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The peaceful world of Equestria is hurtled through a massive portal into the grim future of the 41st millennium. Engaged in battle beforehand, both an Imperium and orkish fleet are pulled down to the planets surface. Now not only must the Space marines of the Blood Ravens and their Guardsman allies struggle between their xenophobic ways and the disarming innocence of the planets population, they must also fight the ork invasion now taking place on the world. As the fight for Equestria begins, ancient, sinister powers begin to set their plans into motion...

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That was awesome!
As a fan of both 40k and Ponies, I can say that I am look forward to more!

This is really well done ill tag this and wait for the next chapter i always loved Warhammer 40k fan fic that is writen well so keep the chapters a comming :pinkiehappy:


*cough* Sorry...:twilightblush:

Will you please update.

I like where this is going.

40K + Ponies = :moustache: Fuck yes.


Your wish is my command! Chapter 2 was on standby in case chapter one failed, but seeing that the reviews have been positive, I have gone ahead and updated. Chapter 3 is still in progress though, so do not expect to see it out as fast as ch. 2.

Okay..this is awesome and damn well written! More please!


Could you fix the spacing problem near the beginning?

best story ever i want more

Only problems I'm having are the fact you keep switching the numbers of Twilight's group repeatedly, you don't have more DAKKA, and you don't have more chapters out yet.:pinkiehappy:

I must admit I like how this is going, at least for now :3 Lets see how long until the next update and where it takes us :3

Er, storm troopers in panick?? They can't be.

Woah, that was quick... Do you already have a bunch of chapters written? or...

Must have moar!

Warhammer/MLP:FiM crossovers are one of my favorite, I just wonder what's going to happen when they meet Luna and Celestia. . . . . .and if either Luna or Celestia are the Lost Librarian, or if they were created by him. . . . .

Sorry about the errors in relation to the group that went to the Everfree Forest. At first I had intended all of the mane 6 to go, but re-adjusted the group to add an important plot point later on, which included having Fluttershy back in Ponyville. At first Fluttershy was the one to find the petrified ork, but I went with AJ after the edit. It seems that my check over was not entirely done right and some original parts still stuck. My bad on that one. Also, this chapter was already done at the same time as the first, I simply held it back so I could gauge the feed back on the first chapter. All went well so I released it about an hour later. Thanks for the feedback, this is in fact my first fanfic so any critiquing is appreciated! Also the DAKKA will be introduced in chapter 3, if only for a bit. I plan on making this fic MASSIVE, just like the 40k books themselves, so the plot will not be entirely explained for a bit. :twilightsmile:

Is it bad that I really want to see a Librarian Twilight, a Terminator Applejack, an Assault Rainbow Dash, a Devastator Pinkie Pie, an Apothecary Fluttershy, and a Standard Bearer Rarity? :pinkiehappy:

Of course they would be in the command squad of Chapter Master Celestia. :trollestia:

And stepping away from that odd fantasy, really interesting story so far. Can't wait for the next chapter.

First attempted battle scene here, so any feed back would be awesome. My first fanfic overall as well so critics are appreciated. Other than that, how am I doin' so far? :derpytongue2:

God dammit, whens chapter 4 coming out? This is so fucking epic, now all it needs is noise marines butt raping everyone and the tau coming in and trying to convert the ponies


>implying an animal half the size of a horse combined with type twenty seven diabetes can survive a bolter shot

Those poor Space Marines. Pinkie Pie is gonna drive them insane in seconds.

Great story though I love it when two so completely different subject get combined.

Great story. That was an interesting twist towards the end there. I wonder how they're going to pacify the Blood Ravens now that Twilight pissed them off. I'm looking forward to the confrontation between Gabriel and Farseer -I mean- Princess Celestia.

Interesting Trivia: Farseer Macha/Princess Celestia - Same voice actor

I pitty the poor psyker who tries to read Pinkie Pie's mind...

You know, I get the feeling that Pinkie Pie will fuck their minds and fuck all physics law. Just for fun. And throw them a party!

For some reason whenever Pinkie pie is in danger I smile.:scootangel:

It might be the fact that I want her to die or the fact she'll tell reality to fuck off and hippidy-hop her way out of certain death.

Also does anyone know the name of Librarian that invaded Twilights mind? I see a plot point between them with twi feeling a little mad at him and the Librarian feeling a little bit guilty about what he did.

Seriously! he mind raped twi :fluttercry:

I never knew Space Marines were such assholes:pinkiegasp:

19853 Only to Xenos!

Just to give the more inquisitive ones a hint, the next chapter might include some Pinkie/Space Marine comic relief. Even grimdark needs a laugh now and then, and the situation screams for it now!:pinkiehappy:

the humies were lucky!

Great story so far. Ponies and WH40k make a great compilation.
Any hope for Chaoz Boyz or other native to our galaxy Xenos(other than orks and humies) :rainbowlaugh:?
And when will be the next part?I know that its too soon to predict but Im just curious.

Well this fic is intended to be MASSIVE, so the story is just starting to really pick up, I don't wan't to give away any spoilers, but I can say for sure that no Tyranids will be in this story, as they would be a bit OP given the whole "Eradicate everything" thing they have going for themselves... I am absolutely swamped with my AP World History course right now so an update time is unclear, though I can tell you that I am trying to squeeze in as much writing time in my schedule as I can!:twilightsmile:

My only two irks about this chapter are a.) Twilight immediately figuring that the bird emblem on the Blood Ravens armour was, well, a raven. A detail like that isn't something she should be able to immediately figure out, and b.) da orks didn' sound orky enuff! :flutterrage:

But enough of that, onto the next chapter!

:facehoof:....Hoo boy.

Well, first off, the Blood Ravens are completely out of character and are complete assholes to a ridiculous degree in this story.

The Blood Ravens, and the rest of the Imperium, don't generally have a "kill on sight" policy for xenos, especially newly discovered ones. Only the the most fanatical (and therefor batshit insane) Imperials hold that policy across the board. And that policy is only applied to xenos like the Orks, Tyranids, and Dark Eldar who are all hostile to the extreme. Basically don't go and tread on the Imperium's toes like the Tau and the Imperium will leave you alone. Assuming that the Imperium is so xenophobic as to exterminate all xenos it comes across is a common mistake most folks make.

The Blood Ravens are also OOC, as mentioned already. They're rationale and while not as diplomatic as, say, the Ultramarines they don't act like assholes or go out of their way to be assholes. Case in point, they've allied with the Biel-Tan eldar in the past and have friendly connections with that craftworld. BIEL-TAN! If the Blood Ravens can get along with those crazy bastards who tend to hold a "kill on sight" policy for non-Eldar then the Blood Ravens can get along with frakkin' ponies.

Other than that, I'll keep an eye on this story for now. It's rough around the edges and has issues *points above* but it's still interesting.

Dude......I will sacrifice a couple slaves too this story.:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Fucking stare. Wheres the Angry Marines when you need them?


They dont have time to be a bunch of faggots and befriend everyone, they are incredibly busy fighting the million orks, which has so far been overlooked.

23273 I do see your points on this matter, but I took a good four hours reading up on 40k to make sure that I had the details well: 1) The Imperium is incredibly xenophobic, an example being the tau, in which an Imperial fleet was about to enact exterminatus on the homeworld of the tau when they found them. Seeing a sentient race immediately prompted them to load the torpedoes and begin to bombard the planet, at that point the tau were in their med-evil times and could do jack shit about it. A warp storm bloclking out the planet was the o;ly thing that stopped the Imperials from wiping them out for the next few thousand years. 2) I am well aware that the Blood Ravens have made deals in the past with the Eldar, but it took a lot of convincing to do it. And even then, they would usually end up fighting soon after due to the space marines ignoring the eldar. 3) The Blood Ravens have had a history of being pricks, look up the Tartarus campaign if you don't believe me. Plus, they just got sucked down onto a warp-world with no communications, so given that and the threat of millions of orks, I'm being generous in not having hem annihilate everything that they see. 4) the story is not even close to being done, so many other features and plot points have yet to be revealed. I appreciate the feedback, but hose are just my points on the matter. :trixieshiftright:

23273 Plus, I would hope to see you write a 40k story of your own, seeing how much you know, and that you have none out yourself... :duck:

Humble question to those that do actually enjoy this story: a good rating would be very much appreciated. I just feel that any rating under 4 dissuades potential readers from... well... reading this story. so any ratings of 4 and up would be extremely appreciated. :scootangel:

In total agreement, especially since Gabriel would not be such a prick.

I have to say I like this so far, I feel Gabriel is a little OOC, being GABRIEL MOTHERFUCKING ANGELOS (sorry just really love the guy) the single most rational minded human in all of the Imperium (not that that's saying much but still) he wouldn't say destroy the source of information like a sentient lifeform so fast; chaos relic sure, but something like a lifeform he'd probably take them as prisoners and interrogate. That being said, this is my only complaint I have, though I will agree with post 23273 on the subject of Imperial xenophobia, there are multiple cases where xeno life has been allowed to exist so shoot on kill order may be extreme but I'll give you credit that those are worlds that weren't just spit wholesale out of the Warp, so maybe extra caution is warranted.
Overall I look forward to future chapters and seeing more of GABRIEL MF ANGELOS, being a badass and hopefully not killing all the Equans he comes across, Emperor knows the Orkz don't need any help in that department.

Stare. Yet another author uses comedy element without appropriate setting. There goes my expectation.


1.) Yes the Imperium is incredibly xenophobic and with extremely good reason. But the Imperium did not discover the Tau, the Adeptus Mechanicus did who hold different policies. There are hundreds of minor xenos species that have been allowed to exist and live by the grace of the Imperium by simply not being threats, dicks, chaos worshiping dicks, or all three at the same time.

2.) Yes, the Blood Ravens established a few friendly connections with Craftworld Biel-Tan. That should tell you a lot. That they have friendly connections with the most militant and xenophobic craftworld of all the Eldar should say a lot about the Blood Ravens willingness to associate with xenos. Especially ones that aren't shooting at them or being threatening to them.

3.) Tartarus was not the fault of the Blood Ravens. Even if Gabriel hadn't let Inquisitor Toth convince him to destroy the Maledictum the planet was still a lost cause and would have been subjected to exterminatus to purge it of chaos taint. And if the Blood Ravens DID start shooting everything they see (which would be OOC), like Ponies, then they'd be earning themselves quick annihilation at the hooves of Celestia and Luna. Then you wouldn't have a story.

4.) Understood, but the behavior of the Ravens and Gabriel in particular is extremely grating. Hopefully that all changes in coming chapters.

And don't think that I'm harping on you over details. I just saw some things amiss and figured I'd point them out. And yes, you're right, I don't have any stories posted yet. I do have some in the pipe, 2-3 of which involve Warhammer, but they may be a little late coming since I'm a bit of a procrastinator. :twilightblush:

I never said they had to befriend everyone. What I said is that they wouldn't be being utter dicks to the ponies for being "xenos". The Blood Ravens aren't the Black Templars or Adepta Sororitas, and the Imperium at large doesn't have a "kill on sight" policy for all xenos like is commonly misbelieved. And I believe that the Imperials have been well aware of the Orks the entire time even before making landfall and have been busy making preparations to deal with them so I don't know how you think they've been "overlooked".

1.Mostly Xenophobic Imperium of the Dead Emperor? Checked
2.Orks? Checked
3.Grim Future reality? Checked
4.Chaos/Warp Abominations/Necrons/Tau/others? Unchecked
5.Next part?:rainbowkiss:
Even if there is more to be done ,the Ruinous Powers are satisfied.

I just want to say, the primary reason that the Blood Ravens are acting as such is that when I submitted my rough drafts to the Ponychan review board, 90% of the reviewers thought that the Blood Ravens needed to be a bit more "dickish". So, I went with a bit more of a grimdark approach, but I did it my way. Notice how nopony is officially "dead" yet? I've been planning a certain faction to rear its head soon, a faction that Falling Brass did in fact mention earlier has ties to the Blood Ravens... Nevertheless, I am trying me best to please the masses. :rainbowwild:

oh for gods sake...it's a stare what the fuck can it do! nothing! it works an animals yes but he is a mamal

other than that it was good:pinkiehappy:

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