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Bucking Nonsense

A Little Nonsense Now And Then Is Relished By The Wisest Men.


An innocent joke reveals a startling secret.
Due to popular demand, it has been expanded to three chapters, plus a sequel in the near future.

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I hope to see more of Stinkbug....much more.

This could be a personal preference, but the nicknames for Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon didn't read right.

There were also nitpicky formatting errors that made me reread lines.

But solid story!

Diamond Tiara = Changeling? AWESOME IDEA!!! Lov it! :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

I really hope you get the upvotes you're hoping for. I really like this idea and how it's starting to progress! :twilightsmile:

KARMA CHANGELING!!! Less physically painful than the traditional Karma tank, but just as fine a deliverer of justice.

Wonder if Silver Spoon can actually redeem herself with the rest of the school with a week free of DT.

the only thing I can hold against this is that any work on it will slow your other works:fluttershysad:... its not fare this is really quite good but I want it to fail:fluttercry: so I can get more of Ling and Leiurus and Lance but I like Rochelle and stink too:facehoof:. that's it bucking you need to clone your self for better distribution of labor:pinkiehappy:, its the only way this works:twilightsmile:

all of my favorite ocs of yours have names starting with L odd

That...is such a fantastic idea. A pity I cannot smash something to the ground and shout "Another!"

Well, I would, but my wife says we're running out of mugs. :pinkiehappy:

I really like the idea in this story of Changelings being offered the hoof of friendship & given the chance to live alongside Ponies in peace. It's a nice change from all those stories where a changeling is revealed & the Ponies (And sometimes even the Princesses) act like total Xenophobes.

Dat thing doesnt want to add my "thumbs up"! Arghhh! :raritycry::raritydespair:

Silver Spoon and a Changeling...

Can I get a sequel, please?

I really want to see more of this story. I like the idea of Stinky x Silver Spoon. I also want to know what kind of punishment Diamond Tiara will receive (as a small example of what happens to ponies that break this new law.)

I would actually like to see this continue, just to see Diamond Tiara get raked over the coals...

Otherwise, the only comment OI make is to agree wit CastWithGats in that the abbreviated nicknames just didn't seem right to me, though that is a minor quibble.

Having followed most of the other "Bucking nonsense" changeling stories I see this one as a side stories to the "Five Changelings" line as it seems to follow others The one problem I have is with how he handles their shape shifting power and the fact that they have to be contuse to maintain it. This seems unlikely as how would you fool the family of somepony you have replaced when you will change back as soon as its bed time. Imagine the screams when some one wakes to find their wife or husband is really a Changeling.

I kind of agree, but writing out Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon over and over again gets old fast :pinkiesick: .

Well, the main reason I started A Meal Fit For A King was because Ling is nearing the finale, and this one is coming up because Cooking Roach will be ending soon as well. There's just one or two chapters left on both.

Well, as odd as it may seem, it still does fit with the canon, since during The Royal Wedding, changelings that were knocked out changed back.

In my 'verse, commoners usually don't do long-term infiltration. Instead, that's left to aristocrats, who have access to magic, so they can do things like what was done to Shining Armor during the wedding.


Copy-paste? Find/Replace? Easy enough to work around, I'd have thought. Use something like DT or SilS when you are writing, then find/replace as part of the proofing/spellchecking etc process.

Abbreviating them to one syllable names just seems out of character (heck, in the show almost nopony seems to abbreviate). If it's just because you find typing them out a pain, that's... not really a good reason to do it. It - and I'm really trying not too sound harsh here, so please don't take this the wrong way - gives the impression of being less polished/professional, if you take my meaning. (I find it a bit akin to people to use the numbers instead of writing the word, i.e. when people use 2 instead of two - though that's grammatically incorrect on top.)


Yeah, DT is a bit of a sociopath, when you look at her behavior: she doesn't seem to really care about anyone, not even her alleged best friend. She might care about her father, but not enough to, you know, change her atrocious behavior.

Silver Spoon, on the other hand, has at least done a couple of nice things. She tried to comfort Diamond Tiara when DT was upset during one of the very first episodes they appeared in, and was the first to clap during Family Appreciation Day.

We'll see if she can improve with a little time minus the bad influence.


Well maybe find some other ways to refer to them if you agree.

ex. I refer to Vinyl Scratch in a lot of different ways
- the beatnik DJ
- the deliverer of wub


Well, it's not just the fact that typing it out is a pain, precisely. It's more along the lines of, well, it seems so formal, especially when it's two friends, let alone student and teacher. But at the same time, Silver and Diamond don't sound very feminine. You'll notice, if you read my works, that I try not to repeat a character's name over and over. I've found it makes the reading a little smoother.

4132797 Not to mention in Pinkie's Pride DT attempted to steal Silver Spoons milkshake during the musical number. (Silver Spoon recovered it but it shows the tone of the relationship).

Dang it, stop making these cute changeling stories... only kidding, write away!

BN, I don't think saying, "I'll only continue writing if this gets 50+ upvotes" will ever result in not writing. Your stories are excellent, and will gain upvotes regardless.

Down voted because I despise "I won't continue this unless you stroke my ego" comments from authors.

Okay, that made me laugh.

That and how many stories on FiMFiction don't get 50+ upvotes? This site seems like a really easy crowd.

Pro: Funny, cute, covers basic links to other stories, amusing.
Con: Spelling and capitalization, Needs X amount of votes to continue.
seven out of ten.

The end result is a set of regulations that were put into place to ensure the rights of an entire race of sentient creatures

I think you mean "sapient", not "sentient".

"Sentience" (from the latin "sentiens", meaning "feeling" or "perceiving") is the ability to have subjective sensory experiences (eg. seeing "red") rather than merely measuring sensory inputs (eg. identifying a certain wavelength of light). (It's undergirds the concept of animal rights. If you're sentient, you're capable of suffering.)

"Sapience" (from the latin "sapiens", meaning "discerning" or "wise") is the ability to think, reason, and exercise judgement about things.

Sentience is widespread and, as far as I know, universal among mammals. Sapience on Earth is almost unique to humans.

(Also, since it's such a useful term and so many people don't know it, when you're discussing subjective sensory experiences such as "When we look at the same red object, do we see the same color?", you're discussing whether you share the same "qualia".)

4132811 Personally, I'd say getting knocked unconscious interrupts the magic similar to smacking a unicorn's horn.

PS great story. I can't wait for more.

Yes, I definitely want more. Is this an entire 'Verse? If tit isn't, it totally should be.

Princess Celestia official decrees you shall write more under the penalty of death is these orders are not obeyed! Srsly I need more or I am gonna go crazy...:pinkiecrazy:

"most of it is boring for children your age"

Yeah right, more than likely they were forced into prostitution because of their ability to mimic ponies, and let's face it lust is just a good as a substitute as love.

4133287 Evidence is pretty strong regarding the sapience of most types of dolphins (especially the common bottlenose). They show very strong cognitive ability, as well as a pretty clear-cut sense of "self" and the ability to think about themselves as separate individuals, if their responses to mirror experiments are anything to go by, far more so than even African grey parrots, chimps, bonobos, and gorillas. It really is too bad that we can't understand each other enough to converse and truly settle the matter. Yet, anyway.


That's why I said "almost unique to humans". Billions of species on the planet and the number we believe to be sapient can be counted on one hand.

4133822 That was as much for everyone else's edification as yours, BTW.


Ahh, sorry.

I always start with some kind of interjection which clarifies that I'm elaborating and I often forget that others might not, so that didn't occur to me.

I can think of plenty that don't.

I like changelings, and I like Diamond Tiara.

You sir, receive a pass.

Just use one part of their name, like "Diamond" or "Silver". Once you've introduced them into a scene with their full name, and as long as you capitalize the first letter to know we're dealing with proper nouns, then the reader can easily infer who you're talking about. (Although it doesn't hurt to write their full name on occasion to break up the monotony and keep it fresh in the reader's mind.)

I like this story. A bit too much exposition towards the end about the CPA; we could've guessed what it was about with only a paragraph, but still, not a bad story. Also it's nice to read stories where Diamond Tiara gets comeuppance for her BS. After the episode where she taunted Scootaloo about her lack of flying I wanted to punch that pink little so and so right in her ugly face.

So yup, nice work.

4132036 What about the karma charger? You really shouldn't forget about him. I once did.
He killed me dead.

Very Very Defininately MORE!!!!!

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