• Published 7th Apr 2014
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Who Do You Love? - Dreamscape

Scootaloo realizes the intricacies and stress of love firsthoof when she discovers that both Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom are interested in her.

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Chapter 1

It was the perfect afternoon, Scootaloo thought to herself as she approached Sweet Apple Acres. She had finished school, eaten dinner, and now had an entire weekend of freedom ahead of her. Although it wasn’t necessarily freedom that the weekend was composed of, but rather the tough work of once again trying to gain her cutie mark with her fellow Crusaders. Although tonight’s meeting was at a standstill. Upon greeting Sweetie Belle at the boutique’s door, she was informed that the small unicorn would not be making it to the gathering, but instead spending the evening with her sister. They could at least throw around a few ideas, but without a third to add more input, it might just be a waste of their time.

This seemed okay to the orange filly though, because she rarely spent time with just Apple Bloom, and it would be nice to do something truly fun for once. She breathed in a deep breath of air filled with the scent of the many blossoms covering the apple trees in the nearing orchard. She then gazed ahead, admiring how their vibrant whitish-pink color blanketed the waving hills of the fields. Apple blooms….Apple Bloom. Oh, so that’s how she got her name! the pegasus thought to herself, thinking it rather silly that the idea had never crossed her mind before.

A smile grew upon her face as a sense of light-heartedness spread through her body. It was spring, so the days were getting warmer and longer. Soon school would be out and she would have the entire summer to find her cutie mark, that is, if she hadn’t received it by then already. But for now, it was a lovely evening, the sun shone warmly upon her back, though the cool but gentle breeze kept her from getting too hot. If the day could get any better, she had no clue how.

Her hooves traveled across the cool, almost wet dirt of one of the paths between the many rows of apple trees. She then broke from the path into short, bright green blades of grass as she traveled up the hill to the location of their clubhouse, which had an almost idyllic view of the outskirts of town below.

Scootaloo made her way up the steps and paused before the clubhouse door, giving it a few hollow knocks. “What’s the secret knock?” she heard in Apple Bloom’s muffled voice.

“Oh come on!” the pegasus grumbled. “We change it, like, every week. How am I supposed to remember?”

She heard approaching hoof steps and, as the door opened, was greeted by the yellow filly with a huff and glare. This disdainful look soon turned into one of surprise as she realized nopony accompanied the pegasus. “Where’s Sweetie Belle?”

“Said she couldn’t make it. Had something to do with Rarity.”

“Well, then, what’re we gonna do?” Apple Bloom asked, closing the door as her friend entered and then proceeding to pace back and forth across the green, wooden planks which made up the floor.

Scootaloo gave her a shrug. “I dunno, I was thinking we could just hang out or something.”

“Yeah, ah guess. We can always talk ta Sweetie tomorrow,” the filly said with a thoughtful nod.

“Yeah, I was thinking it’d be pretty cool since, ya know, just the two of us never hang out.”

Apple Bloom gave a rather peculiar gulp in response to her friend’s words and spoke with hesitation. “Y-yeah…that’s…gonna be nice.”

“Something wrong, Apple Bloom?” the pegasus asked, tilting her head and raising a curious eyebrow.

The filly shyly turned her sunset orange eyes to floor below. “No, ah really do wanna spend some time with you…but that’s the problem.”

“What problem?” Scootaloo asked, her demeanor noticeably becoming more and more confused by the second.

“Well…ah…ah need to tell you somethin’, somethin’ private,” Apple Bloom said and followed with another gulp as she sat her flank upon the wooden floor, then patted the area beside her with a hoof. Her friend gave an unsure shrug, but was curious as to what private talk she spoke of and quickly took a seat beside her.

“Alright, I’m listening,” Scootaloo said after a few awkward moments of silence. She then blinked, noticing the growing blush upon the filly’s cheeks as they turned a deeper and deeper shade of pink.

“Well…ah…ah…this is probably gonna sound real silly, Scoots. I-if ya don’t feel the same, please don’t make fun of me, okay?” Apple Bloom struggled to push out.

“I wasn’t planning on it,” the pegasus replied with a warming smile and confident nod.

“Ah, well…ah know everypony would say we’re still too young for lovin’ and all…and ah know we’re both fillies…but…” She paused and slammed her eyes shut as if in an attempt to escape the impending continuation of her statement. “…Ah really like you, as in more than just a friend,” she finally, and nervously, uttered out.

Scootaloo’s entire body, with the exception of her growing eyes, froze in place. “You…do?”

The filly’s heart sunk noticeably as a frown formed on her face. “Ah’m sorry…ah know it’s weird. Maybe ah shoulda just kept it a secret.”

Scootaloo’s heart began to pound heavily against her chest as she finally managed to fully absorb the information that had just been given to her. Then, her body was overcome by a fluttering sensation from deep within. “No…wait!” she exclaimed with speed to which Apple Bloom looked up at her with hope. “I haven’t really ever thought of you like that…until now, I mean. We have been pretty close friends and you are pretty cool and sweet and stuff.” Her cheeks suddenly filled with pink. “I guess I might like you like that too.”

“You do?” Apple Bloom asked joyously as she wrapped her hooves around the pegasus who was left voiceless by the action.

Scootaloo gave off an awkward smile and patted a hoof against her back, feeling their two hearts beating against one another with equal speed as their chests made contact. These newfound feelings within her were so spontaneous, so confusing, that she was unsure if ‘love’ was what they truly meant. These sensations made her happy, even blissful, but at the same time felt strange and almost wrong. She had heard many times that love was a very confusing thing, and now she was experiencing it firsthoof.

“You okay?” her friend, or perhaps now, her lover asked, gazing up into the filly’s large eyes.

“...Of course!” Scootaloo exclaimed with a quick shake of her head. “Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Are you just as nervous as me?” she then questioned, her cheeks still glowing with pink.

“Y-yeah…that’s it. I’m nervous…” the pegasus mumbled, not quite sure if the word ‘nervous’ could actually describe her emotions.

“Ah’m sure we’ll get used to it soon. Maybe going on a…well…a first date would help?”

Scootaloo gave her friend a simple but interrogative stare as she finally broke their embrace. Although inside, her heart once again quickened its pace as the word ‘date’ travelled into her ear. “I’m not really an expert at this kind of stuff. Any ideas on what we should do?”

“Ah’m not really either…uh…um…” Apple Bloom mumbled as she pondered the question. “Ah got it!” she suddenly exclaimed, a wide smile upon her face. “‘Round this time a year, ah always like to take walks through the orchard. It’s just so pretty, especially during sunset. Ah used to think it’d be romantic if ah had a special somepony.”

“Sounds fun,” Scootaloo said in an excitable tone, her wings matching the fluttering sensation within her, which returned with increased force.


Scootaloo once again breathed in the sweet fragrance as they walked beneath the flowered canopy above them. The pinkish hue of the pedals was now a fiery salmon as the lowering sun shone through their flesh and pierced through the gaps between them. Apple Bloom’s body rested haphazardly, but warmly, against her own. On occasion, the two would fumble over one another’s hoof, nearly crashing, muzzle first, into the dark soil below. Scootaloo’s heart and spirits were elevated, by far, much further than they had been when she first approached the orchards. She didn’t believe that anything could increase her happiness further, but the small, country filly who now walked beside her proved that thought wrong. Just the touch of her smooth yellow fur against her own was enough to make the pegasus grin with delight. Her previous hesitation had completely disappeared.

“Hey, Apple Bloom, how’d you figure out that you liked me anyways?” she asked, turning away from the intense but erratic rays of sunshine.

“Well ah…ah dunno. It just kinda happened,” Apple Bloom said with a shrug. “Ah started thinkin’ about you more and more, even had some dreams about you, then it just all the sudden clicked in my mind.”

“When did that start happening?” Scootaloo questioned.

“A week or two ago,” she said, her cheeks filling with pink once more.

The filly’s purple eyes grew wide with surprise. “That soon…and you already told me?”

“Well, I wasn’t gonna wait around and say nothin’,” Applebloom said with a proud, nearly smug, smile.

Scootaloo sighed blissfully. “I’m glad you did. I would’ve never known how much I liked you too.” The smile of whom she addressed became more heartfelt at the response before it was pushed against her cheek in a loving nuzzle. The ecstatic pegasus’ heart nearly burst from her chest, but she kept a calm, cool demeanor on her exterior as she nuzzled back.

“It’s gonna be real nice havin’ somepony to do silly stuff with, like just walking around and such.”

“Yeah, it makes all the boring stuff really fun!” Scootaloo exclaimed, her wings giving an excited flutter.

“Ah mean, ah know you woulda done it already, but this just makes it even more special,” Apple Bloom breathed out dreamily.

“I’m guessing that’s why they call them your special somepony,” the pegasus suggested, her cheeks growing red with heat as she finished the sentence.

“Yeah, somethin’ like that,” Apple Bloom said, breaking away from their route. Scootaloo watched curiously as she sat beneath one of the trees and rested her back against its thick trunk, its surface toughened by many years of weathering. “Come here.”

Following the command, she sat down directly beside the filly. The thin blades of grass tickled at her flank and the rough bark of the tree rubbed harshly against her back. “Taking a rest?”

Apple Bloom responded with a dreamy sigh and wrapped her hoof tightly around Scootaloo’s. “Ah guess you could say that.”

The fluttering sensation within the small pegasus’ body returned with a force stronger than ever. She couldn’t control the awkward giggle that then came from her mouth, expelling a small amount of the nervous energy within. “Uh…in those dreams about me, what was I doing?” she asked, gently caressing Apple Bloom’s hoof with her own.

The filly chuckled and rested her head against Scootaloo’s shoulder. “You were mainly just spendin’ time with me…but near the end we, well, we kissed.”

Scootaloo gazed down into her fiery eyes, as bright as the lowering sun. Her heart never received a break from its quickened pace. Its beat only grew faster with every second. “We can always do it for real,” she mumbled, letting her eyes fall shut and puckering her lips.

Apple Bloom expelled a sigh of both contentedness and excitement as she lifted her head and followed suit. As their small, delicate lips made contact with one another, the two fillies’ faces were covered with a deep red. Scootaloo nearly had no clue what she was doing or how the process of kissing necessarily worked, but continued with complete confidence. She kept her lips puckered as she held the kiss, unsure of what else to do. She then wrapped her hooves around the filly, letting her fall blissfully limp in her embrace.

Applebloom breathed dreamily into Scootaloo’s mouth as she was gently lowered onto her back, their lips still locked into the awkwardly passionate kiss. As her back made contact with the cool earth below, a slight shiver traveled upwards through her spine. This chill was easily dissipated by the pegasus’ warm body as she lay down on top of her.

Scootaloo had heard of tongue kissing from older fillies and even seen it in action previously. Although she wasn’t sure exactly how it worked; she was ready and willing to give it a shot. She pushed her tongue against the unsuspecting pony’s lips, which allowed it to easily slip between them.

Apple Bloom’s eyes shot open as she brought her hooves to Scootaloo’s chest and struggled to push her away. The pegasus gazed down confusedly as the kiss was broken, her eager tongue still protruding from her mouth. “What’re you doin, Scoots?”

“Tongue kissing…it’s-”

"Ah know what it is, but why?” Applebloom interrupted, staring up at her in what seemed close to shock.

Scootaloo responded with a shrug. “Uh…well, I thought we could give it a try. It sounded fun and…” her voice trailed off into an inaudible mumble and then haltered as she stumbled off of the filly. “Sorry…”

Apple Bloom’s lips formed into a comforting smile as she pushed herself up from the ground and onto her flank. “Nah, it’s okay. It’s just that this is our first date. I dunno if we should be takin’ it that far yet.”

The pegasus shook her head in shame as she too returned to sitting upon her flank. “I’m really sorry, Apple Bloom. I wasn’t trying to push it or anything…I guess I just got carried away.”

“It’s alright, Scoots. Maybe we’ll get there someday soon. For now, sittin’ here and cuddlin’s just fine,” the filly said, wrapping a loving hoof around her shoulders.

Scootaloo smiled giddily as she felt the touch of her hoof and responded by wrapping her own around Apple Bloom’s small waist. “Awesome,” she breathed ecstatically. “Alright…this is gonna sound really cheesy, but that’s what…love is all about…right?” Apple Bloom nodded silently, giving the pegasus her full attention. “Alright, here we go…I know it’s only been, like, well, not very long since you told me you liked me and we started this walk, but I really think I love you. I’m so happy, like, really happy just to be here with you right now.” Scootaloo could easily perceive an increased pulsation caused by the quickening beats of the filly’s heart as her sentence came to a close.

“Ah-ah love you,” she mumbled shyly.

“I love you too, Applebloom,” Scootaloo said in a contrastingly eager tone.

“M-maybe we could give that tongue kissin’ a try…just a little.”

“Really?” Scootaloo questioned, her wings flittering excitedly.

“…Um….yeah, you start,” Apple Bloom mumbled, closing her eyes and leaving her mouth just slightly opened.

The pegasus couldn’t help but display a euphoric grin before she dived into the kiss. She pressed her half opened lips deeply against that of her companion and pushed her tongue into the warm cavity of her mouth. She moved it back and forth until she made contact with that of Apple Bloom’s. Under an assumption of what to do next, but in reality, not sure at all, she continually brushed their tongues together, back and forth. Apple Bloom shuddered nervously at the strange feeling, but played along a moment before pulling away.

“How was it?” Scootaloo asked with a confident grin before wiping the small traces of saliva from her lips.

“It was…uh, weird?” Apple Bloom mumbled, still sorting through her head in an attempt to find the correct words to describe it.

The pegasus scratched a hoof awkwardly against her untidy mane. “Yeah, I don’t even know if we were doing it right…still worth the try though, right?”

The filly let out a soft giggle. “Of course…now I was thinkin’ that maybe we should keep all this secret. I’m not really embarrassed to tell anypony, but AJ, Big Mac, and Granny might find out and…you know them,” she said with a huff.

“Yeah, it’s cool…but we gotta tell Sweetie Belle though. She’s our friend and it’s hard to keep a secret from her anyways. She’d probably figure it out herself after a while,” Scootaloo said, pulling her young lover closer.

Apple Bloom responded with a soft but affirmative nod. “Yeah, sounds like a good idea to me. We can tell her tomorrow. I’m sure she won’t tell anypony else…well, hopefully.”

The two fillies’ conversation was interrupted by a sudden, startling swoosh from above. In reflex, Scootaloo jumped to her hooves and quickly cocked her head back to see a speedy blur of cyan and rainbow in the light orange, seemingly cloudless sky. “Just Rainbow Dash,” she said, returning her gaze to Applebloom. “Wonder what she’s…oh yeah, big rain shower tonight!”

“Huh?” Apple Bloom asked, tilting her head confusedly.

“Didn’t you hear? The weather team’s been planning a big one for tonight,” Scootaloo explained, peering through the trees. Her eyes grew wide as she saw the towering peaks of the raincloud, menacingly dark with moisture. “Actually…I should probably get home soon. Not sure when they’re gonna start…and you too. They’ll be building it up over here soon,” she said hastily, a sudden sense of anxiety overtaking her.

“Sure thing,” Apple Bloom muttered, quickly stumbling to her hooves and brushing the damp soil from her flank. “Ah guess ah’ll be seein’ ya sometime tomorrow then?”

“Uh…yeah, sounds good,” the pegasus mumbled, turning to leave. “Wait!” she exclaimed, turning back and locking her eyes with the filly’s. “One more kiss before I leave?” she asked in her approach. “Doesn’t have to have tongue or anything,” she quickly added.

Apple Bloom smiled adoringly as she met her lover in mid-step. “Yeah, sure.”

Scootaloo pressed a hoof against her chin, situating her snout so that her lips became an easy target. She leaned in and gave her a quick peck, but quickly pulled away as a distant clap of thunder echoed through the air. “See you tomorrow,” she said as she turned once more. Why the hay didn’t I bring my scooter! she thought to herself with a scowl as she walked away, realizing that the trek home would’ve become much quicker with the device. She gave Apple Bloom a final wave, already feeling almost lost without the pony being by her side.

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