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Dunno what to say. I almost exclusively read and write AiE romance.

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As Anon would say, I thought this. 'Wot'


And it's gone, thanks Luffy.

Nigga dat shit was good.

Comment posted by Rune Flash deleted Mar 29th, 2014

Good god, this guy is an asshole. Remind me why somepony hasn't beaten the shit out of him or kicked him out of town? I think after a few months of nothin but him being a total douchenozzle, the novelty of him being human would wear off.


This guy...he just don't give a single buck does he? :rainbowlaugh:

Also, care to tell us if there'll be a Scootaloo fic? :scootangel:


Nope, fucks are very scarce these days, he has to save as many as he can.

Maybe I could consider a Scoots story, but I can't really think about something with Scootaloo that wouldn't involve Dash at some point. Anyway, I'm not really planning on starting a new story for at least a few weeks (I'm being enough of a lazy fuck as it is with CJ in Equestria), but if I do, and it's yet another filly romance/clop story, my first choice will most likely be Diamond Tiara, with Twist and Babs being strong second contenders.

You might wanna edit your message so that the video actually shows up, especially since I love this clip, and it's highly relevant. :ajsmug:

I suppose you haven't read many AiE stories. Ponies can't handle his swag, it's not his fault. :fluttershysad:
But anyway, you're entitled to your opinion, and although there's a fine line between not giving a fuck and being an douche, this Anon's blasé, "fuck this shit" attitude doesn't necessarily mean he crosses it.

Easily the best clop I've read so far. 47 thumbs up, my friend.


Well, seeing as how this guy appears to be the personification of "anon" and /b/, he feels more asshole than anything else. Iunno, it's probably just me, but then I'm a total nice guy in real life... Well, when I'm not wearing my DS hat, of course. In my personal time, I don't have a mean bone in my body, so when I see behavior like this, yeah. There's a difference between having swag and being an asshole: it's the difference between not giving a fuck about life in General and not giving a fuck if you make those around you miserable.

Bah, either way, a decent clopfic, brah. And for what it's worth... I vote for Babs for the next fic.

Pfffffffffffft... brain cells are whoopin n hollerin!

4147695 well that's not gonna happen since I did this from my tablet so hope this Link works instead.

Never have I laughed so much while reading a clop story :rainbowlaugh:
great job!

Good point, but honestly, I still can't see what's so bad about this particular Anon, I've read much worse. But then I tend to be an asshole in real life, so maybe that's the reason.
I was obviously not serious about "swag".

Well, that's Anon for you... I might be wrong though, maybe I just write cliché Internet losers, or maybe I am one myself. I have no fucks to give either way.

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Thanks a lot, man. I was hoping it wouldn't be a boner killer, but I just wanted to add random shit to make readers (myself especially) laugh.


Nirvana, anyone?

This was actually fucking hilarious and I loved it

Her grin grows to physically impossible proportions. "Bueno."

fuck no

>implying Luna has no life



>be socially awkward and shout for no apparent reason while others run away from you
>live at night
>sleep through the day, when nobody ever sees you

I'm pretty sure for the commoners, that'd be referred to as 'having no life'.


>implying that having nothing is truly nothing

nosfrat pls


>implying you didn't just fuck my mind

.....This is hilarious but what the buck did I just read?:applejackunsure:

Im guessing that you are going to make one with Scootaloo? :pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:


Can't promise that I will. This one was a request, I never really planned on making foalcon a specialty of mine, but what the hell... maybe. :ajsmug:

Orale guey! That's was a damn binche good story I read carnal. Keep up the good work hermano and stay shady Whitero. Perfecto 10/10 so proud T-T :)


Gracias, ese.

Applebloom is now dickbutt.


Fukin Bowman man...

Hey, he was the good guy...

I really could not get into this story. Mostly for one pick that just made me so pissed I couldn't continue so I wish you or someone else here to explain it to me why it is a practice:


It works a little in 2nd person where the intent is to swap Anon with your own name. But you made some form of character, self insert or someone new or whatever.
this Anon has clear speech patterns, behaviors, and ways of thinking. Why in the flying hell does he have a name like that? For God's sake John Doe would at least fit better cause you can at least call him John all the time instead of Anon.

so please. Explain how it makes sense to you as an author to use Anon instead of a generic or non generic name for your character that makes him actually seem like a human and I've never heard of a single real creature called Anonymous as a name.


Mostly because I can't write prose in 2nd person worth shit. Also because I'm a lazy fuck and couldn't be assed finding a name (it's not a self-insert and this dude isn't based on anyone or anything in particular, he also has no real personality or back story, which I tried to enforce through his lack of fucks to give regardless of the situation).
It's written 'first person Anon x pony' in the description, too, so I doubt you expected to be able to get into the story anyway.

Also, all Anons, except maybe for those who don't even have a single line of dialogue in a 20-line greentext 'story', have clear speech patterns, behaviors and ways of thinking. Anon is supposed to be generic, but he's also a character. You can't make a character do anything beyond simply existing, without giving him enough 'personality' to prevent some readers from relating to him (i.e. 'wait, I wouldn't have done/said that! this Anon isn't me! blasphemy!!!!!!1SHIFT).

Which brings up my main question: do some people reading standard 2nd person AiE really change Anon's name with theirs and imagine they're reading about themselves? :unsuresweetie:

4213609 I've read a few where it is encouraged.

But my point is that it's my problem with all AiE stories like this. His lack of fucks is a character trait and he is a character first and foremost.

So there is no reason to have him be named Anon. I've seen some use the same generic names of Alex since that's unisex in name. But my question is always why not give a character a name instead of something meant for a blank slate?

When you can swap out Anon for Alex or John as names and change nothingabout the story, there is no reason to have him just be an anonymous guy with no past. He just has no reason to bring it up.

So that's why I question the reasoning behind the name use. And in a sense I got the reason, so thanks for that at least, though I'm not sure the same can be said of all AiE writers


PS don't guess what readers will go into your story for.

I ignored that thinking you'd just go with pet names. Kinda like in dragon quest 8 where you pick your name but are never referred to it in game till the very end.

There are ways besides that it can work as well. I'm just sick personally of Anon being used instead of a made up name. Heck a name can also influence a history too.

Like there is a big difference if this guy is named David or Apuleius

I perfectly understand your (valid) point but I honestly couldn't answer. I mean yes, that's right, 'Anonymous' could be replaced with just about any male name and it wouldn't change shit, so I don't know why. That's just a rule about AiE I guess, the character has to be named Anonymous, lest you wanna witness an epic shitstorm, even if he's given a full background and all. Maybe it's to standardize stories among 4chanfags, or because of the fact Anon never gives a fuck and tends to be lazy, frustrated, easily annoyed/angered, and a jerk overall, which makes him the embodiment of your average 4chan user. Or something, I really don't know.
It's 8:50am, I didn't sleep, I shouldn't even be on the Internet at this time, much less trying to make sense out of 4chan shit about why Anon is called Anon in AiE stories.

All I know is, I've read so many of these stories prior to becoming a writer myself, I never really thought about it. To me it was simply obvious that a HiE story with a random human fits under AiE, and any other name screams either crossover, circlejerk or self-insert. Also, people reading HiE stories with a named character tend to expect some background information, to get a feel for the character, get to know him, his time on Earth, how he arrived in Equestria in all, which is one of the main things about AiE: no one cares about who Anon is or why/how he arrived in Equestria (unless it's relevant to the plot).

I know the first person writing kinda defeats the purpose of AiE in its purest, 'Anonymous is the reader' sense but I didn't really think about that, either. Hell, if you're reading about 'yourself' in fictional events, it shouldn't really matter whether someone else is narrating, or if you are narrating yourself (think a diary or something).

Also LOL (edit one month later) I just realized.

Heck a name can also influence a history too.

Like there is a big difference if this guy is named David or Apuleius

So a name influences a story but it also makes no difference?

This piece of shit just made me no longer want to kill myself. :heart:

This was delicious cake! Have at least 100 interbutts.

I had a chuckle m8.
10/10 would British again.:moustache:

Holy shit, this DOES have communism in it...

4507367 the reposted so far why boner. i just finished reading another clopfic, scrolled down and found it. i finish reading this one and it never fails to pop up

XD that ending was the best!!! Favouriting this fic

When Twilight sees Applejack all like :flutterrage: she is gonna be like :facehoof: "Why did I do this again?"


That was so awesome XD. As High Chieftain of the UTI, I commend you for you're brilliantness and stamp this as.......

This fic qualifies to enter the Foalcon group fetish contest. There are some great prizes, so please add your fic to the contest folder here: http://www.fimfiction.net/group/1995/folder/27082/1/fetishfoalcon-contest

Excellent read. I was laughing and dawwing all the way though, and to top it all off, I now feel more internet-cultured. No better reward than that, I guess. Also the clop was great.

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"Well..." she trails off, looking into my eyes. "A pony reaches legal age after havin' sex for the first time. So now, it's legal."
I raise both eyebrows at once. "What? How in the hell does that make any sense?

I'm with ya there it makes no sense whatsoever

4808864 so.... the first time is always statuary rape?

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