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Mark Sman is an earth colt who needs no introduction, particularly because everyone is assumed to know who he already is. How will this young pony deal with the struggles of everyday life, and come to terms with the fact that he may in fact be an element bearer himself?

SPOILER: He won't.

[This is not be taken seriously, and I doubt it'll even make one person laugh, but this is more or less my outcry to ALL of those horribly written, we-want-em-dead 7th Element fics.]

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Comments ( 9 )

As an avid critic of this genre, I approve of this. :moustache:

I will admit that I do see Love being the TRUE 7th Element but why do folks write about other '7th Elements' (really 8 as this story knows xD)?

Lol, Nice Mondai.

You know just how overused seventh element/HiE/alicorn OC's are when you feel that the parodies are common. Still a good parody though.


I think it's called a bandwagon. I've ridden a few, and they're fun until a drunkard takes over


True, true, but thanks, nonetheless. :twilightsmile:

I would've named him "Mark S. Man", but that's just me.

By the way, Mark Sman and Tee Bag are the worst names since Knuck L. Sandwich and Enoby Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way. Which makes them hilarious.

B/10 not Call of Duty. -IGN

Nice cover picture :)

If you ever get a live reading of this, the person doing it has to voice Tee Bag like Tommy Wiseau in The Room. That was the voice that I had in my head for the character (blame the "hey Mark" line) and it just made this even better.

Cute story, thumbs up for you.

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