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Hikari ni nare!


"Heh heh...what a strange fellow you are. I have only met you now, and yet you've already warmed my heart. I feel as though I could share anything with you. Who are you, and what is this place?"

Though most of the adults of Equestria remain oblivious, all the fillies and colts know and love Princess Luna. Whenever their hearts waver, or their lives has taken a turn for the worse, Luna has always been there to comfort them in their dreams. To give warm, heartfelt guidance in their time of need. However, the children often forget that she herself was once tormented by guilt and misery. They don't know the story of how it all started, that before she became the guardian of dreams, she herself was the one needing guidance. This is the tale of how she overcame her sadness all those years ago, the tale of her first dreamwalk and her encounter with a strange, smiling jester clad in purple...


Written and submitted for EqD's Writer's Training Grounds #013 with the prompt, "Guiding the dreams of the realm is no easy task. Few realize, however, that Princess Luna has friends who help her do just that."

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Comments ( 2 )

Interesting crossover with NiGHTS. Can't wait to see where this goes!

An interesting take on the untold post-Nightmare story. I'll be following this.

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