• Published 29th Mar 2014
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Rarity on DXM - Majin Syeekoh

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Battle Royale

Author's Note:

Ok, before anybody asks questions.

Unicorn bolt or bolt=Dildo
Bolas=Ben-Wa balls.

And the credits for the song included, One Trick Pony, go to MicTheMicrophone, JackleApp, and LivingTombstone.

Everypony stared in shock at the grievous act of violence Rarity had just committed. That, and her eyes, which were green outside blue and leaking smoke, as well as her horn, which was now a wickedly curved red. She shook her head and rolled off the couch, landing on her hooves, everypony backing away as she did so. She then traced her eyes across everypony present, finally fixing her gaze on Twilight. Twilight blushed and teleported away.


Sombra snorted, then pawed at the ground, aching for a fight. He noticed the caltrops and unicorn bolts strewn across the ground, as well as a riding crop, a gag, and a bolas. The ponies responded in kind by pawing at the ground as well, except for the pretty yellow one, who was cowering in a corner, and the pink one, who was smiling like an idiot. He was ready for this battle.

“WAIIIIIT!” the pink one yelled. Sombra then traced her motions as she pronked over to the record player, popped in a record, and put the needle down, when a song started playing. Pink then hopped back over to her friends. “Ok, ready!”

Sombra crouched as the ponies attacked. He grabbed the caltrops with Rarity’s magic and threw them across the ground, upon which the red one stepped on one and skidded in its tracks. The orange one and the pink one, though, handily dodged them, Orange stepping to the side of the spray while Pink somehow managed to dance in between them. Blue was flying over as Sombra grasped the riding crop in Rarity’s magic. He waited for the three ponies to get into position, then faced away from them and struck, her mane flailing about.

He bucked Orange in the face, causing her to reel, whipped Pink with Rarity's tail in the throat, causing her to gag, and whipped Blue in the gut with the riding crop, causing her to stop in her tracks. He then landed the buck and bucked upwards, catching Blue in the face, whipping Pink on the rump with the riding crop, and whipping Orange in the barrel with her tail. The three of them collapsed on the ground, gasping for air. Sombra landed the buck, her mane landing gracefully by her sides.

Red had managed to extricate the caltrop from his hoof and charged towards Sombra and screamed. Sombra picked up a bolt while spinning it at a high velocity at the same time. Right when Red was about to strike, Sombra whipped Red in the face with her tail, causing him to stagger. He then bucked him in the barrel, knocking him over. He then drilled the bolt straight into his shoulder causing Red to suck in in pain as the bolt pierced his flesh, spraying chunks of wood upon impact with the floor.

The three girls, now recovered, regrouped and attacked Sombra again. Sombra let an evil smirk dance upon Rarity’s face as he grabbed the bolas with her magic and threw it at Pink’s hocks, catching them and effectively hogtying her. He then whipped Orange and Blue in the face, the former with the crop, the latter with her tail, causing them to both stagger back. He then lifted up two bolts and started spinning them.

Orange shook her head and looked up just in time to see a bolt drill through her shoulder and knock her back to the wall, spitting bits of wood as it made contact with the wall. He tried to drill another bolt at Blue, but she dodged just in time. Frowning, Sombra picked up three bolts and spun them viciously as the rainbow blur flew towards her. Sombra flung two bolts at Blue, her dodging as expected straight into the riding crop to the face. Blue’s head was turned, and in that instant, Sombra shot the spiraling bolt straight into Blue’s cheeks, piercing straight through as she was launched into a bookcase. She hung off of the bolt by her new piercing, not making a sound by virtue of apparently passing out from shock.


Twilight was shuffling through her kitchen drawers, a vial of Solar Water on the counter. Where did I put my aspergillum? She finally found it after two minutes of searching, a silver stick that had a silver ball with holes in it attached to the top. Smiling, she unscrewed the top half of the ball, carefully pouring the Solar Water inside of it, meticulously screwing the top back on. Smiling, she picked up the cat-o-nine-tails and strode into the main area.


Sombra turned her head when he heard a cracking sound, seeing Red rip his shoulder out of the ground with the bolt still impaled within, slivers of wood streaming through the air. He then fixed a vicious glare at Sombra and charged forward. Sombra, thinking fast, spun around, waiting to strike. When Red was in striking range, he bucked at the bolt as he picked up six other bolts and spiraled them maliciously, looking back to see Red wince in pain. Red shook his head and purposefully stomped towards Sombra. Sombra, not taking any chances, fired each bolt in turn at Red.

Upon impact from each blow, Red slowed a bit, more and more with each fired bolt, the last one piercing his hoof as he rose it to strike Sombra. Red’s features screwed up in pain as the keratin on his hoof shattered, finally collapsing on the floor. Sombra snorted and turned away, only to be met with a swift kick to the face from Orange, who similarly had a bolt stuck in her shoulder. It sent Rarity’s body flying through the air, her mane whipping about her face. Sombra shook her head and grasped three bolts mid-air, spinning and firing them at Orange, piercing her other shoulder and both of her thighs to the ground as she let out a yowl of pain, Sombra landing shortly after, her mane settling.

Sombra turned to the only pony mobile to see if she was still sniveling. He was surprised to see a resolute look on her face and an untamed glare in her eye as she spread her wings. “Nopony hurts my friends and gets away with it!” Yellow cried out as she rushed towards Sombra. Sombra rolled her eyes, picked up a bolt, spun it, and fired it at Yellow’s right wing. She flew back and hit the wall, hitting her head upon impact, knocking herself out. Sombra grinned depravedly at the scene before him: Red collapsed on the floor with seven bolts sticking out of him with Orange pinned to the floor by four bolts. Blue was unconscious, hanging off of the bookshelf by her mouth with Yellow similarly inert, her wing pinned to the wall. He then looked upon Pink, who was frowning at him.

“Hey!” Pink yelled, “Why didn’t I get impaled by a—UGHHHUGHHHUGHH!” she started before Sombra plugged her mouth with the gag. He then glared about the room, then plucked the three bolts out of the wall and picked up the three left over, spinning them as he pointed them at the ponies’ and dragon’s heads.

He then cringed as cold water touched his form, turning to see Twilight Sparkle shaking an aspergillum at him while grasping a cat-o-nine-tails in her magic, sprinkling Rarity’s body with water while chanting, “The power of Celestia compels you! The power of Celestia compels you!” Sombra, clearly frustrated now, ripped the aspergillum from her grip and started vigorously shaking the aspergillum at Twilight, watching her cringe as she, too, was sprinkled with the water. Twilight then ripped the aspergillum from Rarity’s grip, frowning. “Okay, I get it; it’s really annoying. But I don’t understand,” Twilight said, scratching her head with the asperg, “you should be expelled by now. Aren’t you a possessing spirit?” Sombra shook Rarity’s head. Twilight stared at Sombra. “Then what are you doing in Rarity’s body?”

“Borrowing,” Rarity said in a mixture of Rarity’s and Sombra’s voices.

“Huh…” Twilight said, looking at the carnage across her room, “then it appears we are at an impasse.” Sombra curtly nodded Rarity’s head.