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Will You Keep My Secret? - xCobaltRainx

Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash become sisters after enduring arduous emotional and physical trials.

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The Decision

Chapter Five
The Decision

The golden sunlight from Celestia's morning sun peeked through the window and lifted the drapes to reach the two faces in the room. , Rainbow Dash's eyelids slowly peeled open after some movement from the tired eyes beneath them. However, when the painful light crossed her eyes, she screwed them shut again and shunned the beams. Her eyes eventually adjusted, the piercing rays losing their effect, though they had achieved their purpose. Dash simply lied there for a while, half asleep. She breathed slowly, thought slowly, and woke slowly.

Dash shook her head as the sounds of her sister's cries, still fresh in her memory, surfaced in her thinking. She grumbled as she lifted her head groggily, showing a wide yawn to the now fully risen yellow sun. She was never a morning pony, and this morning in particular was dreadfully slow in starting. Dash hadn't had much sleep the previous night, only getting about four peaceful, healthy hours of it.

Rainbow Dash looked down to Scootaloo, still firmly nestled in the blue chest fur. The mare's wings were stretched out, wrapping around her sister, creating a shield from the evil of their nightmares. She unwrapped and folded them back in, slightly wincing as her muscles were finally allowed to relax after being stretched out for so long.

After getting her wings comfortable, she gently shook her sister in an attempt to wake her. "Come on Scootaloo, time to get up, you have school today," she said, breaking through the thick cloak of sleep that enveloped the filly.

"Nngh, come on Rainbow Dash, five more minutes…" fussed Scootaloo, turning over in dissent. Dash gave a wry smile and exhaled sharply. Her sister was going to get up whether she liked it or not. After some struggling, Dash was able to get the adorably limp ball of orange lead securely on her back.

Dash strode out into her kitchen area and flopped her sister down onto a chair. Scootaloo was now more awake, but her longing for the infinitely comfortable and soothingly warm bed she had just been in was outwardly apparent in her eyes being only half open. She stood up in her chair and turned around to speak with her sister.

"Hey Rainbow Dash?" she began with a soft, tired voice that was cut off from a yawn. Dash turned around with a box of "Pony 'O's" in her mouth which she retrieved from the pantry.

"Hrmm?" she replied.

"I think I know what I want to do," said Scootaloo.

Dash was in the middle of pouring cereal into two bowls when she heard this. She set the box down, left the bowls, and walked over to an adjacent chair to hear the decision. If Dash had fingers, they'd be crossed.

"Umm, I gave it some thought, and I decided," started Scootaloo. This was a big decision, possibly the biggest in her life. "I've decided that I want to fly."

On the inside, Dash was overjoyed. However, she kept a calm outward appearance. The only indication of her approval was a small, happy smile. "Oh yeah? What makes you want to give up scootering?" she inquired.

"Because flying is what pegasus ponies are meant to do. I mean, what kind of pegasus pony would I be if I stayed on the ground, riding around on a slow little scooter? I don't think it's that practical compared to flying. I know it's what I do, and what lets me pass the time, but if you think about it, flying is so much cooler! Plus, I kind of get made fun of for it now, imagine what I'd get when I'm older." Scootaloo chuckled a bit at her last notion. She was upholding her tough attitude, but in her mind she was suffering from the knowledge that she would have to give up her hobby. "And also," added Scootaloo, "I had that dream again."

Dash's eyes and ears perked. "Darn it, Luna, why did she have to go through that again?" she wondered. The esteemed princess wasn't present in her own dream either, which angered Dash.

"But don't worry. This time, when I was kicked off," started Scootaloo, "I flew." She twisted her face upward into a big smile, and continued. "I flew high above the clouds, zipping around and having fun, and being free."

Dash winced when Scootaloo said "kicked off," but she was happy to know that her dream turned from a heart-wrenching nightmare to a blissful state of joy. Dash reached over and tousled Scootaloo's mane. "Well kiddo, if that's what you want, then that's what we'll do." She got up, and returned to pouring the two bowls of cereal.

After pouring the milk, she grabbed one bowl and set it down in front of her sister who began to slurp at it hungrily. Dash grabbed her own and sat back down in her seat.

She made sure she had Scootaloo's attention before shooting her a challenging look. The two ponies' eyes narrowed as the idea for a food race crystalized in their minds.

At the sound of an imaginary whistle, the two began digging in ferociously, spraying milk and cereal about. Once they had emptied the bowls of the sugary solids, they lifted them to drink, or rather drain the last of the milk. After thoroughly making a mess of the fur on their faces, they both brought their empty bowls down onto the table at the same time. They held each other's menacing gaze, then their façades began to break down. The pegasi began laughing and giggling uncontrollably. After calming a bit, they got up and set their bowls in the sink.

The two walked out to the front porch, where Dash turned to her sister. "Alright Squirt, ready to go down?"

"Yeah let's hurry, I might be late if we don't leave now," replied Scootaloo.

Dash nodded, grabbed her, and fluttered down to the earth below. The surface was foggy, so it was difficult to make things out. Dash watched the filly search around out of the corner of her eye as she herself looked for the small scooter. Oddly, even though she could barely see the trees that were a stone's throw away, Dash was able to pinpoint her sister with absolute clarity as the filly searched around behind them. The mare shrugged it off, and blamed her bright colors. After searching a bit, Scootaloo found the tree that had the blue scooter propped up against it. Scootaloo hopped onto her most prized possession, and rode it back to Dash with a sullen look on her face.

The mare noted Scootaloo's manner. "You sure about flying? Like, is that your final decision?" she asked. Scootaloo nodded and looked up at her sister; the mare had not an exactly surprising expression, but to Scootaloo it was rather unexpected and heartwarming. Rainbow Dash was looking down at the filly with the face of somepony who wanted to look out for her. To...to love her, and... actually care about her as an individual. Scootaloo was beginning to like this side of Dash. Her sister was acting more compassionate towards her, compared to how she acted beyond two weeks prior.

Following her very brief bout of thought, Scootaloo returned. "Yeah, I'm sure. I'm gonna miss my scooter, that's for sure, but I guess we all have to grow up sometime, right?"

"Well," started Dash. "If flying is your final decision, then this is the last day you should ride that thing. We want your muscles to balance out as soon as possible, so keeping the problem ones immobile for the most part is probably a good idea. Come on, let's head into town, you're gonna be late."

The pair started out slow, but one look at each other made them put on another challenging face. Then they were off like rockets. They soon faded into blurs resembling their colors, and Dash made sure they were neck and neck the whole way.

The sisters eventually reached town, where they immediately began to stir a commotion. They narrowly missed several pedestrians on the way to the school house on multiple occasions, but they miraculously made it without anyone getting hurt.

The two skidded to a stop in front of the school house, and they immediately yelled "I WIN!" simultaneously. After holding another gaze, they relaxed and giggled to each other.

It was then that Scootaloo realized that she has had more bouts of laughter in the past several hours than she would have normally had in an entire week. She was really enjoying this new aspect of her life.

Scootaloo looked around. "Sweet, I'm early! Thanks Rainbow Dash!"

Dash reached over and tousled the filly's mane. "Any time, Squirt."

After saying their good-byes, Scootaloo went into the large red building, and Dash took to the skies. She had some work to do.

Author's Note:

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