• Published 16th Apr 2014
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Swing! Tavi! Swing! - White Dragon

Vinyl invites Tavi to her new bar, can she change the classical mare's music, by just having her listen to the beats of the music?

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Grab The Bass

Swing! Tavi! Swing!

Story By: White Dragon

Song By: Joaftheloaf

(Made for fun and cuz writers block atm)


Grab the Bass

Octavia slowly trotted to the lower part of Canterlot, he air was crisp as a bit of snow was still on the ground with a blue, white and red scarf wrapped around her neck she was going to downtown Canterlot because her sexy fantastic marefriend Vinyl had invited her over through a text no less, to her hot new bar called The Record (owned by Vinyl, get it Vinyl Record? No? That’s fine) personally she didn’t even know that her marefriend owned a business, she just thought that she played at the blues clubs not that she owned one.The streets became less clean and the buildings less white, as she headed lower and lower into Canterlot. As she finally made it to the building that was almost pure white, with spots of red and blue, with records applied to the front of the building with quite a long line stretched along the building and on the one next to it. She was about to join the back of the lines when one of the bouncers calls out to her,

“Hey!” Octavia quickly looked at the stallion and trotted over to him.

“Yes? Can I help you?” She asks with her fancy posh tone. He quickly looks at his clipboard in his magic,

“Are you Octavia?” He asks her.

“Yes?” She says confused.

“You're on the VIP list, you may head in right away.” He says lifting the red carpet bar thing-y. (VIP, Very Important Pony.) She looks surprised but thanks the Bouncer and heads on in, to the disappointment of the other ponies in line. As she walks through the double doors she has the smell of old oak wood, smoke and booze. The dimness of the bar was only broken by lights on a stage in the corner where the chairs and tables faced. The stage itself was made of a hard but polished pine wood and there was a Pure White Grand on the stage with four cellos, two Basses, and one electric guitar.

“Tavi!” She hears somepony call her name and she looks around before spotting a pure white mare with an electric blue mane, and a pair of purple shades, in a doorway that read staff-only above it. She quickly waves over to her sexy marefriend and Vinyl comes over and pulls her back stage.

“Vinyl whats this all about?” She asks, with a tad of skepticism. “Also why didn’t you tell me that you owned a bar?”

“Oh right i kind of was given this place my my uncle but never mind that. Come on Tavi, I want you come up and play with me!” Vinyl says with excitement, she pulls on her hooves. Octavia gets up on stage and sits down in one of the chairs. She looks out into the audience as they all start to sit down at the clothed tables and wait for the show to start. They all start to settle down once they see them up there.

“Hi! Hows everypony doing?” Vinyl asks the crowd, most of them respond with cheers, and a few with smiles. “So. I have my very pretty marefriend here with me, Octavia!” Many of the crowd gives whoops and some whistle to her. “ Hey bubs back off she’s mine.” Vinyl says with a laugh and many of the crowd respond the same. “So Octi you're going to help me right?”

“Vinyl, i’m not going to play.” She hears a paino start and a bass play when the beat starts, she listens for awhile when she hears Vinyl singing,

“If it's groove you're looking for,
then you've come to the right place
Oh Octavia can't you see,
Classical is not the type for me”

She gets up and turns around blushing, with a grin.

“Now don't you look the other way,
cause this music's here to stay
Now wipe that grin right off your face
Cause it'll all be gone when you step into this place”

She goes and picks up her cello to join in but,

“So put down that cello and go grab the bass, cause we're swingin'
here tonight, this ain't no fancy music place.
You just gotta let it go, from everything that tells you no
Even if this is not your type of show, your type of show.”

Octavia starts to get into the music as she starts playing with Vinyl.

“Now maybe you've learned a thing or two,
about how fast those hooves can groove
Now c'mon just take a chance,
these beats will put you in a trance”

“Now these things you just can't forget,
it would only bring regret
but there's one thing you must know
we can't stop this crowd from stomping on this floor”

Octavia joins in with the singing. The crowd starts to stomp on the floor.

“So put down that cello and go grab the bass, cause we're swingin'
here tonight, this ain't no fancy music place.
You just gotta let it go, from everything that tells you no
Even if this is not your type of show, your type of show.”

Vinyl brings out her guitar and adds to the sounds.

"So put down that cello and go grab the bass, cause we're swingin'
here tonight, this ain't no fancy music place.
You just gotta let it go, from everything that tells you no
Even if this is not your type of show, your type of show, just let it go.”

The crowd started clapping their hooves together for the duo when they take a bow. Vinyl gives Octavia a quick kiss on the snout when she pulls her backstage.

“I have to admit that was an experience,” Octavia said. Vinyl grabs her hoof and leads her into the dressing room,

“If you want a real experience how about, I give you one.” Vinyl says. Octavia blushes and starts to moan in Vinyl’s sexy ear and puts her hoo-

“Vinyl what are you doing on my computer?” Says Octavia, I quickly sit up and blush a tad.

“Ummmm… Nothing?” I say hoping that she bought it, but as she walks over I quickly try to delete it, and after that was done I knew I was safe.

“Hey Vinyl guess what?” I look at Octavia when she is near the computer and then she hits Ctrl + Z and undoes the delete, I am not safe, and then she starts reading it. After a few minutes Octi looks back at me with a few tears in her eyes, “Vinyl…”

“Ya, I know the song was bad as the entire thing was bad…” I give a big sigh at my failure. Letting my head fall to my chest. I feel Octi putting a hoof under my chin and raising my head up.

“Well I thought it was amazing.” Octi said. I look up to try to see the lie in her eyes, but all I see is love, so it dawns on me that she is telling the truth. “I mean after all…” she pulls me by her hoof and leads me into our recording room where there is a brand new bass set up and her cello is on the ground. “Because after all, ‘So put down that cello and go grab the bass,’”

I walk over to her and nuzzle her neck, “cause we're swingin' here tonight, this ain't no fancy music place.” So she starts to play...

I got bored so I made this.

Author's Note:

I got bored so I made this. and I love the song.

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Let me guess, inspired by Swing! Tavi Swing! By Joeftheleaf? I love that *buy some apple* song!:raritystarry:

I like it, NO, NO! I LOVE IT! 10/10 mustaches :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:/:moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

I do like the song yess

It's a cute story. Kind of fun. I think it needs something to differentiate between when the story Vinyl wrote around the song and the story she is narrating in the end though.

like the improvisation with the second half of the song. loved it:moustache:

Thats it. This is a favorite

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