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Gilda's heart is filled with unbridled emotions, doubt, self-hatred, and regret. She wishes she could have changed the way she acted at Pinkie Pie's party, and now she feels like there is no way for anyone to forgive what she's done. Now with seemingly no other choice, Gilda finds a solution in one of the worst ways possible...

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ill be watching, interesting concept, albeit a bit rushed... thumbs up and keep it up!!!


4176600 Thank you very much :heart:

This was... well.

I'm certainly watching this, since I like the idea so far a lot.

This was obviously rushed and has smaller problems everywhere, but here are two things that you should really address first
to get less downvotes:

>>which means I'm going to kill myself and make sure I don't ever get in your way again<<

Oh my... that was way over the top, could use something like "end my life" " and "not to bother you any longer" instead.
(btw, that was a call for help if I ever heard one, being so explicit about the what and when...)

Also revealing rainbows crush right away and this blunt and without any kind of backstory... you should really think that over.
(would have been a cool Idea too if Gilda was the one having the crush, maybe one-sided, providing a perfect setting for her desperation leading to this)

But don't get me wrong, a lot could and should be improved, but I still like it and can't wait for the next chapter, keep it up :yay:

4179416 Thank you for your excellent feedback, I'll make the adjustments as soon as I can and to be honest, a lot of words here I just used to break the 1k limit and get this up. As far as the concept goes, I'd rather have RD with the crush because Gilda is the type of person that takes a long time to understand feelings, and that can lead to some plot development I can use. Thanks again for the wonderful feedback though!

As others have said, it does feel a bit rushed, and a bit over-the-top, but those are fixable. I like redemption stories, and I like Gilda, and I have no real trouble imagining her doing something desperate. You'll finish writing it, I hope.

I love Gilda x Dash stories!
I wrote something similar, but it was before I read your fic so sorry if I copied anything.
I'm SSOOOOOO looking forward to this story! :pinkiehappy:

In that case, I humbly await the release of a sequel.

Aw...I liked it up until the letter. It had potential...

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