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Trixie and Applejack decide to have a friendly rivalry to see who can figure out who's smarter, by playing the Portal 2 Co-Op missions. Pretty soon, things go down from there. No, they don't fight, they-OH JUST READ THE STORY! You'll find out!

Side fic to My Little Portal 2.

Random Note: the ponies in the image are not in the story.


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4192939 It's gonna take some time to do, but I'm gonna do it! IMMA DO IT! :rainbowdetermined2:

Also, references to my story! XD this is good, I look forward to more! Start thinking with portals!

Also, I forgot to mention, I'll be listening to a lot of electronic music while writing this to see if it has any effect with my production. I like electronic music. :pinkiesmile: Say it's trash, I won't give a crap. :trollestia:

I hope this isn't gonna be a copy past story, also are they playing in atlas and p bodys..... Well.... Bodys? Also i think it would be funny if they had to play my favorite game: "find that dam white panel!" The rules are simple. Wander around an area witch appears impossible to complete until you spot that panel miles away that you need to use complete the test! Oh, and i hope they fail. Alot. So GLaDOS can mock them for i dunno, being so exhausted they rest there perfect face on a hard light bridge. Hopefully they can't think with portals either. (it took me awhile to realize that i needed to swap portals with my partner if i wanted to move a HL bridge [partner walks in your portal shoots his portal walks back out of yout portal then replaces it] that was retarded, test was ultra easy then. Trust me, i know i played co op by myself. Also Pro tip block bullets by carrying a regular cube while crouching then nock the turret over.)

4926416 Copy paste story? What do you mean by that? I've never heard that term before. Lemme guess here, a crossover story that is the exact same as the original subject, in this case Portal 2 Co-OP. I dunno know if I got it right. if I'm right, hopefully it doesn't end up that way.
Well, they will be robots. Don't know if that helps. They're not going to be P-Body and Atlas. They're going to be robot versions of themselves. And yes. They will have moments when the test is too hard for them that they wind up doing stupid things like you said in order to finish it.

Yeah a copy past story is a term i invented its where you take an original story, and wait for it, add mlp characters. Except there's so little change in the actual story its like you copy pasted it in writeing form anc just added mlp characters and dialog but the mlp characters just sit on the sidelines like their watching a movie, that or they simply help out. I think there is a sly cooper crossover called sly meets thunder and lightning that captures my point exactly but i think its on, FANfiction net not FIMfiction. Anyway, i don't think i would mind it to much as long as its funny.

Hmm...... So after looking at this story.... Your going to be one of those 50+ authers that like to add five words a day to thier storys when i fav em just to screw with me arnt you?

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