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A shy, very lonely young filly named Honeysuckle moves to Ponyville. She's never had a friend in her life, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders hope to change that...but isn't there a reason she's never had friends? Honeysuckle has a terrible secret that she hopes to keep hidden from everypony for their own safety; a dark and terrible secret, a curse that follows her, protects her, and refuses to allow anyone near her. Will the CMC be unable to help her overcome her curse, or is friendship alone strong enough to exceed even the worst hardships?

Warning: This story is very, very sad; if you feel no emotions after reading this, you may not have a soul.
One-Shot re-edited and reposted under my new account.

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I like it but I have some thoughts I want to pm to you.

4135781 totally open to anything; fire when ready.

theres an old video game just like this damn this is gonna bug me forever. good story btw.

I found the dialogue disjointed and lacking emotion. Honeysuckle also felt lacking, like, instead of having a personality, she had "I can't have friends because of a shadow and I'm sad."

I apparently have no soul, I felt some emotion but at the end I was fine.


4136216 I may come back to her and turn her into a more third-dimensional character, kinda like how in Past Sins Nyx became interesting when she turned into Nightmare Nyx and only got more interesting, and depressing, from there. I'm not saying that ANYTHING I write can even come close to the magnum opus of Pen Stroke (or any of his no-lesser oeuvre) but it seemed like an apt example to use here.

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4140748 I probably should've made this story a lot sadder, just to prevent people in the comments contradicting that and saying stuff like 'I felt nothing, so I guess I don't have a soul' and other stuff.

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