• Published 12th Apr 2014
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Shimmering On - DerpyStarlet

Sunset Shimmer used to have the whole school in her hand. She can manage without that power... right? The elements want her to learn friendship, but she can't decide if she's being forced or if she is actually learning friendship.

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From Extravagant Endings To Bitter Beginnings

A shadow blankets through the light, it creeps through my subconscious mind with precision. I can see a beam of technicolor light wrapping around me physically, I can feel the burning sensation as harmony courses through my veins. I can feel the burning sensation on my flesh as it tears through my magical form, it feels simultaneously painful and comforting. It’s still uncomfortable to feel, but my thoughts aren’t based around my comfort. I’m more focused at what’s happening inside my head. I can feel bright lights swirling in my head, but a dark cloud is beginning to shroud them. The lights feel powerful, but the darkness feels so comforting.

`Am I dead?` I think to myself, I thought that maybe you went towards the light if that happens. Maybe the end is just this darkness consuming you, it does feel nice. It feels much better than the reality I was living, I had turned into a monster at the end. Once the Darkness takes over the bright lights in my head, the darkness bursts into a variety of colors. The colors swirl around in a beautiful palette of bright colors, they stay swirling for just a moment. Just as soon as they appeared, the colors disappear like a fading memory.

I open my eyes and I see myself lying down in a crater, I can feel tears cooling my warm cheeks. I look up to see a familiar face looking down at me. I see Twilight Sparkle looking down at me, I can feel the tears continue to flow as she looks at me.


I watch as Twilight is about to head through the portal, I feel an overwhelming urge to run after her. I feel a hand on my shoulder and look up to see Principal Luna holding a tool that I’m not too familiar with. It’s a trowel, I don’t really know all that much about tools because work isn’t my thing. It’s obvious what she wants me to do as I look at the damage I’ve caused. I prepare to tell her off, but my hand works on it’s own accord and grabs the trowel. I take the tool begrudgingly; I hadn’t actually planned on working, though, I probably shouldn’t push my luck.

I should be very happy that I’m not being arrested or something, it wouldn’t be out of their power to do so. I did build a small brainwashed army. And destroy school property. And attempt murdering Twilight. As well as Arson, Blackmail, Manipulating teachers and students, and Bully the entire student body for my whole time here. I screwed up pretty big this time, didn’t I? Who am I kidding, I’ve just been one big screw up this whole time, I’ve just made it even worse with my latest plan. What a plan it had been, had I ever actually intended to go this far just to achieve what I wanted? The fact of the matter is that yes, I had planned to go this far. I truly am that much of a monster.

I think about going back to Equestria, but as I see Pinkie run to the portal and try to follow Twilight. There goes that plan, guess I’m stuck here. A bitter feeling of resentment for Sparkle boils in my gut. How could she abandon me? Strand me here in this world? `Because you’re a threat to Equestria. Come to think of it you’re a threat here, but even more of a threat there,` Sunset thinks to herself.

I exert a sigh and look at the tool with disdain; if I plan on actually trying to make things better, I might as well start with some manual labor. I finally drag myself over to the broken wall, I’m wishing I had been more careful when I had that power. I’m wishing I’d never taken that power in the first place… What am I thinking? That was my crown! Maybe I wouldn’t be here if Celestia had trusted me more! Then I wouldn’t be in this mess, if Twilight Sparkle hadn’t stolen my mentor.

Who am I kidding, this is as much my fault as it is hers. Heck, she never even stole my mentor, I abandoned Celestia and Twilight just came in afterwards. I’d dug my grave and she pushed me in. Celestia’s not my mentor anymore; not the principal, nor the princess. Twilights her new favorite now, cause she’s just so perfect! Now Twilights sitting high on her throne after leaving me to rot down here at the bottom of the heap. That makes her no better than me, how long will it take others to see that?!

Snips and Snails seem to be avoiding me, I don’t exactly blame them for it. But It does still aggravate the hell out of me, and I blame them for that. I want to yell at the, but I don’t really have anything to say. So we continue our work in relative silence, this is gonna be a long night…


“Wow! Tonight was awesome!” Rainbow Dash shouts. She can still feel her brain trying to flap wings she doesn’t have, she just brushes off the feeling.

“Yeah, it was pretty cool, wasn’t it?” drawls Applejack.

“That was the bestest party ever! It’s better than Christmas and my Birthday put together! Well, maybe not better than my birthday because I wouldn’t be able to celebrate this day if I was never born…” Pinkie’s shouts of excitement die down as she thinks about what celebrations are better than others.

“That was quite the experience, I thoroughly enjoyed myself,” Rarity adds.

“Um, girls? It was great and all… but what about Sunset Shimmer?” Fluttershy points out, all of the friends gazes turn to the girl in question.

“What about her?” Rainbow asks.

“She looks super sad, we should go cheer her up!” Pinkie smiles at the thought.

“Go cheer up the gal who just tried to obliterate us? That’s-” Applejack stops as she watches Pinkie run over, “Exactly what you’re going to do…” Applejack sighs in defeat. “Well, Twi’ did say we should help Sunset with being friendly and such,” Applejack finally admits with a sigh.

“I suppose we should go offer our assistance,” Rarity concludes. She doesn’t mind helping people, she’s just not that deadset on helping the girl that just tried to kill them. Fluttershy smiles and jogs after her friends as they run to catch up to Pinkie, Pinkie Pie is already halfway to Sunset.


I’m really starting to hate this work, or work in general. this day is turning bad in itself, dare I say, it’s the worst day ever. “Hey sunset!” calls an overly cheery voice. Welp, that settles it. This is the worst day I have ever had, EVER. “How ya handling things?” Pinkie Pie bounces over, all her friends trailing behind her.

“Just fine.” I don’t attempt to hide the malice in my tone, and it doesn’t go unnoticed.

“Well there’s no need to be rude, we were just wondering if you need any help,” Rarity arrives and moves to help me but I stop her.

“I’m fine.” I warn, I move my hand to block hers. She pulls her hand back and I turn back to my work.

“Please, Sunset. Let us help, as friends,” Fluttershy steps up with a smile. I prepare to tell them off, to tell them all to go away. Everyone, myself included, is surprised when I don’t do it.

“Fine,” is all I can say as I turn back to my current work. I can’t believe myself, I know I have more resolve than that. I don’t want to work with them, they don’t wasn’t to work with me; so why didn’t I refuse their help? I had all the intention to continue refusing, but it’s like my body betrayed me. Oh well, not much I can do about it now. We’ll probably finish faster with them helping anyway, if they’re good at work. What am I thinking, of course they can do the work. One thing I have to give them credit for is their
drive, they can always finish what they start.

The work is long and tedious, it consists mostly of cleanup. We work again in relative silence, though I can hear Pinkie pie blabbering about something, she isn’t trying to speak to me directly. The work drones on for what seems to be hours, but I know it’s only been about one and a half hours. We’re all working when Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna walk out of the building.

“Girls? I hadn’t expected you all to be here. You should head home now, we have a phone you can use to call for a ride.” The five girls that we’re helping me nod and head inside together, leaving me alone with these two adults. Snips and Snails had left a while back, so I’m stuck alone with the two figures of authority at this school.

“So, you have anything to say about what I did?” I sigh and await the horrible punishment coming to me.

“Nothing you don’t already know. Luna and I have decided on your punishment, you are to serve one month detention after school. you will also help with construction of the wall until school starts back up again. Come every other day and you’ll escape further punishment. We also have to inform your parents,” I laugh as they get to the last part.

“Go ahead and try,” I stop laughing and look away bitterly, they look at me with questioning faces.

“Why would that be so hard?” Celestia finally asks.

“Because they’re not here,” I deadpan.

Celestia stiffens at that, “You don’t have any parents? How have you gotten by?” she asks incredulously.

“Forging signatures on all my school forms, and avoiding authority,” Why did I say that, I bite my tongue before it has a chance to answer anything else I don’t want it to.

“What happened to your parents?” Luna asks.

“I don’t know, they’re still in Equestria. I never had any parents here,” why am I answering them? I don’t want them to know anything about me! I’m done with tonight; I’m sore, tired, aggravated, pissed off, and above all I’m very annoyed. I’m annoyed at everybody, why can’t they just leave me alone. I don’t want to know their lives, and I don’t want them to know mine. Yet I can’t stop telling them about myself, I must truly be out of it. I just need to rest up and get my ead clear. I start to walk away from the two adults that aren’t quite done interrogating me.

“Where are you going?” Principal Celestia calls after me.

“Home.” I call back, I’m to busy leaving to stop myself from answering.

“Home?” Luna questions.

“I’m not homeless!” I whirl around in anger and face the two sisters. I turn back around and continue on my way.

“Please, Sunset, come back and talk to us.” I planned on just walking away, but my feet have other plans. My feet turn me around and walk me back, much to my dismay. I don’t want to be here anymore, why can’t I leave?! I continue to listen despite my reservations about it.

“Sunset, you need a parental guardian, you can’t live like you are,” why does everybody want to tell me how to live my life?

“It’s been working so far, I’m fine.” And I’m sick and tired of people telling me what I can and can’t do!

“Please, we can help,” Celestia pleads.

“How?!” I challenge. Celestia bites her lip and averts her eyes. She stays like this for awhile before she looks at me expectantly.

“Well… I can be your guardian,” I’m taken aback by her offer. She’s offered to actually help me, if I accept then there’s one less problem. I won’t have to worry about being taken away, or about being found out. Celestia is offering to take me in again… No! I can’t, not again. This world is a parallel, a mirror. I can’t be held back by Celestia again, just to run away once more. Where would I even go? I can only trust myself and no one else. “You won’t have to fend for yourself, and I’ll try not to demand too much of you. It’ll be mostly for legalities, you can still be your own person. Just let me take care of you,” Celestia adds.

“Sure…” I mutter, I don’t know why. It seems like I can’t make my own choices, because I don’t want her to take care of me. I don’t want her to care, I don’t want to care. I need to get home and go to sleep, Before I manage to screw anything else up. I walk away with my hands to my ears so I’m not compelled to do anything else. I remove my hands from my ears once I get to the gate, at least they’re not trying to follow me. I finally start on my way home, finally free from distractions.


Five friends are walking down the halls of the school, they’re about to head home. “My folks won’t mind how I come home,” Applejack says.

“My parents don’t mind either,” exclaims Rainbow dash.

“Um, Could I come too? As long as I’m with others, my parents won’t mind…” Fluttershy asks.

“Sure thing Sugarcube, it’ll be nice to walk home together,” Applejack smiles at her timid friend.

“I’ll come too, it’ll be so fun!” Pinkie shouts.

“Well, if I’m with you girls… I’m sure my parents won’t mind. If anything, they’ll fuss about the time,” Rarity take a look at the clock on her phone.

“Well, it’s settled then. We’ll all walk home together,” the five walk out of the building to find Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna conversing.

“Hey Principal Celestia, Vice Principal Luna,” Applejack addresses the two adults.

“Girls, it’s nice to see you. Did you have fun at the dance?” Celestia asks with a smile.

“Heh, more than you know,” Applejack chuckles.

“That’s good to hear…” Celestia pauses, “Do you girls really plan on helping Sunset?” Celestia asks.

“Yeah, Twi’ told us we should help,” Applejack responds.

“Are you doing this just because Twilight said you should?” Celestia gives them a look of doubt.

“Of course not, but we do agree with Twilight. Sunset just needs a little friendship,” Rarity replies.

“I’m sure if anyone could show her friendship, it would be you five. She needs all the help she can get, I’ counting on you five to be there for her,” Celestia looks at each of them in turn, they all give her an affirmative nod.

“We’ll try…” Rainbow Dash’s nod is a little less convincing as she speaks.

“You five get home, and enjoy the break. School will be out until we can get this wall fixed…” Celestia walks away with Luna to straighten up this whole mess.

‘All of this destruction is going to be hell in paperwork…` Celestia thinks to herself as she walks away. The girls begin their walk home, but upon leaving the gate they see a familiar figure down the street.

“Look girls, it’s Sunset! Let’s go talk to her!” Before anyone can stop her, Pinkie dash’s off towards Sunset Shimmer. “Hey, Sunset!” Pinkie shouts, everyone follows after her.


“Hey Sunset!” My blood runs cold as I hear that dreaded voice, why won’t they just leave me alone? I quicken my pace and pretend not to hear them, but I soon find that it isn’t working. Pinkie runs up and starts walking beside me, “Hey there Sunset! I was calling your name, didn’t you hear me?” She asks.

“Yeah, I did…” I reply bitterly.

“Why didn’t you answer?” she asks.

“Because I don’t want to talk to you! I hate every one of you and I want to be alone. So leave me alone you pink menace!” I fume and I pick up my pace even more, Pinkie slows and the energy is taken out of her step.

“That wasn’t nice, you apologize right now!” I hear Applejack demand.

“No! I’m sick and tired of you five and your friendship act! we all know you don’t like me, so quit trying to act all friendly! Nobody likes me and I’m fine with it, but I can’t stand you all getting into my business! So just get out of my face you country hick!” I exclaim, turning around to face her.

“Why you-” Applejack is cut off by Rainbow.

“Look here, Sunset! It only seems like an act because you’re really trying our kindness. I would love nothing more than to beat the tar out of you! But Twilight believes in you, so I’m willing to give you a chance. That’s all you get though, and it’s not looking like you deserve it!” Rainbow gets in my face and I have to keep myself from decking her in the jaw.

“I don’t want a chance! I want you five out of my life!” I retort. Rainbow continue’s staring at me hard, so I glare right back.

“Sunset… I understand you’re upset, but there’s no need for-” I cut Rarity off before she can continue.

“Oh, shut up! Who are you to tell me what’s right and what’s not?! Just a day ago, you girls were no better!” I snap.

“Even if that’s true, there’s no need for petty insults,” she continues.

“Sure there is. Besides, isn’t petty your thing?” I mock, Rarity looks completely downtrodden.

“What’s your problem?!” Rainbow asks in anger.

“You’re my problem, Miss Super-Star! Why don’t you go back to your coolkid act and stop trying to help! I don’t want any of your help, especially not yours!” I jab my finger in Rainbows direction, I can see the anger rising in her features.

“Please, Sunset, stop…” I turn to see Fluttershy crying. I open my mouth to say something, anything, but no words come out. Instead I just continue on my way, the rage boils inside me. The nerve of those five, I just don’t understand it. Why won’t they leave me alone?! Isn’t it obvious that we don’t like each other?! Right, they listen to Sparkle… Who would’ve thought that Twilight would torture and haunt me after she’s gone. Sparkle’s stirred everything up and let me deal with the mess, she destroyed my precious system. Now only the people I least want to help me, want to do just that. Why can’t they just hate me like everyone else does…

I continue to stew the whole way home, but by the time I get close I lose things to be mad about. I find I’m just repeating previous aggravations, and this just makes me annoyed. Annoyed at the fact that Twilight might be right, that the solution to my whole problem could be friended. I quickly dismiss the stupid idea, this isn’t some stupid fantasy; the truth of the matter is that my life sucks and no amount of friendship will change that. Everything here is earned through power and seizing opportunities. Though, look how great that worked out for me… even if that might not be the answer, I’m positive that the actual answer isn’t friendship.

I make it to the abandoned house on the edge of town that serves as my home. I put the bump key in, I tap it with a rock and twist. I open the door and walk in, I am sure to lock the door up again. When I first got to this world, I was homeless. Then I met someone who could make bump keys, he hooked me up with the one I have currently. His name was Nickel Shard or something similarly stupid. I found this house shortly after and it’s been my home sweet home ever since. I think back on Celestia’s offer, the one I had so foolishly accepted. I’ll have to go back and refuse the offer the day after tomorrow, tomorrow I have things to do. Namely, get a new jacket. This one’s torn everywhere…

I move over to the cooler and make myself a sandwich, it’s a really late dinner. I eat my sandwich and clean up my mess, I then retire to my room. I have never been so happy to see my stiff and creaky bed, it has been a really long day. I lie down on the stale cushion and sleep takes me quickly.


Fluttershy wipes her eyes as Sunset stomps away, Fluttershy turns to her friends. They’re all watching Sunset too, half of them watch with hurt and half with aggravation, Rarity being part of both. Surprisingly, Sunset didn’t say a word to her. She looked like she was about to, but she didn’t, she just walked away angrily. Fluttershy expected Sunset to insult and mock her about how weak she is, just like she does every wednesday when Fluttershy passes out fliers for volunteers at the animal shelter… and practically any other time Sunset talks to her. Sunset had something to say to everyone but her, which is a first.

“Who does she think she is?” Applejack speaks up.

“When I get my hands on her…” Rainbow says, mostly to herself.

“I know Twilight said we should help her, but she seems like a lost case…” Rarity muses.

“She’s not so bad…”Pinkie says uncommittedly.

“Pinkie’s right, she’s just… frustrated. We just need to give her time, I’m sure she’ll come around eventually…” Fluttershy smiles and wipes the tears from her eyes.

“Did you even see what happened?” Rainbow motions with her hands.

“Yes, that’s why I think were making progress. We just need to let her cool down for the night, then we can try and help her. It has been a long night, I think she’s just feeling the effects of a very emotional day to her.” Fluttershy responds, Rainbow just looks at her.

“I guess…” Rainbow finally relents, “but how do we even help her learn friendship in the first place?” she asks.

“We just gotta be nice and friendly!” Pinkie replies with all of her old vigor.

“Sounds about a good a plan as any,” Applejack starts walking down the street. “Y’all comin?” after recovering from the shock of their encounter they continue on their way home.

“So, how long do ya suppose it’ll take to fix that wall?” Applejack asks.

“I’m betting on a week or two,” Rainbow answers.

“Probably,” Applejack admits. The group continues walking for several minutes of silence before Pinkie Pie speaks what’s all
on their mind.

“What are we gonna do for two weeks?” the five friends all look to each other for ideas.

Author's Note:

I feel an urge to rant about all of her `problems` and why they feel so bad to her... from her perspective. It's like a moment of extreme empathy.