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I just write what the voices in my head tell me to write!


  • TTo live or die in Equestria?
    After the events of "Equestria has Fallen", Thunderer tries to adapt to his new life but it won't be easy. Thunderer can remember everything, the pain drives him to madness he considers ending it all but will a Princess change his mind
    ward282 · 2.3k words · 241 views

Set in an alternate reality, Queen Chrysalis is about to defeat the Princess's in Canterlot. To protect Equestria; Luna and Celestia cast a spell on the Mane 6 separating them and teleporting them into the future. With the Elements of Harmony also scattered, the Mane 6 must make new friends and find each other in order to defeat Queen Chrysalis. It won't be easy, but with new friends they'll face new foes.

*Note - some main characters appear in later chapters*

Chapters (12)
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Comments ( 17 )

This is Getting Interesting!!! :yay:

Comment posted by ward282 deleted Apr 7th, 2014

lets topple that like bar. 4/4? NOT ANYMORE! he,he... my zecora is showing :twilightblush:

this is good. you've actually made me curious enough to read a GORE story. you' have earned a like my friend.

also.... YOU KILLED EQUESTRIAS TRUE QUEEN!:raritycry: you monster.
still, that scene was pretty moving. keep it up! :twilightsmile:

the accent was Northern Equestrian.

Every planet has a north. EVERY PLANET. :derpytongue2:
p.s I think this Thunderer of yours would be glad to meet Stormcloud. :rainbowlaugh:

Sooooo..... your version of trottingham is a ponyfied version of -ahem-... Ba,Sing,se:pinkiegasp:
:trixieshiftright: well played my friend. well played

Comment posted by Insanecrusader deleted Apr 10th, 2014

4212592 the city of ba sing se from the last airbender. it's a major city, it's surrounded by walls, there are buildings connected to the wall. if you've never watched the series, just google Ba,Sing,Se


No Trottingham is a fusion of Nottingham (where I live) Edinburgh (where I'm from) and London. It will be one of two cities that will have British landmarks ponified, the other city being Buckingham.

4216440 Ohhhh... so thats what it was. sorry. I just saw the words "wall surrounding city" and "has building on it". and took a guess. my bad.

BTW. Your story seems to have the same enemy with a similar title to that of my friend PlaytindoWriting. :rainbowderp: his doesn't involve time travel but they both have the main guy and his friends- you know what just look at it yourself and see what you think.

4219053 I've had quick read over (will read more later) but despite the similar title and the same canon characters we are going down separate paths.

Will Rainbow Dash be beating anybody up in this story?

4416945 of course she will, just when she gets introduced which will be soon

points towards how three alicorn's power far surpasses even Discord's aiblities.......... chrysalis is not as powerful as discord.


A) Celestia is dead and Luna a POW so that only leaves 1 alicorn

B) Its an alternate universe I can change what I like regardless of how its portrayed in MLP:FIM

funny i read the story a while back, liked it, but forgot to favorite it. man im dumb:facehoof:

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