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Orphans - Autum Breeze

After a horibble accident on a train to Canterlot claims their parents lives, Pinkie becomes the guardian of the Cake twins.

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Chapter 6 - Inspired

Chapter 6



Sweetie Belle hovered above Sugarcube Corner.

It had been less than an hour since the meeting in the castle had ended.

She had been flying to meet with Apple Bloom and Scootaloo and reminisce on the days they’d been the Cutie Mark Crusaders. These days the heads of that club were several fillies and a colt that reminded them of themselves at that age.

Sweetie Belle was proud the legacy of the CMC was still alive, even though four years had passed since the three of them had gotten their Cutie Marks. Even Babs Seed, Apple Bloom’s cousin had her Cutie Mark and was helping her Aunt Orange in a hair salon.

Sweetie had stopped over Sugarcube Corner however, upon hearing something she had heard before.

A sobbing. A sobbing only one pony in Ponyville could possible make.

Sweetie Belle flew down, landing outside the cafe/bakery. The closed sign was on the door, though it was normally open at this time of the day.

Using her magic, Sweetie Belle opened the door, using her magic to prevent the bell from signalling her arrival.

Closing the door, she headed into the living area of the bakery and saw Pinkie Pie sitting, her back to the young alicorn.

Her shoulders were rising and falling with the signs of uncontrollable crying.

“Pinkie?” the young princess asked hesitantly.

Pinkie only response was a slight stiffen before she went back to sobbing.

Sweetie Belle wanted to cry now too. She hated seeing Pinkie Pie upset and knew this must have something to do with the meeting. The timing was too close for it not to be.

The young alicorn walked up to the pink mare and gasped.

Pinkie’s eyes were big and puffy, tears stains strong on her cheeks. How long had she been crying, since she got back from the meeting?

She decided to ask before Pinkie became too consumed by her tears to answer.

“What’s wrong, Pinkie?” she put a hoof on the pink alicorn’s knee, a worried look plaguing her features.

“They’ll go before I do,” Pinkie whispered, her voice barely audible

Sweetie Belle blinked. “Who?”

Pinkie merely looked passed Sweetie Belle and sob again.

Sweetie turned her head, following the pink mare’s gaze to a picture of Pound and Pumpkin when they were three, both waving to the camera, huge smiles on their muzzles.

Sweetie Belle understood what Pinkie meant, but instead of being sympathetic, she became angry and rounded on the older mare, making said mare flinch.

“I know they’ll go, Pinkie! Don’t you think we all know that? We’re all in the same boat here!”

Pinkie stared, wide-eyed at the angry young mare standing in front of her.

“Does it matter?” Sweetie asked, and Pinkie blinked in confusion. “The fact that you’ll live beyond them has no point in this, Pinkie—” Sweetie’s eyes narrowed. “Is that why you haven’t told them yet?”

Pinkie flinched.

Sweetie Belle very did a good impression of Twilight under stress as her right-eye twitched with angry. “Are you serious?”

Pinkie looked down, tears welling in her eyes. “I don’t want them hating me. I love them so much, Sweetie Belle. I couldn’t bear it if they hated me til the day they died. It would haunt me forever—”

“The fact that you would even think that makes me even angrier!” the white alicorn interrupted, startling the pink one. “It goes against everything you Pinkie Promised the Cakes! It goes against what you said the day I joined the princesses!”

Pinkie blinked, seeming not to understand.

Sweetie Belle’s lips pulled back in a snarl. “Are you telling me you’ve forgotten how I got my Cutie mark, why I became an alicorn?”


4 years 11 months ago

Sweetie Belle was trudging through Ponyville, her head held low.

Another attempt to get her Cutie Mark and still nothing. Neither she, nor Apple Bloom and Scootaloo seemed any closer to getting their marks than when they’d first formed the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

She sighed, her mane covering her eyes. Maybe tomorrow at least one of us will get their mark.

As she passed Sugarcube Corner she heard something. Something she wasn’t used to hearing near the cafe/bakery. It sounded like... crying.

Sweetie Belle turned to the door and saw that it had the Closed sign on it.

The unicorn frowned. Sugarcube Corner never closed this early. The sun wasn’t even setting yet.

Curious, she walked up to the door and lightly pushed it open. The bell tingled, signalling her arrival.

The store was dark, the lights out, chair stacked on top of tables.

After the bell sounded, for a second the crying stopped, but then it continued as if nothing had happened.

Sweetie Belle moved towards the back of the store, the living side of it, where the sound seemed to be coming from.

She tiptoed into the living room, where the crying was the loudest. The lights were out, but she could still see pretty well.

What she saw made her gasped.

Pinkie Pie was lying on one of the couches, tears streaming down her face, her body shaking as it was racked with sobs.

Not sure what had happened, but not wanting to see one of her favourite ponies so upset, Sweetie Belle walked up to Pinkie.

The distraught Earth Pony hadn’t even noticed Sweetie Belle.


The mare looked up, staring at the filly like she’d never seen her before.

Sweetie put a hoof on Pinkie's shoulder, who twitched in response.

“Pinkie, what’s wrong?” she asked, with all the innocence of a filly.

Pinkie sniffed, her lips quivering.

“I-I— I—” Pinkie pulled the small filly into a tight embrace, her sobs returning tenfold as she poured her emotions onto the small filly.

“I-I didn’t want to be th-their m-m-mommy!” she wailed into the white furred shoulder. “I-I know you’re all he-helping... b-but...”

Sweetie Belle returned the hug, wanting to comfort her distraught friend.

“It’s okay, Pinkie,” she said quietly, rubbing her back gentling, just like Rarity had done to her whenever she was upset. “You’ll be a great mother. I know it’s not what you wanted, but the twins are depended on you. You’re all they have left. You need to be strong, for them, if for nopony else.”

After a few minutes of them hugging, Sweetie Belle rubbing her back, Pinkie sniffled and pulled away, giving the small unicorn a tiny smile.

“Thank you, Sweetie Belle,” she said, her voice hoarse. “I’ll do my best.”

Sweetie Belle smiled back, glad she helped Pinkie remember why she’d agreed to care for the Cakes’ twins in the first place.

There was a sudden flash of white light.

It was so sudden and the room was so dark, it blinded both ponies and they rubbed their eyes, wondering what could have caused it.

When their eyesight returned, Pinkie was staring at Sweetie Belle. More precisely, something a little behind Sweetie Belle.

The white unicorn turned her head and her eyes widened. On her flank was a bright green heart where there was blank white fur mere seconds ago.

“I-is... is that my Cutie Mark?” she asked, her voice quivering with both joy and shock.

Before Pinkie could answer though, there was another flash of white light.

This time, however, when her eyesight returned, Sweetie Belle she was standing alone in a starry blue field that radiated magic everywhere. Pinkie was nowhere to be seen.

“What?” Sweetie Belle asked. “Where am I? Pinkie? Pinkie, is this a joke? It isn’t funny.”

Sweetie Belle trotted around in a circle, looking around. She called out a few more times, asking where she was, but the only thing she heard were echoes of her own voice. She sat down, glancing around at the starry ground.

What had just happened?

She was helping Pinkie feel better, she gets her Cutie Mark and now she was in this... wherever it was?

The sound of hooves echoing on tiles reached her ears, which perked and she looked around.

Something was walking towards her from within the endless void of starry blue void surrounding her.

Whatever it was, it was white and large.

Sweetie Belle blinked. Wait. That kinda looked like... Was that...?

The white image came into focus and Sweetie Belle’s jaw dropped.

“Princess Celestia?!” she gasped as the princess of the sun stood before her, a warm smile on her face.

“Hello, Sweetie Belle,” she said, her voice as gentle as a summer breeze. “It seems you proved yourself worthy.”

“Worthy?” the unicorn raised an eyebrow. “Worthy of what?”

Celestia’s smile somehow became warmer. “Welcome, Sweetie Belle, Goddess and Princess of Inspiration.”

Before she could get her answer, there was another huge flash of light and Sweetie Belle was once again standing in front of Pinkie Pie, who’s eyes were even wider than before.

Sweetie Belle shook her head, trying to get the stars flashing out from her eyes.

“What... what just happened?” she asked, rubbing her head with a forehoof, then paused.

She’d brushed her horn and something felt... different. She moved her hoof higher and noticed her horn had become a little bit longer and a tiny bit pointier.

At that moment she felt something on her back. Something that hadn’t been there before.

She looked over her shoulder and her haw dropped while her pupils became no larger than pins.

On her back was pair of white feathered wings, tinged light-gray at their edges.


The Princess of Inspiration glared at Pinkie, who cowered a little.

“Do you remember what I did after I realized I had become an alicorn?” Sweetie asked, her voice dripping with venom. “I ran, straight to Twilight’s, scared out of my mind! I know that Princess Celestia and Princess Luna have lived far longer than the one thousand years that Luna was banished to the moon. And in that time, the one thousand years, everypony Luna cared for, her friends and family, save Celestia, they all died, Pinkie. When she returned, Celestia was the only pony left who could understand her.

“If not for Twilight, she might have never been happy and reached out to the rest of us. She’d have lived the rest of eternity, feeling all alone, possibly returning to being Nightmare Moon, if only so that Celestia would banish her to the moon for good!”

Pinkie Pie just stared, her face showing she had no idea what Sweetie Belle was getting at.

“You know why I was so upset about becoming an alicorn?” Sweetie Belle demanded, tears appearing in her eyes. “I knew that, being an alicorn, I’d out-live every non-alicorn. I knew I’d out-live my parents, my friends and even Rarity, before you all became alicorns too. I knew I’d be all alone and the only pony I’d be able to talk to was Twilight.

“She comforted me, telling me that even if it did come to that, she’d be my big sister and I’d have her forever. She’d be there for me, even when I was feeling like nopony understood me. She and Spike would look out for me.”

Sweetie Belle let her tears fall, causing Pinkie to gasp, her ears fall flat against her head.

“And now I find you, telling me you won’t tell them because you don’t want to risk losing the love they have for you? Are you telling me what I did that day, inspiring you to keep caring for them like your own foals, it was all for nothing? That I got my Cutie Mark and became the Alicorn of Inspiration for no reason? That I thought I'd have to watch my sister grow old and die and that I’ll still have to watch my best friends grow old and die while I live on for no reason at all?”

Sweetie Belle fell to her haunches and started sobbing, her hooves over her eyes.


Pinkie Pie stared at the crying alicorn in front of her.

For a second, she didn’t know what to do, then her instincts kicked back in and she pulled the tiny alicorn into a big huge.

She let Sweetie Belle sob into her chest, holding her like a unicorn filly had done so long ago now.

Like back when Twilight had held her, she was ashamed of herself. Here she was feeling sorry for herself, when she hadn’t even considered how Sweetie Belle was feeling.

Sure, she’d noticed how Sweetie Belle had stayed at Twilight’s house for the first few days after she’d become an alicorn, but she’d never thought as to why. She just assumed she was having a week-long sleepover with Spike.

Not once had she thought that Sweetie Belle was afraid of her new life as an immortal.

After a couple minutes, Sweetie Belle calmed down, her sobs having falling into sniffles.

“You okay?” she asked quietly, looking down at the small alicorn.

Sweetie Belle looked up at her, a small smile on her face, a tiny chuckle escaping her lips. “Wasn’t it me who came to stop you feeling sad?”

Pinkie giggled, pulling her back into another hug. “Thank you, Sweetie. You really earned your Cutie Mark in Inspiration.”

Sweetie Belle just held onto her cousin, smiling into her pink fur.

Author's Note:

here's chapter 6.

i know some might wonder why i wrote a chapter that centered around Sweetie Belle and her rise to alicornhood. well, that was because i knew someponies were wondering about it, so i decided I'd do it.

i hope it wasn't too much of a change in story perspective. it is leading to later on, when pinkie reveals the truth. she just needed an extra push and Sweetie Belle provided it.

I also thought it would be good to show Sweetie Belle knows what her being an alicorn means in the long run, so that in later chapters people wont question why her emotions go the way they do.

also, i don't know if her becoming an alicorn makes her twilight's cousin, and since pinkie's an alicorn now, hers too. i think it makes them sisters? Not sure.

anyway, I've prattled on long enough and will take me leave.

Please read, comment and enjoy.