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Gregor is a human. Gregor went to Equestria. Gregor isn't happy with going there. And Gregor hates everything there. Here are all of Gregor's little rants about everything. Enjoy.

Chapters (7)
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This would probably be funnier if we actually saw how Gregor was getting screwed over in each chapter.
That's what makes the AVGN's constant cursing funny, because you can clearly see how pissed he is.
It's definitely a common-yet-great concept, a human going to Equestria, and then seeing how fucked up the place really is.
Personally, I can't believe nopony has touched upon the lack of meat subject
Either way, favorited and I will definitely see where this goes

This has to be one of funniest fanfic's I've read. :rainbowlaugh:

At the end of this they are all going to hurt him i can tell.
And we will all laugh at his pain :pinkiecrazy:

4159383 thank you
4158195 I'll see what I can do.
4160444 yeah... Sure.

4158195 also, can you elaborate? You mean like in a chapter have Gregor get bucked in the face?

Send a Letter to fluttershy about how freaking annoying her animals are and how delicious her chickens look :3

4163574 uuurrmmm, I'll put that on the list.:pinkiehappy:

The cantetlot wedding = celestia being a retarded leader

And Mystery cure = celestia been stalking twilight since she first meet her :pinkiecrazy:

4164692 on the list of things now.

Let the pain begin :rainbowlaugh:
also good story i find it funny just like that guy in fable 3 whose life's goal is to insult everyone
so he leave insult letters every were

4167490 yesh. Should I letter fluttershy:yay:
I don't want to because she's a really shy and sensitive character and all, so I need help.

you could make him do a normal letter but instead of insulting her you could insult angle or make him talk about the time she went all new fluttershy on everyone. :pinkiehappy:
just ideas to help

4173269 okay, sure. Plus, what's this about an angle?:trollestia:
It's spelt Angel. Sorry, I'm a grammer nazi.

4199465 ooooh, Rarity. I really love Luna, so I don't want to hate on her. I don't see what Luna ever really did anything wrong.:derpytongue2:

is Gregor by chance...an overlander?

If Gegor talks as in description . Then Gegor may be from Fire Emblem.



4207224 that's actually where I got the inspiration for his name lol. Good series.


yeah. I hated the ending though.

4216209 yeah,me too. Fuck Virginia!

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