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An author who loves to write stories with hidden and not-so-hidden references in them. Also has a friend who shares his account and loves to chat with people. "'Sup!"


The Elements of Harmony. The faces of inspiration that keep Equestria safe. It always helps morale for the public to know the ones that protect them... or so they think.

The Elements are not the only team keeping Equestria safe. They are merely the one that all of the kingdom knows. There are others, each made up of members just as varied, normal, and yet all are still protectors. Outside of the public eye, they are free to keep the kingdom safe from threats only a few would even know about. Each and every one of them is just as much a hero to ponies as the Elements are.

Of course, this means they are subject to the same fears. A wise man once said: "Who guards the guardians?"

Perhaps it is time they found an answer.

A collaboration between Rhino, RLYoshi, and myself, told in the style of two simultaneous comic series. Thanks for all the help, guys! :twilightsmile:

Story image temporary and by paradox-a-go-go (fun name to say!). Oh, and we're not jumping straight into the title arc. Trust me, you understand why when we get there. :raritywink:

Chapters (26)
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Comments ( 54 )

Wasn't it who watches the watchmen?

4172955 That's what it is sometimes interpreted as, but the literal translation is as it was said above.


Hmm, interesting. I guess this is put in the future of The Start of Something New, which I guess it's good.
Dude, you are not fooling anyone. You so want to put me in this crossover as well, well let me tell you, no.
Oh come on, what's so bad about being in this story?
It's just my own rule, never to appear on someone's story as a guest more than once, unless they make a sequel of that story. Plus, what would I do in there? I can't just say that I joined the team, or teams, I don't know, just because I'm related to one of the elements. Not to mention that we would need to be online at weekends to write my parts, seeing as I'm an Enigma when it comes to my character.
You are secretly a mare with a stallion look?
What!? No! I wasn't making a joke out of Enigma's name. And I'm being serious when I say what kin of roll would I be able to do.
They did say that they have a stealth, tactic and I guess fighting team. Maybe be part of the fighting team, and serve as the asshole of the group who still takes missions seriously in his own way. or....
Or what?
You are a mercenary that works as a body guard for a villain.
....That's it, I'm out of here.
Oooohhh, I ,like the mercenary idea.

Interesting, so we are experiencing different Arch's for each team at different time lines, that sounds interesting........Wait a minute. Vi is on the tactical group?......No of fence Vi, but you don't seem that organized when it comes to planning. That looks more like Octavia/Fiddlestick's job.

So, Harry Potter reference. and did they use a rune or spell for it? Or was it the Doctor?

4208030 Rune and spellwork are not mutually exclusive.

4208072 I guess I meant as in the principal of application, seeing as one could be more practical than the other, but the complexity of a rune is not my forte and I'm not sure if the rune would be too large for it to be applicable for the fabric size, seeing as it expands the dimensional space in an area, or is it actually a dimensional connection, the tent being the bridge for it to reach it once it has being assemble?
I am lost.

4208150 No runes are too large, especially because there isn't a single rune for this, it would be a particular arrangement that could just be written smaller. Now, as for what it does... a little of both actually, it expands the area, but the second tent (the one volt forgot) actually forms a set with this one. They are able to be linked inside, but only if both are set up near each other.

4208184 Huh, forgot that they Rhino on the team. who else could apply a complex rune as compact as possible? Now awaiting to see what else Twilight or rhino may have created for his team or the others. And I'm guessing that we won't reach a continues plot line until we reach an event that interlines with the others, and then the other early issues will be like flashbacks. I still don't know how you guys can write this, seeing as you each are writing the responses and actions of your respective characters (I think). so how you planned out this, astonishes me.
You still wish I was in there, don't you.
....Yes? But too late for that, three guys are working on this, so no more room. Hope this escalates soon.

The wind changed? Ain't nobody be messin' with mah wind and get away with it!!

4208241 We are writing our respective original characters, as well as assigned characters that aren't necessarily our OCs (such as canon characters, or characters only there for a brief moment). We discuss scenes vaguely before we write, and then we figure stuff out as we go, though we have the entire plot arc planned out from start to finish in terms of major events from the start. That's the best way I can explain it.

Two individuals captured by the slavers huh? I feel this two could be Arrell and Yah, but are they the dimensional jumping ones, or the ones from that universe?

4227746 ...er...Arrell and Yah aren't in this story. :twilightsheepish:

4227907 Umm, okay then. Then maybe its Chieftain Thunderhooves and someone else? I'll have to wait and see. And I'm guessing 5 more chapters for the Stealth team, then we jump to the beginning?

4228025 Not sure about that second one, I don't write for the Stealth chapters. :twilightsheepish:

It seems odd, at least to me it does, that Winter would keep his daggers loss in his saddle bag and not have them together in what would be in a surgeon's tool "case" (lack of a better word) in order from hurting himself, like if viper where to puncher the bag, and keep them from getting lost in the bag.

:facehoof: While that felt pushed. I get why you put Ruby front and center but it felt like the whole of the chapter was taken to remind the reader that she still as changling features like fragile bones and the ability to sense emotions like her mother. Also when was it that Tavi got a coltfriend (that is not ray:pinkiehappy:)

Luster's not a colt. She's not even male. :scootangel: She's from a couple stories on Rhy's profile, "An Alternate Path" and "The Start of Something New". As for why we did the chapter featuring Ruby... well, I think Rhy could explain that better. :twilightblush:

Comment posted by stallionshock deleted Apr 21st, 2014

4248559 Essentially, the chapter was not meant to be exactly Ruby-centered. It was actually more like we were using her, a new member of the team with some previous experience with each of them, in order to show of the general team dynamics, ask questions that outsiders would, and show off a little of each character so the readers can get a feel for them.

4242648 If he kept them in a case, it'd take longer for him to pull them out, and time is often of the essence when he needs them. I tend to just believe that his saddlebags are thick enough to prevent one of the daggers accidentally piercing through them, or enchanted so it can't happen in the first place. Mostly just for convenience. :twilightsheepish:

...Fire-breathing Filly?...The heck is that?
Don't know, either she is born from a breed of a pony and dragon. Or she had an incident like me which lead to the integration of Toothsy.
I can understand us, we are nobodies. But if a mad scientist messed up with an infant! I don't know what this world is coming to.
Let's just wait and find out what will happen, maybe is a new OC from one of our friends that they created for the story.
Friends, maybe Enigma, but you barely know Rhino or Yoshi.
I believe interacting with people here is considering them friends.
Suit yourself.

4253723 In truth I did see that, but the earlier chapters balanced the team building in a more experience center way as though it was from the older members pov. That chapter was very first impersonation like and when the new comer as known the other team before joining the team then we break the connection to the story. I mean Ruby's crush on Atom can't be all new and Rhino (at the very least) told Ruby about Volt by saying that her father would call him a friend.

4254086 it could be a Zatch Bell! reference if the book is any clue.

There is a few things I would like to say about this chapter
1: *brings out champagne* who here is ready to launch the S.S. Dior x Fluffy
2: No Gilda no you know better then to make a pun
I wish i can give another thumbs up for this chapter alone.

Wait, so Octavia and Luster did...with Atom.....Just what happened to make them do that? Experimenting?

4267444 Something wrong with a good ol' threesome? :P

4268413 No, I guess. Just never saw Octy and Luster as that type. And before you even mention the time Rhino and Gel helped them to have a child, I don't count it because it was for a good cause, not for simply fun......although they did have some fun. Oh whatever. Just wasn't expecting it, OK?

The way I see it, it's a mix of attraction and curiosity, and an anniversary treat for Luster. Tavi said that, if she could find someone, they'd give the pony a special night. Oh, and she couldn't use telepathy, and this was before Atom graduated from guard university/joined Stealth.
"Of course, we could just be making that up as we go. Who knows? Either way, Luster was Atom's first." :derpytongue2:

"...wow, uh... wasn't expecting anyone to be able to get that so quickly. Kudos!" :scootangel:

.......BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh my God E! You sure know how to get in an awkward situation! Now I'm pretty glad that Vi wasn't in the Stealth team with him, just imagine! Plus him wearing that dress? i-I-I can't! I can't!

And onto Pinchy's like to hug Enigma. Does she have a crush on him? Even when she knows that he is with Vi? (Even though they aren't married) I really want to see what will happen regarding those two.

Umm, was Hydro's armour transformation a reference to Doctor Octopus from spiderman? If not, then it's something I'm not familiar with.

4315958 The comparison was pointed out between us while writing, but as far as I know, it wasn't intentional.

4316646 Umm, OK then? So after you guys finished this stories, will you start from the first one? Seeing as the chapters are marked numerically like the comic books for an edition. If so, is it mainly just for any future collaborations that you guys may do? As I don't know how would you continue this as an actual story, once the two, editions? End.

4316664 To answer your first question, I myself don't know about the whole numbered thing. I think it was done like that so the story wouldn't start from the very formation of the Tactics and Stealth teams.

For your second question, even though it was more a statement: I'm personally hoping we continue this as our own little thing even when we're done with the main plotline, though it may end up being done as a separate story labelled as a sequel rather than being in this one. Of course, it may end up not happening at all, depending on what the others think.


Ah shit. Welp. Have fun with that one E.

Merc is one sly fox setting up those two.

Volt still seems quite nervous around the mares, but Atom seems to have started taking things in stride. He lets the mares touch him and agrees to be their snuggle buddy for the night.

Not saying this is exactly what I would do...but it is exactly what I would do.

Also, Ruby ought to be careful with this new venture. If she ain't careful she's gonna cause a bit of a palaver.

What is it with all this teenage crushes on grown ups? And so much shipping man. It feels like you are shipping like Fed Ex.

You know what I find funny? is that mythril in here is black, when in Lord Of The Rings it was stated it was silver looking.

Well Winter that will teach you notg to let a sleepy filly lie (for you).

Private functions hmmm...*thinking cap and appropriately sized beard for stroking thoughtfully*...intriguing.

Maybe this is just me being eccentric, but the more I read the more see traits of myself. ie the love of foxes, the way Mercury seems to speak like a Brit. It's almost a bit creepy.

:rainbowhuh: What is with Winter not wanting to look at Ruby from behind? Either there's something between them, or that dress is a little showy. Either way, i can't wait for the next chapter, and I still want to see this crush of Ruby for Enigma develop.

After a re-read of this for some reason I feel a need for an alternate chapter where Luster and Atomic actually have another go at it. :rainbowlaugh:

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