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Macintosh feels abandoned. Applejack has taken off to Manehattan to find herself and left him alone on the farm. On a rainy night, he stumbles upon someone who can help him find a little joy again.

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Whoosagoodboy? Is it you, Clacky? Is it you? IS IT?


Yes I'm a good boy. One usage of "vitreous humor" in Homecoming means one fluffy fic for you.

SO...MUCH...D'AWWWWW!!..Loved the way this fic came together. And you nailed little macintosh as i always imagined him. He's one of my faves from the show and i almost always read fics with him in it.

That was awesome.

I love your characterisation of both Granny Smith and poor lil' Macintosh, and proclaim that you've really made me care about the bond between puppy and pony.

Also, Daisy Jo deserves her own story.


Hmmm... A story for Daisy Jo...

I must think on this for the next time I gross Mysecsha out and he evokes the "Fluffy Clause"


This 'fluffy clause' intrigues me, and I wish to learn more.


Whenever I write something in Fallout: Equestria - Homecoming (Self Plug Ahoy) that creeps him out enough, I owe him a fluffy story.

OMG so much DAAAWWWW!!! :twilightsmile:

Great characterization of granny smith, loved the whole apple family background and Little Mac :heart:

Awesome work keep up your awesome work, fav and watch :eeyup:


Self plug away. This was good enough that i'll definitely be reading that.

Also that's a good clause. He sounds like a wily negotiator and a dangerous foe.


A wily negotiator and a dangerous foe?


oh, you flatterer, you. Do go on.


Uh...you have great diction and clearly serve as an inspiration to Mr Clacky, thus proving your charisma and undoubtable handsomeness? Your googles are a cool addition to your outfit and I really like your mane?

This was quite an enjoyable little story. Judging from this you seem like a really good writer, and I must compliment your amazing imagery. Well done sir!:yay:

GASP he's trying to ninja-edit the story! Don't let him fool you with all of his small and subtle improvements!


Et tu, Mysecsha?

Yes, the story is new and (hopefully) improved!

And also now on EQD! *squee*

Lol "solid bloom"
Anyway nice read loved very chapter and this made me Dawwwwwwww multiple times
Btw if ya haven't noticed this is featured in EQD so be prepared for the thumbs ups, faves, and not to mention the wave of readers coming here


I just saw it go up a bit ago. I've been giddily hitting refresh since then. And you're the first new comment! *gives cookie*

I think my heart exploded from cuteness!

*eats cookie with gusta*OMOMONONMOMONOM
Please good sir may I have MOAR:flutterrage:?!

That was a very amoosing story. It made me both laugh and cry :ajsmug:


The Clacky Corporation is not responsible for cardiac problems caused by its products. But as a public service, we do provide replacement hearts. :heart:


*Places cookie tin on the table.*


I'm glad it mooved you. :pinkiehappy:

I epically adore alternative angle episode stories, this was all kinds of wonderful!


That's more than I could ask for!~
(Hurray for obscure Grand Funk Railroad reference!)

"She’s going to grow up to be a quiet, sweet little filly."
Sure Granny Smith, she is going to be QUIET :derpytongue2:
Loed the story, real touching :heart:

I love your characterisation of Granny Smith. I think her first bit in the bushes with Private Bloom and the gas attack was my absolute favorite. Big Macintosh as Little Macintosh is just too adorable for words! :D

380977 *brohoof* perfect.*grins*


I think that is my favorite line too. The CMC are such angelic little fillies when they get bigger. :scootangel:


I've always seen Granny as an older Pinkie Pie. Seriously, think about it. :pinkiehappy:


That Mysecsha guy is clever. I don't even want to go into some of the other clauses in our editorial agreement. :derpytongue2:

508384 Somewhat, yes! She's tons of fun and pretty random at times, but she's not quite as psychotic about it. Not gonna lie, Pinkie scares the bejeesus outta me. :pinkiecrazy:

( And yeah, she scared the bejeesus outta me before I ever read Cupcakes. Party of One was just... :raritydespair: )

So much d'aaawwww.

A great story , but i don't like the end. As a dog owner i know: a man never would give away his dog.
and the change of the name broke my heart, it's like every thing happened between bigmac and jacks is erased from time:fluttercry:

I LOVED Granny's Smith's hijinks! :eeyup:

i know how you feel.....
but i still like it tough


I can see how you got that feel, but worry not. It's not like they are a farm apart! Dogs take to name changes easy. His Jacks came home. That hole filled, he gets to see Winona bring the same happiness to his sister. A part of him will always think of her as Jacks, bringing puppy love to anypony in need.

Aside; phones are hard to comment with.

Even though I came here expecting alien invasions, explosions and demon possession (Alondro also expected that in "Romeo and Juliette", just so you know. He's obsessed.) this was a really nice story, a fitting backstory for Winona and Mac's time alone when AJ left for a spell.

A heartwarming back-story for Winona, well done.


Well, there was going to be an alien abduction scene. Then I remembered that Daisy Jo had brokered a deal with the aliens to curtail any further bovine experiments. So I had to cut it.


Funny story. I didn't realize this became a Winona origin story until a few comments popped up to tell me. I am teh dense. :derpytongue2:

100th like!! Good story bro/bro-ete this is the goldest fluffy goodness i have ever seen!:yay:


100! That requires more than a cookie! LET THEM EAT CAKE!!! (also made of fluffy goodness)

*unveils cake table*

Good, solid story. The gas attack scene was hilarious. :rainbowlaugh::

Nice inclusion of Daisy Jo as well. I think this is the first time I've seen her in a fic. You also captured Granny quite well. :moustache:

I will say that something feels missing, though. I had expected a scene where Granny confronts Mac about Winona, nothing major, really. Maybe just demonstrating acceptance, or pretending she wouldn't just to pull his mane. There's something else, but I can't quite put my finger on it. Could be that you could've "drawn out" the emotions a little more. Not sure if I can be clearer that that.

Still, I enjoyed it, especially since it involved Winona. I have a soft spot for dogs. :scootangel:



I'm glad you enjoyed it. I had given thought to having a confrontation between Granny and Lil Macintosh, but I decided against it. She seems like the kind to let him have his secret, so long as it isn't hurting anything. It also could have probably used a little more time on him being conflicted between the guilt of keeping a secret and the fear that Granny wouldn't let him keep Jacks.

Perhaps I will someday come back and ninja edit in his confession to Granny and her acceptance, with a side of extra chores for keeping it from her for so long.

D'awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. :twilightsmile:

Well played, Sir... particularly loved the MGS reference... I'd take an Applebloom on the codec over freakin' Otacon any day.

And with this week's episode, this story now slips that much more comfortably nestled by canon.

Just read (listened to via Zamzar text-to-speech) this story a few days ago. It's pretty cute, and catches the spirit of the show fairly well. Some sad bits, but it's nothing soul-crushingly unhappy.


You've just become my favorite commentor. I've been looking for a good text-to-speech program for weeks. Been working a ton of mandatory overtime and wanted some way to listen to my backlog of stories.

Cudos to you!

1842233 Cool. :D I'd recommend converting from .docx if you have it. .epub if it's a short story. .txt only if you can't get it into another form easily. I'm not sure why, but my .txt->mp3 conversions with Zamzar always turned out really junky with a lot of odd sounds in random spots.

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