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#1 · 260w, 1d ago · · · Her Heart 1 ·

RariSpike? Huh.

A tip, never begin with the sex. You nearly scared me away, and I find myself writing clopfiction in the middle of shipfictions.

So, uh, retry your order.

#2 · 260w, 1d ago · · · Her Heart 1 ·

wow is spike getting some? very nice. Big spike and rarity fan. but carefull when u begin with sex the whole point of a clop is all the leading up to the sex. but very nice anyways this story is really good i can see it going from a oneshot clop to a full on fanfiction.

u earned :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache: so many moustache

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I don't care what this is. It gave me an unwanted boner. Thanks.

#4 · 260w, 1d ago · 2 · · Her Heart 1 ·

I think this was a rape fic....:applejackunsure::raritycry:

#5 · 260w, 1d ago · 1 · · Her Heart 1 ·

The sex was extremely well-done, so I'd like to see some story development. Clopping his good and all, especially when done to perfection like this, but a good story really brings it home.

#6 · 260w, 1d ago · · · Her Heart 1 ·

wow. i have no boner right now:rainbowhuh:

#7 · 260w, 1d ago · · · Her Heart 1 ·

boner? rape? something dosn't add up here. i guess theres a first time for everything

#9 · 260w, 1d ago · · · Her Heart 1 ·

lmfao:rainbowlaugh: good sex btw man

I want to read but fimfiction keeps pooting out on me.:fluttercry:

I'll read this later. Have a mustache in condolence :moustache:

not a bad scene depicted but like a few of the rest have said it really needs a build up/explaination leading up to the sexual matter otherwise there isn't really a story just porn.

dude is he rapping her?

dude its nice but whats going on. are they going out or what is he just raping her?

ok hold on a minute so the past four chapters was just spike dreaming and it turns out that just like his greed he has sex urages too and needs to deal with them and pinkie is the one that offered herslef to do this. Poor Spike and poor Pinkie Pie.

What did I just read?

You really are good at making it dark and confusing as possible.

#18 · 255w, 5d ago · 2 · · Her Smile 1 ·

>>476004 Well since people are guessing anyways im gonna take a shot at it Spike did in fact train Rarity in his "possessed" form. During the birthday party everything happened as Pinkie explained it but she didn't know he had already succeeded so to her it was all just in his head and she had "saved" her friend at least as far as she knew.

So pinkie fucks spike to protect rarity, but rarity wants it and then rapes spike?

#20 · 253w, 3d ago · 1 · · Her Smile 2 ·


Yeah, that sounds about right :raritywink:

What the fuck am i reading? And what compels me to continue?!


Human nature my fellow brony, it's a fucked up thing. :derpytongue2:

#23 · 253w, 2d ago · 1 · · Her Smile 2 ·

>>597347 As long as Pinkies not dead I'm totally okay with that. Albeit their is a lesson here don't fuck with other peoples sex lives. Bad Pinkie, bad. :pinkiesad2:

>>597347 wait so spike slepping with Rarity in the begining was all a dream?


Ok read the update. WTF????

Now rarity and spike are an item and Then spike rapes Pinkie Pie!! Why did you write this?

But i am impreassed. this stoory is as messed up as my mind is. and that my friend is an achevement.

#27 · 252w, 6d ago · 1 · · Her Smile 3 ·

>>616912 >>617804 The first 4 chapters were shared dreams between Spike and Rarity but they never really happened. Pinkie slept with Spike believing she was doing Rarity a favor and saving her. Rarity knew about it got mad threw Pinkie out a window and more or less raped Spike (he probably wanted it really). Spike's inner sex demon/dragon awoke (the one in the dreams) and he got Pinkie from outside and had Rarity give her oral while he fucked Rarity. Pinkie woke up  to Rarity causing her to orgasm and then Spike put Rarity's horn to Pinkie's ass (which could have been explained better before penetration as he only said between her thighs). Then Spike fucked Rarity causing her horn to enter Pinkie's ass and proceeded to horn fuck her as Spike drove in and out of her from behind. Pinkie's sad. Also the chapter arcs describe what Spike is stealing from them. Rarity's heart and Pinkie's smile.

And now your all caught up.

P.S. and I'm the king


Simple edit made so the rape is much easier to follow...wait, that sounds awful...:rainbowhuh:

>>620272 I should hope you jsut read the story and my summary of current events... I'd be more concerned if you were still confused:derpytongue2::applejackconfused:

not sure if it is heavy master and pet play with dominance and a bit of a pretend rape for fun or just taking advantage of her and raping her...need to read more...

ok he is raping and taking full advantage, even the most extreme master and pet play does not go this far unless you are mentally unwell.....

ok so

1) rarity is insane and has been raping spike eveynight and then wiping his mind

2) spike has a second personality and has turn rarity into a sex slave only then to lose that personalty?

3) both? or something else...

reading more...

#36 · 251w, 6d ago · · · Her Fate 1 ·

And suddenly everything about this entire story makes sense.

(No, seriously.)

I really do hope that Spike isn't in love with Pinkie. I just feel sick when I think of Rarity or Spike with anybody but each other, excluding Spike and Twilight shippings. I dunno why.

#38 · 251w, 6d ago · · · Her Fate 1 ·

Oh, THERE we go.

#39 · 251w, 6d ago · · · Her Fate 1 ·

Hmm and back to confusion well played.

#40 · 251w, 6d ago · · · Her Fate 1 ·

I feel it's in vain but im hoping for a happy ending :fluttershyouch:

#44 · 251w, 4d ago · · · Her Fate 1 ·

i hope someone is dead:rainbowkiss:

#45 · 251w, 4d ago · · · Her Fate 1 ·

I DONT EVEN KNOW. I give up i just hope we get a happy ending.

#46 · 251w, 1d ago · · · Her Fate 1 ·

I am confused as sin, yet at the same time I think I have an idea of what's going on at least...

#47 · 250w, 6d ago · · · Her Fate 1 ·

I really don't know what to say about this.

Im surprised nopony has even thought about 'the secret of my excess'. Even spike going back to normal was reminiscient because the first thing he saw was the fire ruby he gave rarity. I love the idea even if so mant others are fenced.

#49 · 250w, 1d ago · · · Her Fate 1 ·


Thanks for noticing it AND commenting on it. As a treat, I'll reveal the fact that I wrote chap 4 with a particular scene from the South Park Imaginationland arc called "The Justice System & Cartman's Balls" in mind. The serious way the judge made her decision was just hilarious to me and I decided to have fun with, you know, the sort-of terrible things going on between Rarity and Spike in the chapter.

Okay this chapter disproves my previous theory. Either way youre popular to me. Praise for the only cloppy to ever give me a much unexpected wing boner. <3

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