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Split-End has had a rough life. Slender-mane, his old nightmare, Is now leading the fears and now equestria. Can he defeat the nightmares and bring Equestria back from the ashes? Or will this be a never-waking world? (Sequel might be a bit cloppy.) As well, I'd like some feedback or opinions. my chapters are short for a reason. Some of you may think that the spells are similar to Skyrim's shouts, but in fact they are based on Nano forge abilites from the game: Red Faction: Armageddon. Again, I'd like feedback

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That looks like the Blank Faced pony enemy from Silent Ponyville. Any relations?

Slendermane was in Silent Ponyville. He's based on Slenderman, a popular creepypasta subject.

The Slender Man mythos originates around the old german myth: Der GroBmann. The Slender Man myth adapted from the old german stroy, and some pictures surrounding a fire that killed 40 children. the pictures have been adapted to look as if a tall, slender figure is watching the children.
Slender mane is a ponified version. Henceforth, involved here too.:moustache:

I see what u did there. :flutterrage:IMPACT!

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