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Just a fan of fun stories, looking to enjoy them, and when I can finally grab enough time for myself write them once more!

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I don't know what the fuck I just read, but with Luna with J sized tits, it's gonna be damn good.

4167502 What you read my friend is the beginning of a story filled with lust, sillyness, and anthro demon styled humor from a guy who's got way to much time on his hands.

Ah, another addition to our growing group!

I welcome thee with open arms, fellow human acting villainous!

... Although... This form of villainy may be a tad hard to accept...


No as in 'Not another one of these fucking self-insert faggotry filled stories for the "League of Humans Acting As Villains"' because the first 100 were already too goddamn much.

And seriously? J ssized tits? Just go fucking die.

4167627 Ah I see a troll then. Well for your information I have a power point presentation.

1: Fuck you sir.
2: It's actually not a self insert and I will make no claims of it.
3: Luna's literally seen as the Goddess of the night and sexuality does fall within that line of power so she would likely be rather overdeveloped by any standard.
4: Fuck you again.
5: And who said you had any right to go spewing hate over other people's stories in the first place?


Not a troll, simply one tired of seeing the same shit over and over again. It's not quite as bad as the 5score plague was, but it's getting pretty damn close lately.

As for the whole 'Goddess of the Night = Sexuality' spiel, bigger does not mean better, or sexual. If you truly wanted to portray her as being the embodiment of sexuality, she would be the medium of all, sort of the standard to judge everyone else by. Giving her Pillows for tits simply 'because' is downright ridiculous.

And self-insert or not, there's a very big recurring theme after the first one or two of these things... They suck. Period.

And I'm an asshole, this is the internet. I can say whatever I want wherever I want whenever I want, so long as I don't violate FIM's ToS in the process. I have not downvoted your story as I have no intention to read it, but I can still, and did, voice my extreme displeasure at another person hopping on a bandwagon that is a giant, reeking piece of shit.

That is all.


who said you had any right to go spewing hate over other people's stories in the first place?

You did, when you put it on the internet. People aren't just going to jerk you off because you want them to; you have to put some effort into this shit. Like it or not, you need to actually do something original.

4167716 You're concern is noted, and thank you but the fact that you are just slinging hate around is not appreciated and I would appreciate you removing yourself from the comments as if you have nothing constructive to say as you have admitted to not reading the story you are offering nothing but, being a jerk so please locate yourself elsewhere.

4167980 I swear to the maker if you start slinging insults without even reading the story I will personally remove your comments.

4167986 Oh yes I know that much but, you know what? By admitting he had not read the story he has given up all right to be any kind of critic as he has stated that he has no concern with seeing the story's content and already passing judgement via his actions.

4167992 It's hard not to go "oh boy this shit again" when you've seen this story 80 times already and not one instance has been worth the time it took to read. This is a public archive and people have a right to express themselves, and that includes extremely negative reactions.

4167998 I knew it was going to be bad before I read it, and reading it just confirmed my assumption. The whole villain cosplay schtick is stale as hell, so excuse all of us who gag when it's forced down our throats yet again. And to combine it with pretty much every anthro cliche ever just makes it that much more unpleasant.

4168011 True but, it also as a site dedicated to writing deserves at least the common curtosy of having judgement withheld until the story in question is written has been seen. Does nobody remember how Twilight was basically bitchslapped with that lesson in the show we're all such big fans of because she jumped to conclusions?

4168166 What do you mean one of those stories? I'd love to hear your opinion on where you think it's going.

4168191 So... you assume it's going to be a trainwreck or at the very least like watching a train crash in slow motion?

4168213 Well... I'm not gonna lie it's gonna look like it till I find an editor but, honestly I've been told I can work some major magic on a story when I put my mind to it.

Comment posted by nodamnbrakes deleted Apr 1st, 2014

The Canterlot Gardens were quiet, the fillies and colts.

... Go on?

The mares, and the stallions.

... Go on?

They had all gone home beyond a few patrolling guards as the moon hung high in the sky, illuminating several of the statues in an eerie light.

Okay, so then why did you break it up with periods? That isn't how you properly structure that, it just makes it seem disjointed and incomplete.

As I slid the coffin open it showed that it was still mostly stone

That's a change in perspective, that's a no-no. It showed who? Say something like, "It allowed light to enter the coffin, illuminating my still half stoned body."

The fact that I had been able to open the coffin completely and toss it to the ground with a large thud before getting any sort of attention made me more than a bit curious, how much time could have passed that the sisters were so lax in their guarding of a known threat, so I decided to spend a minute examining my 'Prison'.

This is a pretty major run on sentence.
You should have him create an original song as opposed to just inserting a Youtube clip.
There's something about the writing style here that just makes things seem confusing. Whether it's really obscure metaphors, or just bad sentence structure, something about it just makes me want to leave.

4170372 Ah see, the problem is that... I know about the sentence structure and honestly it's always been my weakness as a writer. Like... always, I've never been good with periods, commas, and semicolons as to my dyslexia infused eyes the sentences read fine.

4180476 All will be revealed... soon... as in... TOMORROW! MWAHAHAHAHA! :trollestia:

4180498 I live in the United States of America. A.K.A. The red white and blue timebomb

4180504 So I can safely say It'll be up today for me.
I live in Australia. AKA Utopia.
I mean seriously, how do you lot tolerate not having a free medical system?

4180634 With mind crippling back pain that keeps you nearly bedridden for weeks on end?

4180834 Doesn't stop me from claiming victory though.:ajsmug:
Relax, though. I argue metaphysical philosophy with randoms for self amusement.

4181023 Um... allow me to quote my fore fathers on this one.


4181031 You're talking to someone who can explain Pinkie Pie and you think they know what they're talking about?:trixieshiftright:


Reading this title made me want to play Overlord 2 again.

Maybe I'll read the story, too! :P

4182852 You probably should read the story as it's a nod to Disgaea. Not overlord as sadly I haven't played that series.

4184166 Thanks mate, I know it's not exactly on par with the rest of the League of Acting Villainous stories (Even though I have been given no indication if it actually has qualified or not.) And over time I hope to make it as good as the stories that have inspired it.

4186764 Well, at least I don't go around. Knocking on people's non-doors. Promising them cookies. AND THEN, NOT GIVING THEM COOKIES!!!

4186926 You know I can hear you right? I've been dealing with the fact that it's my brother's birthday today so here have your damned cookies and let me deal with the fall out that is likely to ensue knowing my entire family is crazy, on par with Ponyville's residents at times too.

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