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I am the king crusader of craziness. If it's not completely INSANE, then it's not worth wasting the time in your life. we all have lives... we just download them to our computers and live there.


In a newly industrialized country, the Equestrian government decides that its time for a radical change in its military. Created by Princess Twilight Sparkle to be a secret special operations' branch of the Royal Guard. The Strategic Centre for Aid and Law Enforcements' members are determined to protect Equestria from new and unforeseen threats. Its newest recruit; Cirrus Stormcloud, works his way to the top as he discovers things about his home he never knew or even wanted to. Working alongside new friends, Stormcloud must overcome his past to protect this brave new world while discovering its darkest secrets.

Written By InsaneCrusader

Chapters (8)
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its been edited so please comment. i need your input!:pinkiehappy:

Defiantly different than what i remember, although many parts are the same.

Too early to tell

Again, this has potential. The editing helped radically compared to last time. Only time will tell where this goes.

Hail Hydra

I'm already giddy with anticipation and I know roughly what happens. For a while anyway...

for those of you reading this comment or anybody that's interested. i have important message being posted tomorrow! it is vital all of you read my blog when its posted!:flutterrage::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp:


Hold on to your hats because there are four chapters just sitting waiting to be posted. So check back in a few days!

8 likes compared to 2 dislikes?! :pinkiegasp: for a newcomer in fimfiction, thats some awesome numbers!:yay:

thanks for all yalls support! a moustache too all!! :moustache::moustache:

Lord of the Flies *takes deep breath* *lets out long sigh*

4608554 I have no idea what to make of this comment.

4618372 star wars I get, but not the Lord of the Flies comment

i kinda wish they told us who disliked stories. not that i want to flame on them, no! because the way its set up, we wont know what they didn't like so we never resolve. :fluttershysad:

Stand by for chapter 5 which has a lot of action in it. So prepare yourselves for Operation: Flashpoint!

Stormcloud watched as a tall castle tower began to topple, he quickly realised that the tower was falling in his direction. He turned on the spot and galloped as fast as he could.

I see Stormcloud went to the Prometheus School of Running Away From Falling Things.


When Thunderer first explained himself:

Reload, YouTube app is being stupid on my phone after the new 'update'


When Thunderer first explained a bit about himself:

4676055 Discord: [humming the tune] great, now its in my head.

4676247 Thats who's working at youtube. Goddamit. No wonder there are problems among the YouTube community. He must be working with Celestia, Hasbro Representative.

4676055 so I'm not sure whether to take the Bourne video as a negative point or what?

4689286 i was thinking: he work up in a place and didnt know who he was

yes! new chapter! and this one seems good. tell us what you think!

we have just chapter seven will be the first of many more on the way very soon! :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by Insanecrusader deleted Aug 21st, 2014

we're awaiting chap. #8 and im not putting it on hiatus till i get further orders

So yeah... For those who still care or are just now joining us, What do you think?

Give me your honest opinion. :twilightsheepish:

for anyone coming from the struggling authors group:

this is NOT my current work and it should be known that im adding this to the critique list because it's the longest story i have published

gosh, this chapter is going to hard to live up to, its editing is pretty good and it sets the tone quite well, i might just keep this and start from here, erasing the other chapters.

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