• Published 30th Apr 2014
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Vinyl's Night Out - Dustin Lange

What does Vinyl do after a show? And why is Octavia in therapy?! Who knows!

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Vinyl's Night Out

Vinyl's Night Out

There was a fire crackling madly behind Octavia, warming up her house. There were a few pictures of Octavia and Vinyl Scratch on the oaken shelf above the fireplace, some with Vinyl in various silly poses.

Vinyl takes very few things seriously; something Octavia has come to realize, dread, as well as accept out of her room-mate.

Octavia sat in a red chair that held intricate wooden designs in the front of the armrests, holding a glass of wine between her front hooves.

Sitting across from Octavia in a similar chair was a stallion. He wore a pair of rimless glasses along with a red tie. He also had an air of professionalism about him; a stark contrast to Vinyl and her silliness.

The stallion was currently going over his notes from the last session he had with Octavia. Once he felt that he was studied up in preparation for the conversation ahead, he adjusted his glasses and tie.

After he cleared his throat he asked his first question. “So Octavia, just how different are you and Vinyl Scratch exactly?”

Octavia took a sip of her red wine before answering. “Vinyl Scratch and I are completely different mares.” she said while swishing her drink around. She thought on what to say next for a minute or so. “Vinyl loves to stay out late and party after a show. That usually includes drinking... heavy, heavy drinking.”

Meanwhile in Manehattan

Vinyl Scratch and Neon Lights sat in a private booth of a nightclub, relaxing a bit and having a few drinks after the crazy show they just got done with. The music was blaring even though there were very few ponies out on the dance floor - or in the club for that matter.

“Oh man, Neon!” exclaimed Vinyl, “That was one of the best shows ever!”

“It was pretty crazy, wasn't it? I have never seen a mosh pit that big before!” Neon said while holding a drink in his right hoof, spilling it slightly as he spoke.

Vinyl chuckled a bit at her friend’s clumsiness. “I'm just happy we were on stage and not down there in it!” she went to take a drink of her own but the cup was bone dry. Needing a refill, she waved a hoof at a waitress. “I don't think that was one I would have liked to be in!”

The waitress came over with a bottle of Vodka and filled Vinyl’s glass a quarter of the way up. Upon seeing this, Vinyl rotated her hoof to let her know she wanted more than that. But when she only put in a little drop instead of topping the glass off like she wanted, that is when she spoke up. “You know what, just leave the bottle here. I'll pay for the thing before we leave.”

The waitress looked at her for a second, seriously considering calling an ambulance for this crazy mare. After thinking on this for a second, she decided that she would be fine and placed the bottle on the table. She could only watch as Vinyl immediately grabbed the bottle and started to chug it, only stopping to take a much-needed breath. “Oh man!” she smacked her lips a few times, “They just don't make vodka as strong as they use to!”

Neon and the waitress shared a glance with each other, and then looked back at Vinyl with wide eyes and slack jaws, “That is Everfree Vodka, Vinyl!” Neon yelled, pointing to the bottle.

Waving a hoof to show mild interest, she responded. “No it's not; it's that generic kind you can buy for really cheap.”

Neon just shook his head and pointed at the bottle. “Look at the label, Vinyl!”

She looked at it for a second, “See, told ya-” she stopped in the middle of her sentence to look at the bottle again. “They must have just watered it down is all...” she said a little more quietly then she was speaking before. Her eyes were a few sizes bigger than dinner plates and her pupils the size of pin heads.

The waitress shook her head as she spoke, making her crimped blue mane bounce a little. “That was a fresh bottle. I just opened it when you arrived.”

Back in Ponyville

“I only drink wine socially.” continued Octavia, adjusting herself in an attempted to get a little more comfy.

After writing down her answer and taking a few notes on the matter, he continued his line of questions. “I see. And where does she go to drink after her shows?”

Octavia took another sip of her drink before answering. “Well, she usually goes from club to club all night, non-stop. I honestly don't know how she does it!” she chuckled a bit before continuing. “I need a full eight hours of sleep, minimum, to be able to function properly. Vinyl is usually running on five a night!”

The stallion nodded, writing down some more notes for later use.


“Why don' we hid up a different cup... clup... club, this one is a-a bit dry.” suggested a now much more drunk Vinyl Scratch, looking out to the almost barren wasteland of a dance floor.

Neon chugged his drink before slamming the now empty cup on the table. “Let’s go!” he shouted louder than needed.

They both got up and headed for the exit, stumbling the entire way “Yo bar keep, put that-put that on my tab!” she shouted, the pony working the bar nodded in acknowledgment as the two left for a different club.

“You know she’s never going to pay that tab, right?” the waitress asked.

“Don't worry, I sent the bill to her house. If she doesn't have a headache when she wakes up in the morning, she will when she gets the mail.” he chuckled a bit at that.

Vinyl and Neon stumbled their way down a sidewalk for half an hour, looking for a new club to party at. The one they found just so happened to be right across the street from the one they left.

On their way to the new club, they passed a homeless pony sitting in an alleyway. “Could you spare a bit or two to help out a homeless...” he trailed off upon seeing how drunk the two were.”... Umm, I suggest you two slow down on the alcohol...”

“Ah, what to... do, you know! You’re just a home... homeless drink-drunk!” countered Vinyl, not even bothering to look at the pony as the passed him.

As they approached the club, they could hear music blaring and ponies talking, “This place sounds lively!” Neon said as they entered the club.

And lively it was! The entire dance floor was filled with everything from ponies to griffons, “Hey, how 'bout-how 'bout we get out there and d-dance!” Vinyl exclaimed while dragging Neon by a hoof to the dance floor.

“No, Vinyl! You know I can't dan-dance to save my wife-life!” he yelled, trying to get away from the crazy mare.

While bumping into a few ponies that were enjoying a drink or two, she responded, “So?”

“So, why are you makin' me do it?!” he almost sound a little scared.

“You don't heed-need to save your life!” she shot a small grin his way.

As soon as they were on the dance floor, Vinyl started to do something only a drunken pony would call dancing. She was flailing her fore hooves around like a mad mare and shaking her head around like she was a wet dog drying itself.

Some other ponies on the dance floor were looking at her and laughing, some shaking their heads. Neon stood there awkwardly, rubbing his left leg looking at some of the ponies staring at him. “... I'm not with her!” he quickly stated before running off to the bar to get another drink.


“Well,” the stallion continued, “How does your musical taste differ?”

Octavia chuckled a little as she filled her glass with some more wine, “Well, Vinyl listens to Dubstep and Techno music - if you can call that music - while I on the other

Hoof, listen to classical music... real, music,” she took a sip of her now full glass before continuing, “Just about as different as the night is from the day.”

The voice gave a small laugh, “Well, I can see how that might affect your life.”

“Yes, well... it isn't so bad once you get use to it, I guess.” she said while looking down, a small blush forming on her cheeks.

There was a pregnant pause before the voice continued, “Well, this is all the time we have for tonight's session. We will need to continue this next time.”

Octavia looked at the clock on the wall; it read twelve o’clock “Is it that time already? Oh how time flies.” she sighed.

After seeing the therapist out, Octavia promptly went to bed, falling asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

The Next Morning

Octavia woke to the sun shining in her eyes. At first she pulled the covers over her face to try and go back to sleep, but she could hear Vinyl snoring in the other room.

Deciding it was pointless to try and fall back asleep; she got up and started her day off with some eggs and toast for breakfast.

She read the newspaper as she ate her eggs, the front headline read.

'Royal Guard Called to Concert, Mosh Pit out of Control!'

Octavia slowed her chewing a bit as she read the article.

Late last night, the Royal Guard was called to the concert of Vinyl Scratch and Neon Lights. The entire audience descended into madness as a small 'mosh pit' grew out of control and threatened to spill out into the streets. Thankfully, the Royal Guard got there in time to stop--

Octavia skipped the boring details to get to the aftermath part of the article and continued to read from there.

After all was settled down, a total of forty-three ponies were injured, with twenty of them ending up in the hospital for various broken bones and lacerations to the body. There was a picture of a pony on a stretcher holding his back left leg, the quote read, ”My leg!” said this poor stallion on his way to the hospital.”

Octavia chuckled a bit at that last one.

She put down the newspaper and sifted through the rest of the mail on the table.

“Bills, bills, junk mail, not mine, invitation to play at the 'Grand Galloping Gala', jun- what a second,” she stopped herself to look at that last one a second time to make sure she read it right, “Huh, I thought I would never be invited back there after what happened at the last one.” she set that one aside to read it later.

As she was going through the rest of the mail, she came across a letter addressed to Vinyl. There was a look of shock and outrage on Octavia's face after she read what turned out to be an outstanding tab of Vinyl's. She marched to Vinyl's room, slammed open the door, and threw the letter at Vinyl's face.

“How can you drink two thousand bits worth of alcohol in one night!?”

Vinyl had a strange, vague feeling that today was not going to be a good day.

Author's Note:

I am not good at drunken talk.

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Comments ( 56 )

Pretty enjoyable Slice of Life, and amazingly a fic with both Vinyl and Octavia, but not in a romantic relationship! :rainbowlaugh: (At least as far as I can tell, with the separate rooms and stuff even. Though I suppose it's open to interpretation.)

Okay, it may be a joke, but really, it's disturbingly hard to find fics with both Vinyl and Octavia, but not them shipped, I may just be exaggerating, but I'm not so sure.

Hell, at least 80% of fics with Vinyl and Octavia as the principle characters with the Romance tag will have them shipped together. It's gotten to the point you just have to face desk. :facehoof:

First let me thank you for the praise!:heart:

Second: That is something that I as well as a lot of people I talk to notice, so I thought that I would write something with them just living with eachother. Though like you said; it is open for interpretation. It is just a matter of what the reader wants from the story.:eeyup:

4317991 I know right? But I guess it has to do with the whole "everypony's a lesbian" that this fandom seems to love. :derpytongue2:

I mean really, there are stallions who are also musicians that fit both Octavia and Vinyl, you even have Neon in here for Vinyl, I mean the Vinyl x Octavia is bad, but Octavia x a stallion is so rare it's on the endangered fictions list. :rainbowlaugh:

(I find it funny Vinyl actually has more straight ships, seeing as she's more believable as a bisexual then Octavia being lesbian or bi.)

I feel like you and I get along verry well. (Have a follow!)

And now I want to write a ship-fic with Octavia and a stallion...:facehoof:

Mother of Celestia!!! I just looked at your page... all I have to ask is. "Would you like some more Octavia?"

4318262 My page consumes souls, it drives people to madness, and it can never have too much Octavia. :moustache:

:rainbowlaugh:I never had a soul to begin with!:pinkiecrazy:

4318291 Well, you still have madness to be driven to, if not already there. :rainbowkiss:

I am slowly getting there...

4318325 Good... good. :pinkiecrazy:

But then again, can you survive the First Great Air War?

Cold blooded murder, covered up with flags and lies, patriotism sells really well today, but we are paying the price.

Over our bones, profit will be made by those who told us the world would be a better place if we gave our lives!


We may be dead in a week or an hour, tomorrow it might be your turn.

Shed your wings, or be burnt alive!


Is that from something or did you just make it up?

4318405 From the song Flags and Lies by Reflected. :moustache:

You're not good at drunk...I guess I wouldn't know. Anyways-
Not bad with the story... Kinda short but not that bad... :3

Interesting song, that is for sure!
I liked it!

4318464 Yea, it's a good song, and I'm normally not one for autotune.

Bravo, bravo. :rainbowlaugh:

Once he felt he was studied up, he adjusted his glasses and tie; preparing himself for the conversation ahead.

As your pre-reader, I seek redemption for that one. :rainbowlaugh: "Once he felt that he was studied up in preparation for the conversation ahead, he adjusted his glasses and tie."

Other than that, I like it. It's a pretty straightforward Slice of Life fic, and I can see that you added some more meat to some of the scenes that we had talked about.

Course, I still think a little more meat could be added in places, Vinyl's second part and the very end in particular, but other than that, the story connects and works its purpose.

Good job. :rainbowdetermined2:

There were a few pictures of Octavia and Vinyl Scratch on the oaken shelf above the fire place. Some with Vinyl in various, silly poses.

"There were a few pictures of Octavia and Vinyl Scratch on the oaken shelf above the fireplace, some with Vinyl in various silly poses."

That reminds me; don't forget to let me pre-read the final product too, if it is dramatically different from previous versions. As your pre-reader, it is kind of my job to pick out little things like that before they go up. :scootangel:

A) In the description you said "effect" instead of "affect".

she could here Vinyl snoring in the other room

I really think you mean "hear".
C) Dubstep is one word. You spelled it as "Dub step" earlier.

Aside from that, this was a rather enjoyable story. The drunk talk wasn't great, but it wasn't bad enough to make the story any less enjoyable.

i didint even read it yet im dieing from that description:rainbowlaugh:

Hope you like/liked it!

4605993 lol u got a like and fave from me

Vinyl's Night Out
by Dustin Lange
2,027 words

What do Vinyl and Neon do after a show?
Did anything happen at the show?
Will this affect Octavia? And if it does, how?
Is Vinyl the reason Octavia is in therapy?
Will all of these questions be answered in this story? ... maybe...

Thoughts Before: Vinyl and Octavia as foils is certainly well worn ground (I myself have trodden upon it as well.), though I find the absence of a [Romance] tag interesting. The 23/1 upvote ratio promises this to be at least passably unoffensive. Also, does the Dustin not realize that there's a Neon Lights character tag?

Thoughts After: This begins with a sloppy tense change in the second paragraph and a shameless callback to Epic Wub Time--not good signs.

Vinyl must have quite the dulled taste buds or unmentioned desperation to be able to chug vodka.

Octavia is a pompous ass in this.

Oye. This is basically Octavia answering a few mundane questions from her therapist spliced into generic scenes of Vinyl dragging Neon along while she gets completely drunk. Why is shy drinking so heavily? Why does Octavia put up with it? Why is this short collection of scenes so amazingly bland? Sadly, this story answers none of these questions. Vinyl being a drunkard is something that's been done to death, and this attempt was neither fresh nor funny. The writing was technically sound, but hardly inspired. I would suggest the author find their own stories to tell instead of trying to leech off others.

Verdict: Maybe I'm just jaded, but unless you want to subject yourself to passably unoffensive SoL, I would pass on this one.

This is Super Trampoline's 2nd Review

Thank you for the time you put into this, and I do see what you are getting at.

Now some might take this as an excuse, but this started out as something completely different. It was going to be a short story for Six Word Stories, but I kept getting things to add to it, and after a while, this was made.

It was going to just be Octavia talking about Vinyl... it might just be me, but I think this is more interesting than that.

Again, thank you! I love to see what people think of my writing!

4624715 I'm glad you don't hate me now. But please, Neon Lights has his own character tag. Please properly tag him. He feels sad that he is only refered to as "Other" in the character tag section. :raritydespair:

I looked for him, could not find him.
It might be because I am stuck using a NOOK Tablet.

4625015 He's about 2/3rds through the list of background ponies.

I give it a 10/10, "Seems legit"

I really liked it. I hope your other stories are as good. Looking forward to reading more! :raritystarry:


Well, the stories that I have out right now arn't the best, but all of the ones I have yet to publish will be better.

There was a picture of a pony on a stretcher holding his back left leg, the quote read, ”My leg!”

Yes! After 31 weeks, someone got it!


How did no-one see this sooner lol?

Comment posted by Vanilla Treat deleted Dec 22nd, 2014

not half bad. certainly warrants a like, at any rate!

This had me laughing from start to finish, I like it.

This story never gets old. :ajsmug:

Cute. Nice job.

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