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This more confusing than the ending of bioshock infinite.

Awesome job. I have no idea on both counts...I'd love to see this continued!

Well by the mature tag I already knew what happened and her lines near end end confirmed that. Surprised that the few below don't know.

Why is this mature exactly?

I think that 'We' are a astrologist of some kind and that we had discovered something that was apparently worth quite the amount of bits and later got stolen.

I have to admit despite evidence for the contrary Coco pommel was *nailed* - in terms of dialogue and mannerisms that is

ether Astronomer or Author but ether way we got are work stolen by some asshole unicorns and we are an earth pony but tried to pass off being a unicorn.

Awesome story, and gz on hitting the featured box :twilightsmile:

Yay the fic I proofread posted :twilightsmile:

I suggest replacing your -- with a proper —. Just copy and paste it in there.

I think "I'm" an astrologist and my work was stolen. The word is Ambidextrous by the way


Call me a prude, but it might have something to do with the fact that "You" basically give Coco massage-sex.

Oh my oh my! Tail tugging makes Coco hot? Dude... That's awesome! I love tail tugging so much!

Also I think our mystery pony was none other than Stompy Slippers herself right? My reason for believing this is because she wears a fake horn.

I would say an Earth Pony Scientist or Scholar that uses a pen-name and declares himself a Unicorn to avoid public doubt about his discoveries. His work reaches the ears of the mover and shakers of Canterlot, (his research probably involves a controversial theory about the history of magic, something about Earth Ponies having being the first Magic users and that over the centuries they forgot how or the practice was outlawed in the countries of the Old Continent back in Ancient times. Or something like that I am not sure...) he is later invited to a social gathering of some kind with the "crem de la crem" of Pony society -ugh~ I can't believe I wrote that- including Princess Luna. He is discovered to be an Earth Pony in the event and is called out by Princess Luna for his dishonesty. He and Coco probably have some sort of complicated relationship, but invited her to the event anyway. After the fiasco they escape into a rainy night trying avoid any passers-by or reporters. At this point they both suspect that His career is in shambles and then we get the rest of the evening. I could be very wrong though.....

Ah, here is the fic in all it's starry glory! :) Good to see it here, top shelf!

...Star Gazer? Maybe Orion?

Orion would make sense since he swaps back and forth between Earth Pony and Unicorn in different episodes.

The you is Orion.
And I'm guessing that the inspiration was this piece of fan art no? fc02.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2014/020/3/9/orion_and_coco_pommel___cuddling_and_kissing__by_dragk-d72yljs.png

As for what happened last night, I have no Idea, but I'll figure it out don't you worry.

4185615 Well... My guess is the fact that it hints at Coco having an orgasm from the massage and the dialog near the end where she trying to talk sexy.

Also gotta say I'm sad that it's a one shot. Perhaps a sequel? I love your writing style and this was just flat out an amazing story.

4185493 You never met the old school of this site did you?:trollestia:

So... My guess is that the stars are changing, or have changed somehow, and that "you" figured it out (this is why you blame Luna, for she is princess of the night and should know the stars). When trying to submit "your" discoveries to a board of scientists, they attempted to pay you large quantities of money in order to take credit for themselves, which you refused. When they became even more frustrated at "you" they decided to go to extreme measures. They broke into "your" home while they knew you would be gone, expecting to steal "your" star charts and claim the discoveries for themselves, however Coco, her time schedule being different from "yours", was at home working. The people breaking in then abducted her, to make sure she didn't tell anyone that she saw them. Then, later they call "you" in order to blackmail "you" (you keep quiet about being the discoverer and your marefriend gets to live). "You" rush to the place where they are keeping her captive (which is either a mob hideout or brothel, I'm not sure which) and heroically save her, nearly losing both your lives in the process. And after that we see the situation of this story.

Well that's all I got, I'm sure I'm pretty close.

4188638 no fucking clue what you mean. Sorry.

“Nah. Sweet and crunchy never tasted good with milk to me,” you explain while picking up your bowl in a hoof, “and the drippy, squishy sogginess. Bleugh.”

YES! Someone understands! :yay:

4188653 Well best idea I've heard yet. I think you got it on the dot.

Certainly an interesting read with many questions to it. I like it!

Though, one question... Alfalfa-Bits... Why not Coco-Puffs?

(Feel free to give me a thumbs down for that one)

Coco-Puffs makes me think of Coco Pommel with boobs, for some reason.

Honestly, I would like to see more of this couple in future stories...maybe more chapters?...

This was a very sweet well-written, clop-but-not-clopfic. Well done.:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

really good, i would like to hear more about Coco and him. Even if Coco only would get her nice bread wich she seems to like so much.:heart::heart:
Well i think i just like Coco:raritywink:

It feels like this story should continue.

Great stuff Gears :twilightsmile:

I would love to have a sequel or two to this. Also, this was my first Coco story, and it was amazing!

4196167 no sir, I'm giving you a thumbs up!

4186458 *pulls Timeless's tail so hard it rips off* still like it?

Hey look, comment 34, Rule34 anypony? (Zing)

Who is it?

Good, but take the sex tag off

4185493 the end of bioshock infinite makes sense if you think about it. Just dont overthink it.

4186067 Actually, the double hyphen is a throwback to the predigital era, during the heyday of type writers. It may not be widely used anymore, with the advent of computers and the modification of certain grammatical rules, such as those regarding dashes. It's not incorrect, it's just not used as much as it was in the old days.


Using an en-dash instead of an em-dash technically isn't incorrect either, but it's still highly suggested.

You are an extremely clever pony.

5444696 why, thank you. I do try my best!:twilightsmile:

More...pwease? :pinkiesad2:

Coco is so innocent and cute, this is why she is adored so much.

Unfortunately now whenever I have hot cocoa, all I can think about is her.

Kinda hard to enjoy the drink on a cold morning when thinking of a pretty made like that.

Forgive me for this being random.

i know, right?

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