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:pinkiecrazy: This is going to be good.

:pinkiesmile: Just one small request: Don't start with a gangbang (optional), one or two animals at a time would be nice.

:pinkiecrazy: Wish you the best of lucks and keep up the good work my good sir.


ok, you had my curiosity and now... well you still have it.

What would post-reformation Discord do to you if he read this story?

4185467 And I would slide him the loaded weapon for him to do so. :pinkiecrazy:

now now, it's extremely rude to promise us flutters animal sex but have nothing but some foalcon in the first chapter.

I am disappoint.

If only there were more authors like you on this site.

Dont tell the the original agent smith that im accessing his database.

I would give him a implosion grenade, much quicker.

As a friend of mine put it:

There are stranger clop fics, none that give me quite the same feeling of emptiness though.

This is not a good feeling of emptiness.

(Although for the record, feel special—it's rare that I read clops, and even rarer that I comment on them)

Sorry-- I just got a new job and I've been really busy at it-- also been doing alot of writefagging over on /mlp/... I'll get back to this soon, I am quite astonished by how quickly this story gained attention! Perhaps I shouldn't have posted it so incomplete... Don't worry, more is coming soon!

(I also need to finish that scat chapter I promised months ago for the far less popular 'honorary mares' story huehuehuehuehue :pinkiesick:)

Comment posted by clopandcircumstance deleted Apr 7th, 2014

4184446 How do you know he's not the one who corrupted the animals into doing it? :rainbowderp:

4186499 Sorry about that, things got busy, but check again! :ajsmug:

What do you think Rainbow Dash would do to you if she read this story?

why is this like the first fic of it's kind that i know of? this should have been a given when the series first came out......


Hot. Can't wait to see the rest of the mane 6 bust into this.

some rutting with various other single mares at special suares regularly held in the spring known as 'mare parties'.


One problem with this: if you want to use a french word, do some research beforehand.

It's soirées, not suares.

Unless it's a word that doesn't mean 'a special night', then I'm sorry.

"Come inside, Rainbow Dash!"

4199522 Seriously? I figured there would be lots of stories about this, that's why I called it 'obvious' in the description, are there really not that many besides this one?

4200162 Thanks! lazy writing on my part... Fixed it.

4202508 i think there's the occasional she fucks a dog/bear/rabbit/possum w/e , but this is the only recollection i have of her actually being a complete good pet sitter and taking care of all their needs and not just enslaving them around because they look cute.....

4186707 Why thank you! :rainbowkiss: What in particular do you like about it, and what do you think I could improve upon, if you don't mind me asking?

Comment posted by clopandcircumstance deleted Apr 9th, 2014

this just got good!

I knew I followed this story for a reason.


A little too short of a chapter for my taste...

It's good, but please please please pleeeeeeeeeeease stop teasing you readers:fluttercry:


this was simply beautiful. I loved every moment of both chapters

:pinkiegasp: She grabbed a dildo...............DILDO.................. I want to know what fluttershy does with it :O MOAR MOAR MOAR MOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR:flutterrage:

4199338 write scenario. Now.


200 favorites!!! woo! Thanks guys :pinkiegasp: :rainbowkiss: :yay:

What in the wide wide world of equestria did I just read? Ewww!

this is amazing more

Sadly, this is more erotic than anything else I've read on FIMFiction lately...

It is a good story though i think the chapters could be longer

I hope we won't have to wait as much for the next chapter, great work!:rainbowwild::rainbowwild::rainbowwild:

more more luneth spark must have more:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

jajajajajajajaja!!!!!! Twilight was there too! jajajajajaja!!!!!
That was fun!

Okay, Fluttershy getting dragged around the room by the wolf knot was pretty funny. She might be a little sore after that. And if not, I bet she will be once the bear gets involved. You could probably include more detail in some of those scenes, by the way, like how the wolf was already finished all of three sentences after mounting her, but eh, up to you.

You know, I actually find the idea of Fluttershy having sex with her animals far more believable than that stuff in the first chapter about the "mare parties" and Spermitzvahs. I'm not sure how common zoophile Fluttershy is in fics, but it's definitely not a new idea on the art side. That's an awful lot of critters, though. Good thing she's gonna get some help now, I suppose.

(Hmm, I probably should have put this comment on chapter three, but initially I was just going to comment about that first bit when they were tied. Oh well.)

Poor Fluttershy. :fluttershysad: Hopefully she'll reconsider letting her friends watch over her from now on.

"Yeah! Come on I baked some brownies just for you!" Pinkie said happily.
"Um... Are they special brownies?"
"Extra special!" Pinkie said, pulling a flashlight out of her mane and turning it on.
"Okay then." Flutters said, and they both walked back home.

I'm not too sure about what's going to happen next, if I'm right in my thoughts... Hopefully I am wrong?

I think we all know what kind of "extra special" brownies they are ;3

There goes my rating for this fic. Here I thought it was gonna get good, and now I got marijuana shit to deal with in yet another story that had so much potential in my opinion. Eh, I guess it's no big deal, I mean, I'm one opinion, but still, the disappointment still bites.

4796880 Calm down, this is not a story about marijuana, it's a story about Fluttershy and her friends fucking animals.

Alright, I'll trust the author on this one.

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