• Published 12th Apr 2014
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Shimmering On - DerpyStarlet

Sunset Shimmer used to have the whole school in her hand. She can manage without that power... right? The elements want her to learn friendship, but she can't decide if she's being forced or if she is actually learning friendship.

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Wild Wednesday

I wipe the sleep out of my eyes and look at my phone, It tells me that I have twenty-three days of service left. I have a pay as you go phone, so I have a good amount of time before I have to buy more time. This brings me back to the issue of money, I’m gonna need a way to get money soon. I’m too busy helping those workers recently, so I’ll have to find a job after I’m done. It took practically all of yesterday to do that work, it seemed like the same stuff again.

My phone also tells me that it’s Wednesday, which means I’m going to be helping Fluttershy today at the shelter. I heave myself out of bed and look once more at my phone, it’s nine o` clock. I realize once more that I have made the same folly as with Pinkie Pie, I never set a time with Fluttershy. I sigh with frustration as I make this realization, I need to really start thinking this stuff through. Nows a good a time as any to get up and start getting ready, so I get up and out of bed and trudge over to my dresser.

Okay, I’ll be working with animals, so… I’ll need something that I can get dirty and that has sleeves. I grab a simple long sleeved tee that’s a pastel yellow and some casual blue jeans. I pull on my red sneakers and grab my purse, I make sure to throw my phone inside. With my things together I head downstairs and get myself some breakfast, a plain bowl of cereal and a glass of milk. Once I’m all finished and my dishes are clean I make sure that everythings in order and flip the generator off. I lock the door and head off down the street towards the shelter in the middle of the town.

I pull out my phone and look through my contacts for Fluttershy ad call her up. The phone rings a couple of times and then I hear a voice on the other end, “Hello?” Fluttershy asks timidly.

“Hey, when are we supposed to meet up?” I skip straight to the point.

“Meet up? Oh, Shimmer? Is that you?” Fluttershy asks in surprise.

“Yes, now what time?” I ask again.

“Oh… well… um… it opens at ten, so… sometime after that?” Fluttershy answers.

“Alright, see ya soon,” I hang up abruptly and continue on my way. It’s about fifteen minutes away from where I’m at right now and Its half past nine, so I’ll be a little early. I could swing by the school and see where my works been going, I go every other day but I haven’t really bothered to see how well they’re doing on the wall. I change my course and head on a detour towards the school, It doesn’t take long to get there. I walk to a point where I can see the hole and take in the sight.

I look at it in confusion, it looks about the same as when the hole was first put there, just a little cleaned up. Have they started on the construction yet? Of course they have, I’ve been giving them the stuff to do it. I must not be seeing what they’ve done, I just gotta look closer next time they’re working on it. Content with what I’ve seen I set back on my original course, now I’m running ever so slightly late. I continue down the street to where I know the shelter to be, I see Fluttershy making her way to it as well and I run to catch up to her.

“Oh, Sunset. I didn’t expect you to be going so early,” Fluttershy says as I catch up.

“I don’t have anything better to do,” I say nonchalantly.

“Well, okay then.” Fluttershy answers in her usual soft voice.

“So, who’s gonna be there?” I ask. I ask the question to know if there are any less than favorable people there. Specifically, Rainbow or any one of the friendly five, aside from Fluttershy.

“I don’t think so, I’m usually the only volunteer. There’ll be our supervisor, but she’ll just be manning the front desk. We’ll more than likely be alone caring for the animals…” Fluttershy says.

“Alone? No one else comes to volunteer?” I ask incredulously. I thought that a lot more people were actively helpful in this community, like there was an unacknowledged group of helpful people that silently volunteered to do all sorts of things. I mostly just figured that’s what all the lame people did in their freetime.

“Well, There was one other girl a few weeks ago that came to volunteer, she was really nice. She helped cheer me up, but I haven’t seen her much. That was the last volunteer that wasn’t me.” Fluttershy says, I look at her in disbelief.

“Geez, one other volunteer every couple of weeks? You guys should probably advertise for help sometime,” I tell her, she flinches at the comment. I look over to her and see a slightly hurt look on her face as she averts her eyes away from me. “What? Was it something I said?” I ask in concern. I didn’t think I’d said anything offensive or could have come off as mocking.

“I do try and advertise, but it never really gets anywhere…” Her eyes start to tear up and I look at her in surprise, I’m not sure what to do. “I try to hand out flyers, every wednesday. No one ever hears me though, or they’re just ignoring me… or they do something else to keep me from getting volunteers,” As Fluttershy’s eyes are getting really teary I realize what she’s talking about with that last sentence. I remember her passing out flyers, I remember her asking for volunteers. I also remember occasionally mocking her or throwing the flyers out of her hand when I saw her doing this. I feel terrible and I don’t even know what to do, so I do the only thing that comes to mind.

“I’m sorry…” I mutter my apology and stand there feeling terrible about myself, I awkwardly step up to her for a hug. I wrap my arms around her and let her lean her head on my shoulder and I hear her sniffling gently. The tears recede and she pulls away, her eyes are a little red now.

“Thank you, Sunset… It’s okay, I don’t blame you. Not anymore,” Fluttershy tells me, it doesn’t help me feel less terrible. We continue on in silence the last block or so to the shelter, I just stew in my own regret. Fluttershy seems to forget her breakdown, as she’s wearing a big smile once again. Her eyes are still a little red though, but you can barely tell she was crying. We continue on towards the shelter in silence and I can’t help but think back on everything I’ve done to her in the future so I can try to avoid those topics, yet I can already tell that I’m forgetting most of it.

The things I can remember are the constant mocking about her volunteer work even though thats what makes her a really good person, and telling her how bad she smells when in reality she smells pretty nice, and how she looks ugly even though I’m envious of her beautiful hair and natural beauty, and I smacked the flyers out of her hands all the time even though I thought she was really driven to continue to advertise, and I told her how no guys could like her even though I know she has more admirers than me.

I stop as I realize that all the things I said were complete lies that she must have believed. I’ve been telling her how horrible she is and she must believe me, that’s why she’s so meek. I’ve been putting her down every step of the way out of jealousy, when the truth is that shes better than me in just about every way. Just another reason I’m a terrible friend. This thought lingers till we get to the shelter, then I put it out of my mind so I can focus on the work here.

We enter the shelter with her key and we move past the counter into the backroom where we find our supervisor. It could be the manager, or just another employee. I’m not entirely sure, but I do know that she and Fluttershy are close due to their reactions.

“Hello Miss Dawn," Fluttershy calls over to her.

"Fluttershy! It's so good to see you! And I see you brought someone to help you, wonderful. Who might this be? Is she that Rainbow Dash you were always telling me about? I can see what you meant by the fire in her eyes!" Ms. Dawn says.

"I'm not Rainbow Dash, my name is Sunset Shimmer." I say simply.

"Sunset Shimmer, she's not 'that' Sunset Shimmer... is she?" Ms. Dawn turns to Fluttershy.

"Oh, um... well... yes... bu-" Fluttershy doesn't get to continue, Ms. Dawn's barely concealed anger breaks free.

"You." Ms. Dawn gets in my face, "Why are you here?! She has come in literal tears to the shelter so many times, all because of you. Not only have you hurt one of my best employees, but you've hurt one of my closest friends. Why would you even do that? Why would you come here? To hurt her more? What are you planning?! If you touch her or these animals..." Ms. Dawn shudders in anger and continues. "You've hurt her, I won't let you hurt her more." Ms. Dawn says with finality.

"You think I don't know that? I'm not here to hurt her or your little animals. I'm here because I'm trying to help a friend. And I don't have to prove anything to anybody! I can't believe that you all are trying to stop me from helping!" I snap.

"Helping? I doubt you're capable of doing anything for others! Fluttershy's told me all about you! She's told me just what an awful person you are!" Ms. Dawn shouts back.

"You don't know me!" I yell back, anger lights up my eyes.

"Don't I? Fluttershy-" Ms. Dawn is cut off abruptly by Sunset.

"And you're just going to trust what you've heard? You're just a simple minded fool who can't give someone a chance! And everything you heard from Fluttershy? You heard wrong, or you're missing facts!" I stamp my foot for emphasis.

"Why should I believe anything you say?" Ms. Dawn questions angrily.

"You shouldn't! Anything she told you," I pause angrily, "it was ten times worse!" Tears are forming in my eyes as I shout with conviction.

"You lia- wait, what?" Ms. Dawn asks, genuinely confused.

"You think you know me so well, and only by ear! You don't know the half of it! I'm an awful person that's done terrible things, some I regret and some I don't. You don't know the half of it, but Fluttershy does. She has good reason to hate me, but you know what? She's willing to try and forgive me! Fluttershy, whom I have committed countless acts of hate against, is willing to forgive me. She even wants to be my friend, something I never even dreamed of having. Something I wouldn't think I'm worthy of! But she's willing to put it all behind us, something I could never repay! Versus you. The stranger who knows me by gossip alone and isn't willing to give me a chance. Not willing to even let me try. That's real nice," My voice drips in sarcasm, all the previous venom gone. Tears are streaming down my face, my composure gone. "Whatever, it's obvious I'm not wanted. I've said my peace. Sorry Fluttershy, it seems I can't help you with those animals after all," I wipe my eyes dry and move to the door, away from the shocked shelter worker.

"Sunset..." Fluttershy is lost for words as I exit the shop, Ms. Dawn stands there with that shocked look on her face for a few more seconds.


I walk down the streets angrily, tears trying to force their way out of my eyes, stupid shelter worker. I can't believe it, and I was just getting excited about helping the animals too. I turn the corner for no other reason than to get the shelter out of my sight, I don't need to think about that. I've just stopped the tears and turned down another street when my anger subsides a little, but I'm still aggravated.

"You're gonna have to go back sometime," a voice speaks up. I spin on my heels and look back to find an almost familiar girl following close behind me.

“Yeah, so?” I ask venomously.

“So, it’s gonna be harder to do that now,” The girl shrugs and continues to follow me.

“What do you know! Why the hay are you following me?!” I shout. The girl seems to pause a moment in thought before just shrugging.

“You’ve become a client, and I see to it that my clients are… happy.” The girl answers.

“Client? What are you talking about? Who are you?” I demand.

“Oh, you could call me a guardian angel of sorts. But I’m sure we’ll have plenty more reasons to talk.” The girl turns away from Me, but I follow her.

“You. You’re the one who gave me that note! What’s that supposed to mean?” I question. The girl looks at me curiously, and then gives a small grin.

“What indeed,” The girl says coyly, it only serves to enrage me.

“Don’t be coy with me! What does it mean?” I grab the girls collar and ball it up in my fist. The girl looks at the piece of cloth balled up and then at me, her look seems to portray disappointment.

“If I just tell you then it means nothing,” The girl says.

“Why do you have to act like it’s a big riddle! I just want to know what you know!” I yell. The girl stops and looks me directly in the eye, then she speaks clearly.

“No, you don’t. There may come a time when I can talk to you about the answer, but that comes after you figure out what it is.” The girl says, I shake with rage. How dare she just leave me in the dark when she could know vital information.

“Just go away. Stop teasing me with answers you won’t share,” I push her and turn away, the girl just nods and turns away. I look back and find the girl is long gone, I just turn away sadly and continue on in the direction I was going. Yet, I can’t shake the memory of the girl, despite her mysteriousness she seemed to genuinely know something. That small fact teased at the edge of my thoughts and slowly ebb me into a determination at finding something out about the girl, anything of use. I think on the things I have to do and come up with a blank.

With no plans, I turn my route to the library in an attempt to forget the bitter encounter with Ms. Dawn. Surely Rainbow would stop by to check on Flutters and she’d think that I abandoned her, Rainbow will come to some rash conclusion. I’ll end up in a fight I don’t want all because of that witch Fluttershy works with. I only have so long before Rainbow finds and confronts me about it, even less time than I would think considering the frequency I’ve been running into all the girls. With the bitter thoughts of an eminent fight, I continue to the library.


"You!" I throw my arms up in defeat after hearing Rainbows voice. I turn around slowly and come face to face with a livid Rainbow. I'd abandoned my path to the library, deciding on a walk in the park instead.

"Me." I deadpan, looking at her in boredom.

"I knew you were no good, just ditching Fluttershy like that!" Rainbow screams. "You know where I found Fluttershy, she had left the shelter and was walking the streets. She never just abandons her animals! How could you be so cold-hearted as to drive her away from the thing she loves!?" Rainbow Dash screams, amassing a crowd. I wipe my face free of spittle agitatedly, thinking about Fluttershy. She left the shelter? Why?

"Whoop-dee-doo. What do you want me to do about it?" I ask aggravatedly.

"You! I don't want you to do anything! You're gonna pay for what you did to Fluttershy!" Rainbow preps to launch a fist towards my face, but thanks to my martial arts training I just dodge it. Unfortunately, Rainbow Dash is no slouch in fighting and her elbow clips me in the face. I stumble back and rub my jaw.

"So, that's how it's gonna be? Well then, show me what you got," I say, preparing to fight. Rainbow lunges and I'm more prepared this time, I move to the side and get a hit on her side. Rainbow spins to me and nearly lands a fist on the side of my head, instead I block it with my arm and jab with my other. Rainbow Dash dodges and attempts to trip me, I roll out of it and launch back to my feet and at her. I bring my leg into a roundhouse, Rainbow grunts as she blocks it with her forearms. I pull my leg back in and kick out, Rainbow dodges and pulls me down with my leg.

I send a fist towards her face and she meets it with her own. I reach out to grab the offending fist, but she tries to do the same. I manage to get the upper hand and grab the sides of her hand. I squeeze and she attempts to pull her hand out of my grasp. I reach with my other hand and grab her other hand, she kicks me in the stomach. I stumble back and so does she, we stare at eachother with contempt. I lunge once more, but she dodges. I feel her push against my back as she jumps into and off of it. I collapse to the ground and manage to roll out of the way of a punch.

I sweep her feet out and get up, she gets up too. Rainbow lunges and we tumble to the ground, she has my arms pinned and she's on top of me. She releases a fist towards my face and it connects with a sickening thud. disoriented, I struggle against her grip. I'm struggling as she pulls her fist back far for another another punch when I close my eyes tight. I feel the pressure leave my chest and get up, looking for Rainbow. I look over to her and she's pulling herself off the ground, I look around for what could have done it. I feel something hit my side and I fall to the ground once more, I'm prepared though. I roll out of it and hurry over to her, I deliver a knee to her gut and she crumbles away. I'm getting ready to kick her when she grabs my leg and pulls me down. I deliver a fist to her head and pin her arms. I'm getting ready to hit her in the face when I hear it.

"Stop! Don't!" I don't move my fist as I look over to Fluttershy. A face in the crowd surrounding us, I let my arm go limp as I look over to her. I get off of Rainbow Dash and turn away from her intending to just walk away. I hear Dashes faint footsteps running up behind me and I drop to my hands and thrust out with both of my legs. I feel as my buck connects and Dashes momentum stops, and she falls back. I drop my feet and get up, turning to Dash.

"We're done, Dash," I spit out some blood and turn once more. I hear her get up and turn to find her clutching her chest, she's still coming at me. I just turn to walk away as she collapses once more.

"Sunset, wait!" I groan and look back at Fluttershy, who's caring for Rainbow Dash. "I wanted to say I'm sorry, I should have talked with Miss dawn beforehand." I sigh and let my scowl fall away to regret.

"I, probably could have been nicer too," I admit, "I didn't mean to fight Dash," I tell her.

"Oh, no, I understand. Dash had it coming, she stormed off before I could explain anything. But, I guess you could have been a little less rough," Fluttershy flinches as she looks at the various scrapes and bruises lining Dashes body.

"Sorry Dash, you just wouldn't stay down. For what it's worth, you were pretty good," I offer.

"Yeah... so, you're saying Sunset wasn't to blame?" She turns to Fluttershy, who just shakes her head. "Wow, now I feel like a jerk. Uh, sorry... I guess. For, all that." Rainbow motions to my wounds and then clenches her stomach in pain.

"Eh, I've had worse." Truth is, I haven't. And it hurts so much. "But what about you? Most people I buck end up in the hospital," I say concernedly, its true. The only two other times I had to call nine-one-one and explain how it was self defense to the authorities.

"My training has hardened me. Not like Applejack, but decent enough. Either that, or my bones are rubber. I'm just really sore all over..." Rainbow groans as she attempts to get up, she struggles to her feet and Fluttershy holds her up. "Thanks," she mutters to Fluttershy, who just nods. The crowd has mostly dispersed, and we leave the park. I just follow Fluttershy, who I notice is helping Rainbow Dash to her house. We walk in silence, no one daring to say a word.

We arrive at Rainbow Dashes house and Fluttershy helps her up the steps, I just stay on the sidewalk. "Well, I'll see you later," I call out.

"What, why don't you come in?" Fluttershy asks as she opens the door.

"Welcome ho- WHAT HAPPENED? WHO DID THIS?!" I cringe as I hear Rainbow Dashes mom inside.

"That's why," I say simply before turning and walking the other way.


The fight runs itself through my head, what knocked her off of me? I was losing, then... I wasn't. I pause as I notice something, I've got a tail. Not an animal tail, but a tail as in someone following me. I turn and find nothing, except a hat peeking out from behind a garbage can. I walk up to the can and look over it. Trixie is huddled and looking around the side of the trashcan.

"What are you doing?" I ask her, she freezes and her gaze very slowly inches its way up to mine.

"Nothing," she says innocently.

"Really, because it looks like your following me," I comment.

"Well, I'm not," she argues.

"Oh? You just hang out by the trash cans around here all the time?" I ask. Trixie thinks about this for a second.

"Trixie was following you," she admits.

"Yeah, I figured. Why?" I demand.

"Trixie wants you to teach Trixie how to do that trick you did," Trixie insists.

"What trick?" I ask in confusion.

"When you were fighting Rainbow Dash, you were pinned. Then there was a flash and you weren't pinned. I'm an expert in prestidigitation and I know a magic trick when I see one." Trixie explains. I pause at this, what she's saying should be impossible. Yet, it makes some kind of twisted sense. But, that's impossible, I don't have magic. Of course, Trixie thinks it's stage magic, but I don't know stage magic either.

I never bothered studying too much into prestidigitation under Celestia, I thought it was a waste. Why do magic pretending to be fake magic when you can do real spells with lots of uses? Prestidigitation is all flare, and I liked the practical side of magic. But here she is, saying I did magic. That's not possible, this world doesn't have equestrian magic.

"So, are you gonna teach Trixie?" Trixie asks earnestly.

"Sorry Trix, a magician never reveals her tricks." I lie. Trixie... Trix. Tricks. Tricks, see? Huh, how did I never notice that before? The world sure is a funny place.

"I will find out. The great and powerful Trixie always wins!" Trixie then turns and storms off in a huff. I just roll my eyes at her showmanship and continue on my way. But one thing is stuck in my mind now, what happened? It obviously couldn't have been real magic because... well, it just couldn't. So then, what was it?

Author's Note:

A bit short, but there wasn't much to this day in the first place.