• Published 26th Apr 2014
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Racing Thoughts - ambion

A big poem for a big subject: Love. Specifically SparkleDash. *NOW with more!

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Song of Homecomings

Author's Note:

A brief history of the Empire as sung by its newly emancipated crystal ponies.
A mixed two foot/three foot pentameter that was worth a shot.

Stood the king on his throne as the monsters attacked
Great crystals erupted in crimson and black
Cutting off exits and cutting off heads
The earth opened up and swallowed the dead

“Hail to the king!” With joy and with fear
The castle is tall, even from here

Sombra had people, he put them to work
First pulleys, and pay! then pulling (no perks)

He didn’t forgive, gave no time to rest
The chains weighed us down, we stood all abreast

Our eyes did not move, we stared at the ground
We tried not to hear familiar sounds.

He stole in our minds, a siege in the dark
With present and past, the future looked stark

Our hearts hid away and minds all locked up:

This is how we expected to die.

But then came the war, with fire, and night!
And fury descended, luminous, bright!

Our good king was burned, his shadow survived
it fled to the ice, near mindless, it writhed.

Passed many a year in a magical spell
The king was away, but the kingdom? Still hell.

We lived in a fugue awaiting new pain
But then, not just one, but two ponies came

Not fire and night, as we’d witnessed before
But courage, and heart, they knocked at the door

Far away concepts of love and of hope
Bravery? Faith? A slippery slope.

We stayed in our holes like good little slaves
Despite our own faults, they took to the fray

The battle was long; attrition; a ghost
In struggles for life the living lose most.

Away in their land a dragon arose
Volcanic, his soul, the story, it goes

On the highest tower he duelled with the king
Growing and shattered, the crystals would sing

Noble, enraged, he’d come all the way here
For us, with new eyes, we saw crystal clear

Our saviours alone could not save ourselves
Our courage, our heart, we plucked from the shelves

Eyes facing forwards, not fell to the floor
Blinding; the light, there was something in store

Deliverance came, the darkness cast down
And rebuilding our world? Two shiny new crowns.