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Princess Luna senses a pony in need, and visits Spike in his dreams.

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Thaaaaaaaaanks yyyyyou. :moustache:

This story is awesome.

Sadly I'm a horrible person and all I can think about now is what a nightmare spike would look like. I can see the next dragon migration going a lot differently. There can be only one dragon and that dragon is me! roar.

I need to get around to reading this sometime.

This is a nice and sweet story, good to know that someone if looking after Spike.





Thank you guys so much for reading the story.
I saw the story 'Spike's Suicide', and no hate on that story whatsoever, but I wanted to make a story similar to that one except of not going straight for 'oh my god I feel left out I'm gonna kill myself' and instead resolving issues threw talking and finding good friends that will help you threw things.

..Also, Luna and Spike make a perfect team.

You know, I really wish someone would write a story about Luna visiting Shining Armor's dreams. Let's face it, that guy probably still has nightmares about the Changeling invasion and failing to protect his wife and sister.

I'd do it myself, but I honestly don't think I could do the idea justice.

That is so cute spike and luna make a great team.:raritystarry:


You should put that idea into a Luna forum here on FiMFiction, it ought to inspire some author who loves Luna.


This would make for an interesting story. Especially if it got into the idea of jurisdiction- is he Cadence's or Luna's to deal with in this case? It's one of those things where if things weren't delineated beforehand, they could cause major issues. It would have to take place over a very short time, I think, or else things would settle down too quickly with calmer heads prevailing. Perhaps another changeling event? Perhaps pony agents raised by changelings could stir up trouble between the two of them.





I always get stuck on spelling that name. :twilightsheepish:

I looked it up and it told me Aloysius.

Think this can be expanded? I want to know more :pinkiesmile:


There could possibly be a sequel.. I might make one sometime soon.

Sort-Of-Fun Fact:

I don't ever plan out how my stories are gonna go :rainbowhuh:

I just get ideas for how it's gonna go as I write it.

Kinda underwhelming to me. Going into this fic, I thought it would directly show Spike being ignored.
But eh, whatcha gonna do.


I didn't really have to show much of Spike being ignored, (and Twilight just straight out ignoring Spike would be out of character) and he is already left out enough in the show (especially season 4).

4175848 Eh, he's just Spike. Can't blame him, thou. :heart::moustache:

eight ponies: 1-Shining Armor, 2-Princess Cadence, 3-Princess Celestia, 4-Twilight, 5-Rainbow, 6-Pinkie, 7-Fluttershy, 8-Rarity, 9-Applejack

but other than a counting error, I do have to say that this is a good story and a potentially great start for a Spuna romance (but I know that's not what you're going for)


Oops.. sometimes my brain just doesn't math.

4176023 I understand... sometimes brain too my grammar doesn't

The sound of Aloysius's

.... :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

4175412 Aloysius is how the actual signature is spelled, but the character's name is Owlowiscious.

Two fixes:

The first sentence needs a period, and that book title needs italicized.

well, it's their lose."


You also have a ton of dialogue-related punctuation issues.

As for the story alone, it was nothing great, but a nice, quick, satisfying read.

Yes! Someone who writes like me!:moustache:

I fixed as many spelling errors as I could find.

Wow this should become a full length story


If this manages to be featured then I'll defiantly make a sequel. Until then the possibility of a sequel is hanging in the balance :pinkiesmile:

This story is still great by far

Omigosh over 100 likes :rainbowkiss:

This is beyond awesome, thanks guys :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Thou art welcome. :)

please make a chapter or story with the mane six showing regret of their actions :ajsleepy: :fluttershysad: :pinkiesad2: :raritycry:


Man you guys have really good story ideas! As I told
4179674, if this gets featured I'll defiantly make a sequel. Until then it's hanging in the balance.

"Why can't I come with you, Twilight?" The purple dragon frowned and look down at the ground sadly.
"Spike, I really wish you could come with me. But planning the Equestria Games is a big deal, and I wouldn't want anything to get in the way."

That's so harsh! Really solidifies Spike as the punching bag character that he is throughout the series.

Overall, very sweet story about fitting in and having a guardian angel of sorts. Good to see another Spike story. :)


holy shit dat was good

Thank you SO much for deleting that needlessly dark sequel.


Yeah.. that was a mistake.
I think I might still try going for a sequel, but it would defiantly have a completely different concept.

I'm currently working on a lot of different stories, so once I have no stories on my hands hooves to finish, I'll start planning out a sequel. Probably a one-shot like the first one.

4313287 I'll look forward to it.

Sorry to be that one jerk, but-

Luna looked up into the blue sky above her,
"Spike, you cannot solve your issues by waiting for someone to notice you. You have to make them notice you. Do not let yourself be hidden. Speak up when you want them to hear you, and if they continue to ignore you.. well, it's their loss."

Like what you did when you turned into Nightmare Moon?

4428201 Luna haz learned from Luna's mistakes.

Great, I have to re-favorite it!

And now I'm going to have my OCs be more sympathetic with Spike.

Very deep and emotional chapter. :fluttershysad:I can feel for Spike so much and Luna is wise and very noble towards others. I wish she would have a talk with Twilight and the other Elements so they will know exactly how Spike is feeling.

Aww, a Spike and Luna friendship is such a nice idea. This was sweet.

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