... I do have some time before my next gig, do you want a demonstration?" He asks.

"Yes, please Mr. Neon Lights sir!" Sunset says, nodding vigorously.

"Just Neon Lights is fine, kid." The stallion chuckles before stepping up to his turntables. Sunset nods her head approvingly as a steady beat fills the room before erupting into a chorus of various wubs and beeps.


"Of course!" I exclaim excitedly as my explanation starts to formulate itself in my head. "Their enchanted artifacts of immense power! They work together, not alone! It's one big spell form!" I exclaim to myself.

"What is, darling?" I pause and look behind me to find Rarity approaching with Fluttershy and Applejack.

"Nothing," I wave the question off, careful not to forget my breakthrough.

"Oh, well we were just wondering what you were doing around here. Aren't you usually working at this time?" Rarity asks.

"They let me go. Celestia allowed it on account of they were trying to extort the school." I say nonchalantly.

"Oh, that's wonderful! Er... not the extortion, but the fact that you're free." Fluttershy exclaims, or, at least, as close to an exclamation as she gets on account of her low volume.

"Indeed, now you can join us in Manehattan." Rarity says excitedly.

"Why, those good for nothing..." Applejack trails off, grumbling incoherently to herself. "I'm gonna go have a word with them!" Applejack declares.

"Better not, Celestia already did. They're pretty shaken up about it," I tell her.

"Sunset? do you want to join u-" I cut Rarity off before she can finish.

"No time, somethings come up," I tell her. I spin around in the opposite direction and dash off towards the library.


I look at my notes in satisfaction, I think I finally have it all figured out.

"She's stopped writing, does that mean something?" I hear Fluttershy ask Rarity, Rarity just shrugs.

"Do you need anything else, Sunset?" Applejack asks.

"No, I think I have it figured out. Thanks," I say, turning back to my multiple pieces of paper. They had followed me here and we found the three Crusaders, they kept doing whatever research they were doing and Rarity, Fluttershy, and Applejack decided to help me. They did this by fetching books and other resources for me. To be honest, I don't even know why they started helping me.

"What was she trying to figure out?" Sweetie Belle asks Rarity in an attempt at a whisper, I shoot her an annoyed look. Sweetie Belle notices and hides herself behind Rarity, who gives her a confused look. I roll my eyes and turn back to the paper.

"I don't actually know. Sunset, what was the point of all this?" I look up and decide on whether I should tell them or not. I might as well tell them a little bit.

"Just trying to figure some magic stuff out. The Elements of Harmony in specific. I was trying to figure out how they work." I leave some stuff out about the side effects, but it's mostly the truth.

"Really? And how do they work?" Rarity asks with intrigue.

"Well..." I turn to them and prepare my explanation. "The elements run based off of six elements, which just happen to match the six basic functions a spell form needs. Loyalty would bind the elements together, Laughter would prime and create energy, Generosity distributes energy throughout, Kindness stabilizes the spell and keeps it precise, Honesty opens and preps the other elements and the area around, and Magic handles the intent of the spell. The crystals amplify the effects through every stage and you bearers supply an activation need. I don't know what they see, but you have a certain trait that activates the whole process. The gold is a conductor for magical energy, that's why the rest of the crown is gold." I explain, I look up to find them all looking lost. All, except one.

"If the bearers satisfy an activation need, why did the crown work for you?" Scootaloo asks, I slump down in my chair.

"I don't know..." maybe the activation need can be satisfied from a distance? Maybe I satisfied one of the needs? No, that's ridiculous, there wasn't a harmonious thing about me. There still isn't.

"Where did it get the magic to activate in the first place?" Scootaloo asks.

"I imagine it took magic from the portal," I tell her.

"But that would mean the magic never got put back, doesn't it? Wouldn't that leave the magic where it was?" Scootaloo asks, I pause. She's absolutely right, the magic is still here.

"Since when are you the expert on magic Scoots?" Applebloom asks.

"What? It just makes sense," she shrugs.

"Wait, so you're saying there's magic still around the school?" Sweetie Belle asks.

"Cutie Mark Crusader Magicians!" They all exclaim, receiving a stern glare from the librarian.

"Operation M.A.G.I.C. Magic Allocation and Gathering Inside Canterlot. Step 1: the Gathering." The three of them run off and I swear I hear one last question as they leave.

"How do you gather magic?" I sigh at their display.

"Well... as fascinating as this is, I'm afraid I don't see the point." Rarity speaks up.

"I... I guess there was no point," I hide my smile and Rarity nods.

"Well, we were glad to help you in this rather pointless endeavor. But, we are still going to the mall and my invitation for you to join us still stands. I toss the invitation around and finally relent.

"Fine," I say, gathering up my notes.

"Wonderful!" Rarity says in delight. Once I'm done gathering up the rest of my things we set course for the mall.


We enter the mall and I look around, I haven't really ever had reason to be in here. Sure I've been here once or twice, but always with a set goal. I've never had the urge, or the money to just window shop. I still don't, but at least now I have a reason.

What is that reason? Friends? Fluttershy really is the only one I'm friends with. The others... Well, I guess I don't mind their company. I still don't think that... friendship, is the reason. It's a stupid reason. It's more likely I'm just bored, or something like that.

I'm pondering this as I walk through the mall. Soothed by the steady sounds of construction, they're fixing up one of the statues. I look at the giant bear curiously, until I'm jarred out of my thoughts by a large crowd surrounding a stage in front of the statue.

"What's going on over there?" Applejack asks.

"A magic show." Fluttershy says from behind us all.

"How can y'all tell, I can't see the stage from here." Applejack says.

"There's a poster right over here." We turn to find Fluttershy pointing at a poster with all the details.

"The Great and Powerful Trixie? Is that the same Trixie as the one from school?" Rarity asks.

"Oh, I think it'd be great to see her magic show, let's check it out." Fluttershy says. We walk up to the crowd and can barely see the stage, I take the front lines and, rather forcefully, make my way to the front row with the others right behind me. We arrive and, sure enough, our suspicions are correct. Trixie's just starting up her act.

"Come one, come all! Witness the amazing feats performed by the one and only Great! And Powerful! Trixie!" Trixie rolls her `R's` dramatically and I just roll my eyes in response. "As the greatest and powerful... est." Trixie stumbles on the word and I hear Applejack snicker. "Of all magicians and people in general, I've chosen to take it upon myself as the greatest person alive to amaze you with a display of my power!" Trixie continues, undeterred.

"Apparently grammar and humbleness aren't in her repertoire." Rarity notes, a little unimpressed.

"It's called performance, I imagine she's trying to portray how amazed we should be before she starts to build up excitement. She's terrible at it, but it seems to be working on the idiots." I point towards an edge of the stage away from us where Snips and Snails are practically jumping out of their skin in excitement. Rarity gives me a deadpan look, but she doesn't say anything. "I'm just saying..." I tell her, turning back to `the Great and Powerful Trixie` to watch the rest of the performance.

"What makes you so Great and Powerful?" Applejack asks, Trixie turns to us and flashes a winning smirk. One I know all too well, the same smirk I used to have when I felt I was better than everyone else.

"I just am, nothing can beat me." She says with confidence.

"So you're saying no one can beat you at anything? I highly doubt that." Rarity says.

"Anything you can do I can do better." Trixie replies confidently.

"I'm pretty sure I can work a rope better than you," Applejack says, all eyes turn to her and Trixie pauses.

"We'll then show Trixie what you've got cowgirl," Trixie says challengingly, Applejack smirks.

"Gladly," Applejack steps onto the stage and I can only shake my head at the stupidity of it all. It's a show, you're not supposed to interfere. Applejack pulls a rope out of Celestia knows where and starts to spin it around, in seconds she's jumping through it and performing all manner of tricks with it. As bad of an idea I think it is right now, Applejack is admittedly very good at it.

"Admirable effort, but it's not nearly good enough." Trixie scoffs. She walks over and Applejack looks at her curiously. She reaches her hand out and tangles the rope, Applejack let's out a mangled yelp as the rope sweeps her feet out from under her and tightens around her arms and legs. The audience gasps before everyone around us starts cheering Trixie on. Rarity gets up on the stage worriedly and helps Applejack out of her bindings. "Looks like we have someone else who thinks they can beat the great and powerful Trixie!" Trixie announce.

"Hardly, I don't participate in these petty quarrels, I'm above such endeavors." Rarity scoffs.

"Looks like someone's backing out at the last second, out of fear. Probably afraid she'll chip a nail." Trixie mocks.

"Well I never! I'm not, however, above putting someone in their place." Rarity amends. "But you see, I've already bested you, seeing as I'm far more ladylike than you. While you may resort to brutish tactics, grace will always triumph." Rarity explains, Trixie looks at her in annoyance.

"We'll then, let's see how people admire your `grace` when you've disappeared!" Trixie exclaims, pulling a curtain over and blocking Rarity from view. When she pulls the curtain back, Rarity is gone. Everyone gasps and then cheers erupt from everyone but our little group.

"Well, I see someone isn't very impressed still. Do you think you're above me still, Shimmer?" All eyes turn to me as I look at Trixie in disinterest.

"No, I know I am. I'm above this stupidity. And I'm done with this show. You can humiliate some idiots and get away with it, but not this idiot." I say decidedly.

"C'mon Sunset! Beat her at... actually, come to think of it, what are ya good at?" Applejack asks.

"It doesn't matter, I'm not doing it." I tell her.

"Sunset-" I cut Fluttershy off gently.

"No, I'm not doing it." I say.

"No, look." I follow her finger and find Rarity crawling out from under the stage, various stains dotting her clothes and her mangled hair. It's obvious from here what happened, she was dumped in the trash. She looks at herself and then at us, I don't have to see it to know tears are brimming in her eyes. I watch her run away crying, into one of the bathrooms. I look at Fluttershys pleading face and try to hold my resolve. I fail.

"Hey, you with the ego bigger than her hat!" I call over the crowd. Trixie looks over to me with a devilish grin that makes my blood boil, she thinks she's so great.

"Decided not to run and finally fight? We'll then, let's see what you've g-" Trixie is interrupted by a loud shout.

"Wait!" Everyone turns to snips who had shouted out. "We'll be right back! Man I knew we shouldn't have drank those big drinks!" I look at them in annoyance as they run away. They run towards the bathroom and right through the construction site. One of the workers swerves the truck so they don't get hit. The truck, however, hits the statue and manages to snap a support wire. It gently tips towards the stage and everyone is watching in horror. People start scrambling away while Trixie looks at them in confusion, unaware of the looming danger threatening to squash her.

"Get off the stage Trixie!" I yell at her.

"What? No! I won't give up so easily!" She says indignantly, the bear starts to tip faster and the shadow creeps up on Trixie. She looks back and freezes in fear. She finally notices it. I hop onto the stage and rush towards her, I realize early on I'm not fast enough. I may be a partially reformed monster, but I don't want to see anyone die. I jump and hit Trixie, there's a flash and a crash and then I feel us tumbling along the ground. I feel Trixies body weighing me down and I push her off me.

"Ugh..." I struggle to look up and find the stage obliterated by the statue. I grunt and heave myself, I look over to find a terrified Trixie looking at me with wide eyes. "Your welcome," I say bitterly, shambling away from her. I move around the stage slightly and find Fluttershy crying her eyes out. Applejack is frantically digging at the wreckage. I saunter over to them tiredly, I can feel magical exhaustion setting in. I'm not surprised, I haven't used magic in a while, or as a human. Specifically, I haven't done complex spells in a long time.

"What are you doing Applejack?" I ask her. I hear her gasp and she turns to me. I see her puffy eyes, but I only get to look for a second before I'm embraced tightly by Fluttershy.

"Oh, thank goodness you're okay, Sunset! We thought you and Trixie were gone!" Fluttershy says between sobs.

"Bah, that lousy magicians fine, just in a little shock." I say, gently prying Fluttershy off me.

"How'd you make it out?! That statue came down right on top of you!" Applejack says, wiping tears from her eyes.

"I dunno. Where's Rarity?" I ask, wanting desperately to distance myself from this whole situation.

"I think she's still in the bathroom..." Fluttershy says, sniffling. I sigh and drag the two of them along, they don't resist. We arrive in the restroom and I hear gentle sobbing from one of the stalls.

"Hey, Rarity, let's go." I tell her, knocking on the door.

"I can't! I'm filthy!" She shouts out to me.

"Oh my celestia... fine! Here, take my jacket! I'll guard the door while you wash up." I say, throwing my hoodie into the stall and moving to watch the door. The sniffling stops.

"R-really?" She asks.

"Yeah, hurry up." I say, making sure no one comes in. I hear the stall open up, but I don't turn. Fluttershy starts walking towards the door, I shake my head and she backs up nodding her understanding. A moment later and Rarity opens the bathroom door and steps out, no longer smelling like trash and looking a little fresher. She's wearing the hoodie and I can see her shirt hanging out of her purse, it looks slightly damp.

"Thanks Sunset..." she says quietly.

"Don't mention it. C'mon, let's go home," all three of them nod and we move to the exit. As we pass the stage we see various security guards and even firemen are starting to show up.

"What happened?" Rarity asks curiously.

"Nothing, c'mon." I tell her, speeding up a little. I can't help but notice Trixie is nowhere to be seen, looks like she darted after I left her. Snips and Snails are getting berated by the construction workers and some authorities, some bystanders are being interviewed and police are taping off the area.

We leave the mall and eventually get far enough away that I relax a little. I don't question it when we get closer to Carousel Boutique. We enter and almost all of us take a seat. Rarity excuses herself to go get changed and we all take a breather. Once Rarity returns she hands me my hoodie and I just accept it with a nod.

"Anybody mind telling me what that was all about?" Rarity finally asks.

"The Ursa major statue came crashing down on Trixies performance." Applejack says bluntly.

"Actually, that was the Ursa minor statue. The Ursa major statue is the one outside." I correct, Applejack rolls her eyes.

"Oh my, if that's what the minor did, imagine what would happen if the major fell." Flutters says, all talk ceases as we all imagine just that. Long story short, it wouldn't be pretty.

"Well, that ruined our shopping trip..." Rarity sulks.

"Yeah, I don't know about you girls, but I think I'm ready for some good ol' R & R after that." Applejack says.

"How about the spa?" Rarity suggests, "I know I could really use it." Rarity suggests.

"No Thanks, I think I'm gonna go back to the farm. Probably do some work. Always helps me let out some stress..y'all are welcome to join me." Applejack says.

"I swear, Applejack, you're the only person I know that let's of stress with more work." Rarity says.

"I'll go to the spa with you, Rarity." Fluttershy says.

"Thank you, Fluttershy. And you, Sunset? What will you do?" The way she words the question it's no doubt she's wondering if I'll join them. Despite my small amount of reservations about going anywhere with them, I know for a fact that spas are perfect for rejuvenating after magical exhaustion. At least, in equestrian they are. I'm not sure how effective it could be here, magic wise. But this day has been one stressful day full of surprises, I think the spa is a perfect way to relieve a lot of that stress.

"I'd like to join you at the spa, if you'd have me." I say.

"That's just what I was hoping to hear." Rarity says.

"Well then, you three have a good time. I'll see y'all later." Applejack says.

"Goodbye, Applejack. Have a good time with your... work." Rarity says, Applejack smirk and heads off.

"Come on girls, we mustn't dawdle. The spa awaits!" I can't help but roll my eyes at Raritys dramaticism, but I can't fight the small smile that plants itself on my face.

Author's Note:

Done! It's finally done! I'm so Sorry it took so long.