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Matthais Unidostres

I am Matthais Unidostres, I'm a Christian and I love FanFiction!


Equestria's four Princesses expected a relaxing stay at the Crystal Empire. Unfortunately, it is rudely interrupted when Prince Shining Armor is found encased in Changeling slime. Now the empire is on high alert as everypony is searching for the Changeling Spy. However, the Princesses are also partaking in their own investigation. Suspicions are thrown around wildly, from Flash Sentry, to Spike, to. . .Princess Cadence?

This is the second mystery I've written. For my first attempt, check out The Mmmystery of the Headless Horse

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Comments ( 18 )

It was kind of obvious, but still pretty good for a oneshot.


assailant gets bucked in the teeth with eath pony strength..................

yeah, not very effective to try and attack a horse from bheind like that............. especially and alicorn.

Dun dun DUUUNN. :rainbowderp:

cool story bro.

"Right behind you," [The spy] said as he drew a dagger from within his tunic.

...And was subsequently bucked in the face by three Alicorns at once.

Seriously, who would try to stab an animal known for its strong rear kick in the back?

4200797 I never said he was a good spy!

4200801 Well, it would be required to be from behind for a one hit kill :trollestia:

Damn it was only one shot. Not bad, could be longer

well,ponies are stupid... yep

"He'll turn black any second now..."

Cool story Bro!

4267201 "See! Black! . . .Oh wait. . .those are bruises. . ."

Meet the Changelling Spy...

It would make sense if it was anthro.
But it's not.
Maybe they were too slow?:unsuresweetie:

oh ah oh u h !

Good job, loved the twist right at the end!

Quite smart. The spy thinks many moves ahead when planning something of this scale

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