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I wrote a horse story once.



This story is a sequel to Stormy Nights

A letter prompts Stormy to leave her home. An assignment to the Whinnypeg weather team is the first step towards her destiny, as well as a new friend. Meeting other pegasi for the first time in her life is thrilling, but can Stormy Nights live up to the expectations that her teammates place on her?

Thanks to Shiropoint, Silicas, and my other prereaders.

Cover art courtesy of Voodoo-Tiki

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 38 )

I don't always first-comment, but when I do, it's on my own stories.

Welcome to Stormy Nights 2. You're all lucky I waited until 2 was done before posting 1. It took a long, long, looong time to get the opening to this how I liked it. There were, like, four opening chapters that got rejected before I settled on this.

And as to how Stormy 2 earns that Sad tag? Well, let us read on and see, shall we?

Glad to see this get up, finally!

I really felt that this story was much better than the original, and I'm glad that the fans from EqD, trackers on FimFiction.net, and all the new readers will get to enjoy it too!

Just wait until you see the end; it's amazing.

How'd i know you would be one of the first viewers also? :D

I loves it! Moar, moar, moar. ^-^

Great so far, though I am dreading the fact that one of the new characters has a very similar name to a character I am using in a RPG so I will most likely keep getting the two confused from time to time.

Edit: ... Wow, I just noticed that it seems that my very similarly named RPG Character is in an RPG at the same site you originally posted this story at (though mine was probably made at an earlier date)... I really need to start paying more attention there I guess :facehoof:

Ha! When I loaded this the page said 3 views :rainbowwild: damn work callouts...
But seriously, I am soooo egare to read more, your works are just masterfully awesome! World needs more Stormy.:heart:


Good Work! Looking forward to more ^_^

Must read this!!!! :rainbowkiss:

Dipping into a bit of headcanon here. Figured that there was a way to make clouds before the machines were invented, and that Cloudsdale only services the major cities, leaving the little ones to DIY it.

Also Wobbler is fun to write.

Well, I suppose she's bound to make a few mistakes early on, given that she's a self-taught weather pony who's only resource for application was a desert reservoir. Still, at least she learns quickly. I just hope her personal indulgences aren't too off putting :rainbowkiss:

How many people laughed at her? Fess up.

Wondering when it was going to get sad? Read the story again; it has been sad this entire time.

I love this story :D


It Has?
*Reads Again*

Clever. Definatly keep it up, it's nice to read good SHORT chapters for once rather then stuff that takes half an hour to say anything, this story is also the change of pace I've been needing, keep it up.

A short chapter to finish off Stormy Nights 2. Sorry Stormy 2 is little shorter than Stormy 1 was. As usual, I'll get around to making some A/N blog post, so if there is anything you need clarified, ask away before then.

Hope you enjoyed. Thanks for reading.

Edit: Blog!

Poor Stormy... Poor town... Poor Mayor... POOR STRAWBERRY! Seriously, she's going to be so sad and terrified for her friend when she gets that letter, it reads like a suicide note. I hope there's another installment down the road.

...stormy... three?

Hm. I liked it, but I can't favorite something that's incomplete. Nothing was resolved, so the arc hasn't ended. Sorry brony, I can't let you start a Stormy Nights 3 without finishing Stormy 2. :derpytongue2:

This story... *cries*

It's so short for each chapter that it makes me savor it even more!


I never laughed at her once, HAH!

I don't let my failures get me down! As long as no one is permanently injured or killed, I will go about my experiments with a zeal that only a scientist could have!

Granted, I am impulsive at times, but it seems like Stormy has a case of guilt. She needs a good friend, an intervention, and some cider.

530226 Bah! I AM a scientist! Our zeal is only rewarded when people are injured and die! Preferably by THE MILLIONS!!! *insane cackle!! He's a MAD SCIENTIST!!! From the South Jersey Shore even!* GENTLEMEN.... BEHOLD!!! :pinkiecrazy:





Errr.... I got carried away there, sorry everyo-

Hello? Is anyone there? Anyone?


coulda done more with that. kinda ends abruptly

I'm sorry, but the ending is just.... unfinished. I was reading and I got the impression that I was actually moving towards the CLIMAX of the story rather than have it already happened.

Yeah, Stormy did a stupid thing and made some people fear him. He learned nothing, nothing was confronted, nothing really gained.

I'm sorry, but this just bummed me. Hence why I gave it a thumbs down.


If Stormy learned, improved, and grew, then this wouldn't be a sad fic, now would it? The whole point of the story is that everything falls apart around her.

But you could well argue that she 'learned' that she was a danger to everypony around her. That's something she didn't know at the beginning.

Oh and Stormy's a girl. I don't know how you can read 15,000 words about her and miss that.


First, I did notice Stormy is a girl. It just skipped my mind. :twilightsheepish: Gender does not play much importance in my mind when it comes to ponies.

I would argue about the points about what he "learned" (submitting to an old insecurity is not "learning" and depression doesn't "teach" you anything, and yes, I know from personal experience) and what he didn't, but that would be pointless. It would boil down to personal preference, which would be pointless to argue.

So, please don't take my negative feedback too deep or anything. I just read through Stormy Nights one and I went to reading In The Clouds without noticing the "sad" tag. I still think that the ending is not really satisfying though.

Indeed it looks like cliffhanger in the end of the chapter, not like final of story.
But I liked it anyway (except of chapter 4 to be honest).
Looking forward for Stormy Nights 3...

I'm not liking that Sad tag. Not one bit.

A CLIFFHANGER!??!!?!? You pester me for a week to read this and you're leaving it at a got damn cliffhanger? I'm soooooo going to strangle you.

I laughed. But mostly because I thought it was a quirk like Derpy's eyes, nothing detrimental but just something to make her stand out and be unique.

Wobbler, he is so funny, reminds me of an old anime

this fic is much interesting than I expected,

will be reading chapter 3 now, seeing a happy Strawberry

448764 If Wobbler isn't sad about her wing anymore I don't see why I should be. Circumstances are only as bad as we make them.

I don't think a broken wing was the only thing that was damaged by the ceiling falling down...

Nice job! Going to read the third one now!

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