• Published 22nd Mar 2014
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Orphans - Autum Breeze

After a horibble accident on a train to Canterlot claims their parents lives, Pinkie becomes the guardian of the Cake twins.

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Chapter 2 - The Funeral

Chapter 2

The Funeral


A knock came from the door.

Pinkie looked up, sighed, stood on her hooves and walked towards the door.

She started to open the door, when Twilight rushed in, going passed Pinkie without even realizing it.

“Pinkie, I’m so sorry I’m late—” the alicorn stopped, looking around in confusion. “Pinkie? Pinkie, are you here?”

“Behind you.”

Twilight turned and the relief on her face, turned to great worry.

Pinkie glared at Twilight, her mane flat. “Three days, Twilight. Three days.”

“Pinkie, I’m sorry,” Twilight began, taking a step forward. “As a princess, I had to remain in Canterlot so the populace knew I wasn’t just shrugging the accident off heartlessly—”

“The others all came!” Pinkie snapped, tears brimming in her eyes. “They all came as soon as they heard. I needed you, but you weren’t here.”

“Pinkie,” Twilight looked like she was going to cry, but was holding back thanks to all her princess training.

“I needed you, Twilight,” Pinkie growled and sobbed at the same time. “You’re the only one I have left now that— that—”

Pinkie broke down, her sobbing racking her body.

The alicorn hurried over and pulled her marefriend into a comforting hug.

Pinkie accepted the embrace and started wailing like a new born foal, though making sure to not be so loud as to wake the twins, her whole body shaking as she pooled all the emotions she’d had to hide from everypony over the last three days, especially the twins.

After a while, Pinkie’s wailing, turned to sobs, that slowly descended into sniffles.

“I’m sorry this happened, Pinkie,” Twilight murmured quietly, stroking the distressed pink pony’s mane with a hoof. “I wish I could do something more than comfort you. I... I'm a princess, for Celestia’s sake and I can’t even do anything to help the mare most important to me.”

Pinkie sniffled, her head resting against Twilight’s chest.

“Its okay, Twiley,” she whispered, hiccuping. “Sorry I shouted at you. I just... this is so hard.”

“I know,” Twilight nodded as she held Pinkie.

“It hurts so much,” Pinkie’s choked as new tears started falling, soaking Twilight’s fur even further.

“I know, Pinkie,” Twilight murmured, sniffling herself. “I know.”

They remained that way for a few more minutes.

Pinkie was ashamed of herself. She was the one who always made other ponies happy, even when they were at their saddest, but this time she was the one who needed to be comforted.

Eventually, Pinkie looked up at Twilight with puffy eyes. “So, why’d it take you so long to get back?”

Twilight sighed sadly. “I’ve been doing what I can to arrange the funeral.”

Pinkie flinched. If the twins didn’t realize what was happening now, why their parents weren’t back yet, they’d surely understand when she took them to the funeral.

She couldn’t not take them. She knew Mr. and Mrs. Cake wouldn’t have wanted that. They’d have wanted to say one last goodbye to their children, before parting to the afterlife.

“Will you... stay with me?” Pinkie asked, her voice as quiet as Fluttershy’s. “I... I don’t wanna be alone tonight.”

Twilight answered by tightening her hold on Pinkie. “Sure, Pinkie. Anything for you.”


The bright day was a horrible contrast to the feeling of the ponies gathered in the town square.

All of Ponyville had turned up and were seated in fold-out chairs that stretched to the end of the square and even went a little further.

Everypony was dressed in black and black banners with both Cakes’ cutie marks were hung all around the square.

A low, sad horn sounded and everypony turned to the isle. Four stallions, including Big Macintosh were carrying a large wooden coffin, big enough for two down the aisle, with a picture of Mr. and Mrs. Cake on their wedding night, smiling, the world at their feet.

Pinkie was in front of them, walking solemnly, her mane flat and a single black balloon tied to her tail.

Standing on the recently constructed platform in front of them, were all the princesses and prince Shining Armour, all with solemn faces.

The four stallions lowered the casket and went to their respective seats.

Pinkie stood by the coffin, looking at anything but.

Celestia walked up to the front of the platform and cleared her throat. “My little ponies, today we say farewell to two ponies who did nothing but bring happiness to those around them. Carrot and Cup Cake loved each other as much as anypony could expect. Their love for their children and those they knew, even more so. In losing them, we have lost two ponies who, had fate been kinder to them, would have lived happily til old age and passed naturally...”

Pinkie didn’t hear the rest of Celestia’s speech. Her eyes were on the two foals now in her care, currently sitting on Applejack’s lap.

Both had perplexed looks, which she guessed she understood.

It would be a long time before they fully understood.

After Celestia had finished her speech, the other members of the Royal Family gave their own speeches. Now, it was her turn.

Pinkie slowly trotted to the front of the platform and looked out at the residents of Ponyville, none having every seen the pink party pony sad before.

She sighed and began. “Mr. and Mrs. Cake were like my second mom and dad. They took me in when I had nowhere else to go and treated me like a member of their family. If anypony ever told me they had a problem with something the Cakes had made, I refused to believe them until I saw or tasted the problem myself, knowing they never made a mistake.”

Tears slid down her muzzle, but she wiped them away and continued.

“The idea that they’re gone... is still too hard for me to believe. It pains me to know that now, every day I wake up in the morning, I won’t see their smiling faces. I’ll never hear their laughter.”

She took a deep breath, and looked firmly out at the crowd. “But I will continue running Sugarcube Corner in their name. It was their heart and soul and they worked their whole lives to create it and make it a family business. I won’t let that dream die out. It will live on, through me, Pumpkin and Pound Cake. We will keep their dream alive for them. That is a Pinkie Promise.”

She made the gestures, though no pony thought it funny this time, for they knew how serious this was.

Once done, Pinkie turned, walked over to the coffin and placed a hoof on it.

“I’ll keep this promise til the day I die,” she whispered, closing her eyes. “Don’t worry. I’ll raise them to be the bestest ponies you’ve ever seen.”

With that, she moved away.

Celestia’s horn ignited and the coffin caught fire. When the flames faded, there was a small silver urn in its place.

Luna levitated it over to Pinkie who took it with a nod.

With that, it was over. Everypony started filing out, none speaking.

Her friends came over and all embraced the pink mare as tears rolled down her cheeks.

“We’re here for you, Pinkie,” they all said.

Pinkie sniffled. “Thanks, girls.”


Pinkie Pie looked down at the two foals by her hooves. They were smiling at her, the way foals always do.

She picked them up and held them close.

"Don't worry, you two," she sniffled as they hugged her in return, though they couldn't know how much better that made her feel. "We'll get through this. I'll make sure you have fun everyday and are always happy."

It's what they would've wanted, she looked up at the sky and could easily imainge the two smiling down at them. I won't let you down... Carrot... Cup. I'll do my best.

Author's Note:

here's chapter two.

i know it's sad, but the sad and tradgey tag should've warned you.

i do fear it seems a bit rushed. i don't have too much longer on this computer, so i had to write quickly. i was gonna make this chapter a bit longer and more detailed, maybe having Twilight's speech written and Celestia's speech was gonna go on for longer, but i think it still has the right affect even without.

also, yes, this is a fic with twipie. i felt it was right for this one.

anyway, i will see to when i can get chapter 3 out, but i can't make any promises of when. with my luck i wont even be able to use the iPad to READ any fics, let alone write more chapters.

now, with that all said and done please read, comment and enjoy