• Published 20th Mar 2014
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Silver Lining - StoryDragon

As she grows up, Silver Spoon begins to wonder if there's more to her than just living in Diamond Tiara's Shadow.

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As the sun began to rise high over Equestria, Silver Spoon rubbed her tired eyes and groaned. She always looked forward to her Saturday shopping trips with Diamond Tiara - but not today. Silver was certain that the two of them would bump into the Cutie Mark Crusaders if they ventured into town. If that happened, she wouldn't have a chance.

Sweetie Belle may have promised to keep Silver Spoon’s secret as long as Silver didn't hassle them, but what if Diamond Tiara wanted to have some fun with those blank flanks? Di would be furious if Silver didn't back her up. Besides, even if she didn't join in, how could she be sure that dim-witted unicorn would keep her word anyway? If Sweetie Belle blabbed, she would surely be complete laughing stock, and what was worse – she would lose her best friend!

The filly lay in bed for a while, wondering what to do. She could pretend to be sick, but that wouldn’t stop Diamond Tiara from going shopping without her.

Silver Spoon concluded that she should go along with the shopping trip as normal, but she would keep a close eye out for the CMC. If she saw them, then she would find a way to distract Diamond Tiara, and get away as fast as possible – that was the plan.

The drowsy mare reluctantly prepared herself for the day. Then, she gathered her largest - and most fancy looking - satchel, and set off to meet with her friend.

The household maid greeted Silver at the entrance,

“Good Morning Silver Spoon.” She bowed politely, “Did you sleep well?”

“Not really Dustress,” Silver grumbled,

“Sorry to hear that dear.” Dustress sympathised, “But you’ll be glad to know that your little friend Diamond Tiara is waiting for you outside!”

“Huh?!” This caught Silver Spoon by surprise; Diamond never called for her.

“I asked her if she’d like to come in, but said she would preferred to wait out in the sunshine.” Dustress explained.

“Di!” Silver darted outside to greet her friend.

“Silver Spoon, why didn’t you call for me this morning?” Diamond scolded her, “I was ready half an hour ago!”

“Oh urm…” Silver hesitated, “I… guess I overslept, sorry Di.”

The pink filly didn’t look impressed,

“Don’t let it happen again.” She ordered, then headed off in the direction of Ponyville.

“Wh… where are we going first?” Silver asked nervously as she trotted alongside Diamond Tiara.

“I feel like a milkshake.” Di replied, “So let’s go to Sugar cube corner.”

“O…okay…” Replied Silver Spoon.

She really didn’t care about milkshakes, but knowing exactly where they were headed was crucial if Silver Spoon was going to be on her guard at all times.

Sugar Cube Corner was a bakery and café. The building itself looked like a giant, brightly coloured cake. Candy and sprinkles decorated the exterior, the roof looked as though it had been coated with icing, and at the very top were three lights which resembled large candles.

Silver Spoon couldn’t help but marvel at the magnificent design, but Diamond didn’t seem to care. She entered the café and headed straight for the counter, where Mrs. Cake – one of the bakers, greeted the two of them with a smile.

“Miss Diamond Tiara, how are you? And it’s nice to see you as well Miss Silver Spoon!”

Diamond rudely ignored Mrs Cake’s politeness,

“Two milkshakes.” She placed some bits on the counter, “Strawberry and chocolate - to go.”

Forever cheerful, Mrs Cake ignored Diamond’s attitude.

“Pinkie, did you get that?” She asked the pink, frizzy maned mare who was stirring up some batter behind her.

“What an excellent choice!” Pinkie Pie turned, so quickly that she had to steady the bowl in front of her before it tipped over, “They’ll be right with you!” She bounced up and down excitedly before leaving the room to prepare the milkshakes.

Diamond grunted and whispered,

“Half-full probably.”

Silver Spoon chuckled; she didn’t care for Pinkie's antics much either.

The bubbly earth pony soon reappeared, and handed the milkshakes over to Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon respectively. They were actually intact.

“I love chocolate milkshakes!” Pinkie exclaimed, “But I love strawberry milkshakes too! You know what would be good? A chocolate AND strawberry milkshake! Oh… but that might be difficult to mix together… maybe we could put the strawberries on top… oh no! They would sink wouldn’t they? This is such a dilemma!”

“Pinkie…” Mrs Cake gave her apprentice a glance, “Don’t you have cupcakes to make?”

“Oh yes!” Pinkie Pie’s blue eyes lit up, she waved goodbye to Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, “See you guys later! It’s always nice serving friends!”

“Friends?” Di sniggered once Pinkie had returned to her batter, “She’s completely delusional.”

Mrs Cake actually seemed a little saddened, having overheard the comment aimed toward Pinkie Pie.

Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon left Sugar Cube corner, and found a nice little table to sit at and enjoy their milkshakes. It was a nice day, and many ponies were out and about enjoying the sunshine. Diamond was her usual self; confident and sassy, and making comments about pretty much every pony who passed by.

“Raindrops could really use some mane extensions. Her style is so choppy, and she needs her split ends sorting out too.” Diamond said loudly as a yellow pegasus flew overhead.

“Yeah,” Agreed Silver Spoon, “Those weather ponies are always flying around sorting out the sky in full view of us all. You’d think they’d make themselves a little more presentable.”

Raindrops glanced down at the two, and then lifted her mane with her hoof, trying to work out if their comments were valid.

A turquoise unicorn then skipped by their table in a cheerful manner, Diamond rolled her eyes,

“And what’s with the way Lyra mindlessly prances around all day? She’s always so spaced out all the time; no wonder she can’t get a real job.”

“She’ll never get anywhere in life if she doesn’t get her head out of the clouds.” Silver added.

The unicorn turned her head as she overheard the remark, and Silver Spoon noticed her facial expression change; she looked rather hurt.

“And is it just me," Diamond continued, spying her next victim, "or does Berry Punch’s perfume always smell like she’s just bathed in a giant pot of jam or something? There are so many different perfumes to choose from, made from actual flowers, so why in Equestria would you choose to smell like fruit?”

“She probably doesn’t even use perfume.” Silver Spoon suggested, “She probably just rolls around on some grapes every morning.”

This gained a hearty laugh from Diamond Tiara, which made Silver Spoon feel fantastic.

A purple earth pony with a grape and strawberry cutie mark, stopped in her tracks. She lowered her head and kicked at the ground, then approached the two.

“Well I am sorry if my essence isn’t to your liking your majesties.” She said sarcastically, before adding, “You kids are so rich, why don’t you go and buy yourself some manners?”
Diamond Tiara’s face fell, and Silver Spoon suddenly felt scared; no pony ever confronted them.

“Y..you can’t talk to us like that!” Diamond shouted at the grown mare, “I…I’ll tell my father!”

“Pssh.” Berry Punch wasn’t fazed, “young lady, if your father is too busy to discipline you for your attitude, then he will be too busy to confront me for calling you out on it.”

Diamond looked stumped and afraid. She really wasn’t expecting anypony to talk back to her. Silver Spoon gulped; she wanted to say something, something clever and funny that would render Berry Punch speechless and make her leave, but she was afraid, too. Silver Spoon hated being shouted at, it was another reason she felt comfortable being in the company of Diamond Tiara. Di could usually get away with anything, due to her and her families’ reputation. No pony else ever stood up to her, they all knew better than that, but Berry Punch clearly didn’t.

A few seconds of silence passed by, Silver Spoon could tell that Diamond Tiara felt too uncomfortable to argue back. Then, finally, Berry Punch left.

“What was her problem?” Silver managed to say, “We were only joking around…right Di?”

Diamond scowled at the ground, “Shut up, Silver.” She replied.


After finishing their milkshakes, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon headed into town to do some shopping. Diamond was in a bad mood. She said nothing to Silver Spoon, and even managed to purchase a few items by picking them up and handing the cash over to the sales ponies silently.

Silver Spoon didn’t purchase anything, she wasn’t much of a shopper. Besides, Silver was almost certain that if she stopped to admire something, Diamond - being in such a foul mood - would probably just leave the store without her. For the next hour or so, Silver racked her brain, trying to think of some way to cheer Diamond up. She was so busy thinking, that she didn’t notice a purple ball heading straight for her.

“Ouch!!” Silver rubbed her head as the ball hit her right in the face. She felt her glasses to make sure they were still intact, before looking up to see… them.

“Oops… sorry about that Silver Spoon.” Scoolaloo sounded a little insincere with her apology.

Silver Spoon froze. She didn’t feel angry; she felt sick. She stared up into the eyes of Scootaloo, then Apple Bloom, and finally, Sweetie Belle, and said nothing.

“So you should be!” Diamond Tiara suddenly piped up, “Why in Equestria are you playing ball in the middle of town? You clumsy little blank flanks.”

“We aren’t playing ball!” Apple Bloom answered, “Scootaloo just bought it and…”

“A ball? That’s what you go shopping for?” Diamond Tiara laughed, she picked up the ball before turning back to the cutie mark crusaders “How old are you?”

“G…give it back…” Apple Bloom stuttered, “its Scootaloo’s!”

Diamond ignored her, “So what? You’re trying to earn your cutie marks in ball games now? What a lame way to spend a weekend!”

“Just give us our ball!” Scootaloo demanded,

"You should have asked more nicely, you useless little flightless pegasus.” Diamond taunted, she lifted her hoof and threw the ball behind her, “Catch, Silver!”

The ball landed directly in front of Silver Spoon, but the anxious young filly did not try to catch it. Diamond looked irritated, but for once Silver Spoon was more focused on the reaction of Sweetie Belle; the unicorn who knew the secret which could ruin her life forever.

“Silver Spoon, what are you doing? I said catch it!” Diamond Tiara looked annoyed, “Pick it up and throw it somewhere!”

Silver didn’t know what to do, and so she did nothing. She looked at Di, then at Sweetie Belle, and felt her heart begin to pound. If she didn’t throw the ball, Diamond Tiara would be mad, but if she did, then Sweetie Belle would tell Diamond about her being a waitress. The young mare froze, and felt herself welling up.

The cutie mark crusaders stood puzzled for a moment, and then Scootaloo approached the ball, and picked it up without a problem.

“Wha….” Diamond couldn’t believe her eyes; why was Silver Spoon ignoring her?

The grey filly felt her body begin to shake, and her breathing became rapid and uncontrollable. She scrunched her eyes, and said,

“Sorry Di.”

Then, she ran away as fast as she could.

“Silver Spoon! Silver Spoon get back here!” Diamond called after her,

Apple Bloom and Scootaloo watched, not quite sure what had just happened. Sweetie Belle didn’t say a word; she actually felt a little guilty.

Diamond turned to face them,

“What in Equestria have you three done to Silver Spoon?” She stomped her hooves, demanding a response.

“What? We ain’t done nothin’ to her!” Apple Bloom replied, “I have no idea why she just ran off like that!”

Diamond Tiara gritted her teeth, “Look here you little blank flanks. If I find out that you’ve done anything to my friend, you’re in big trouble, understand?”

Sweetie Belle gulped, but Apple Bloom and Scootaloo weren’t intimidated.

“I told ya, we ain’t done nothin’!” Apple Bloom repeated.

“Grrr!” Diamond gave a final stomp, before setting off to find Silver Spoon.

Silver raced through the streets, bumping into several ponies along the way. Finally, with tears streaming from her eyes, and her heart pounding faster than ever, she reached her home. Her father was at work, and the only pony present in the house was Dustress, the maid. She was busy cleaning in another room, but turned when she heard the front door open and close. When she went to investigate, Silver Spoon was already half way up the stairs, so she shrugged and continued cleaning.

Silver Spoon was in a mad state of panic. She laid on her majestic king sized bed, and cried her eyes out. She was trying to rationalise the situation, but the more she tried to think of a way to fix everything, the more the visions of the Cutie Mark Crusaders and Diamond Tiara taunting her, corrupted her mind. This time, Diamond was calling her a freak and a coward, and making comments such as,

“I can’t believe you ran away! You’re so pathetic.” and “I don’t know why I was ever friends with you, you’re just as bad as those blank flanks.”
Silver cried more, “Di, Diamond no… no… please no.”

The tearful filly then reached into a beautiful oak chest of drawers beside her bed, and took out a small pink book - it was a diary. She opened the velvet cover to reveal tons of scribbles, messy writing, and photographs of a young Silver Spoon, playing with her best friend, Diamond Tiara. The two used to spend almost every day together, and write each other letters during the times when they were apart. Silver Spoon had kept every single one.

She began to read through the letters, one was from Diamond when she had pony-pox and had to stay off school for an entire week:

“Dear Silver Spoon, I hate being ill, it’s so boring. Daddy says I need to get plenty of rest, but I want to go to the park with you. When I’m better we will have to go. The weather is nice and I have some amazing sun glasses to show off.
See you soon,
From your BFF, Di xx”

Silver remembered that she had made a get well soon card for her friend on that particular occasion. She wondered whether Diamond Tiara still had it - probably not.
Another letter was from when Diamond took a trip to Canterlot with her family.

“Dear Silver, Canterlot is so cool. Everyone dresses like they’re famous or something. I wish you could see it. Maybe next time I’ll ask my Daddy if you can come too. Then we can dress better than all of them and be the best princesses.
Missing you loads!
From your BFF, Di xx”

Silver Spoon smiled; she and Diamond Tiara always used to play princesses when they were younger. In fact, that is sort of how they met. She laid back and recalled the memory, having calmed down enough now to be able to control her own thoughts.

It was Silver Spoon’s first day of Kindergarten. Originally, her parents had decided their daughter was to be given private tuition her entire life, but Silver wasn’t quite living up to the ridiculously high expectations of her strict tutor. It was Silver’s mother’s idea to send her to Ponyville Kindergarten… and the filly was terrified.

As she entered the seemingly enormous building, Silver Spoon noticed the walls decorated with colourful patterns and pictures drawn by the other youngsters. Silver didn’t know any pony, and she had no idea how to make friends. Once Silver Spoon’s parents had spoken with the Kindergarten teacher, they patted her head affectionately,

“You’ll be fine,” Her mother assured her,

Silver Spoon’s mother was a beautiful purple coated earth pony. Her plaited mane matched her daughters, in both colour and style. Her tail was also braided, and her light grey eyes sparkled like real silver. The filly often wondered if she would ever grow up to be as pretty as her mother.

Silver Spoon watched her dear parents leave, and was prompted by the teacher to make her way into class and introduce herself to the others. As the timid foal explored the classroom, she saw the young fillies and colts painting, playing with building blocks, and learning how to count. Silver had never really cared for painting, building blocks, or counting, and so she walked over to the small row of book cases at the far end of the area, and began browsing the shelves. She soon found a book she liked the look of, called 'The Moonlight Princess', and was about to open it when she heard a squeaky voice.

“No Peppermint you can’t use that block for the ramp, it’s the wrong shape!”

Silver Spoon peered around the other side of the book cases, where a very pretty young earth pony was sitting on top of a pile of blocks. Her eyes were a bright sky blue, and her mane was curly and streaked; she looked like a real princess.

A red pegasus filly with a white striped mane was arranging books around the block pile, creating a wall around the back. She was using the building blocks to make steps, and trying to place a larger book over them to work as a ramp. She was having great difficulty finding blocks which formed a perfect slant, and as a result, the book kept sliding off.

“It’s too steep!” Diamond Tiara complained, “Snips, Snails, where are you? Get over here will ya?”

Silver watched two young male unicorns join the fillies. Snails was taller than the other ponies in class. He had freckles and a dopey expression. Snips was short and plump with a scruffy mane. The two carried flags which they placed either side of the tower. Peppermint lifted her head to admire the flats, and as she did, once again, the ramp fell to pieces, much to the disapproval of Diamond Tiara.

“If you can’t build me a proper ramp, I’ll find some pony who can.” Diamond snapped. That’s when she noticed Silver Spoon.

“Hey four eyes, come over here.”

Silver gulped; surely this demanding young filly didn’t expect her to…

“You look smart I guess, fix this bridge.”

Silver didn’t say a word, she dropped the book she had chosen from the shelf, which caused Diamond to glance down and see the title. Peppermint, Snips and Snails watched as Silver Spoon removed the book ramp and began to rearrange the steps, making them more leveled. When she was finished, Silver Spoon placed the book back on top, and sure enough, it didn’t slide. Diamond admired her work. She looked very stern at first, then exclaimed,

“Not bad! See Peppermint, that’s how you build a ramp fit for a princess!”

The young red filly stuck her tongue out and left, whilst Snips and Snails continued fixing their flags. Diamond turned to Silver Spoon.

“So, you like books about princesses too?” She asked, “This is one of my favourites, although I’m not big on reading, she looks really cool!”

Silver smiled. Diamond seemed confused by her silence.

“What’s your name?”

The young grey filly looked up timidly, “Urm… It’s Silver Spoon…”

Diamond tilted her head, “You look rich... is your family rich?”

Silver Spoon wasn’t sure how to answer, “Well, I supposed, my Daddy buys a lot of buildings.”

Diamond Tiara grinned, “Well Madame Silver Spoon, “Welcome to my Kingdom. Let me show you around…”

Silver felt overwhelmed with delight. Diamond Tiara took her around the classroom, showing her the different activities and telling her all about the other ponies. Silver Spoon noticed that Diamond had good knowledge of the others, but she didn’t seem particularly fond of any of them. She would make comments such as,

“That’s Mudpie, keep away from him, he eats mud.”

And “Those are the twins over there, Orchard and Aviary, they aren’t very bright, but they’ll pretty much do anything you ask.”

She spoke loudly, so that the poor young ponies heard every insulting word she said, but Diamond Tiara didn’t care at all. At the end of the day, Silver Spoon’s father was late collecting her. So Diamond took Silver over to her family, and introduced them,

“Mommy, Daddy, This is Silver Spoon. She’s an upper class genius pony.” Diamond put a hoof around her new friend affectionately.

Silver Spoon had never felt so happy. Diamond liked her, Diamond didn’t seem to like any pony else - but she liked her.

The two became the best of friends. They even started playing together every day after school. They pretended to be princesses; Diamond Tiara would be Princess Celestia, and Silver Spoon would be Princess Luna, just like in the stories. Diamond Tiara was the only pony who thought that Silver Spoon was cool and special, and Silver Spoon thought that Diamond Tiara was cool and special, too.

Back in her room, Silver Spoon wiped a tear from her eye and looked at all of the photographs the two had taken together, from the day they met, to the present day. Photos of them at the beach, in Manehatten, at one another's birthday parties, dressing up as Princesses; they had shared so many great memories together. Silver Spoon then closed the diary - which itself was also a birthday present from her best, and only friend. The distressed filly then lay on her back, hugging the book tightly to her chest.

“It’s over.” She sobbed, “It’s all over.”


Suddenly, Silver was distracted by a knock at her bedroom door, and Dustress’s voice called in;

“Miss Silver Spoon, you have a visitor!”

“J…just a minute!!” The filly called back.

Silver sat up and tried to rub her eyes dry; maybe it wasn’t over after all. Maybe Sweetie Belle had remained true to her word, and not told Diamond Tiara about her little secret. In that case, Silver could make up an excuse for her bizarre behavior. She could just tell Diamond that she ran away because she was sick of being around those blank flanks. Sure, her reaction was a little extreme, but that’s because she hated them so much… okay, that wasn’t very convincing, but it was all she had to go on. Maybe if she apologised, and if they had a great day out shopping together, Diamond would forget all about her running away. It was a long shot, but Silver Spoon had to try, she just had to.
She left her room and ran down the stairs, panting as she spoke.

“Oh Di, I’m so sorry… it’s just… you see… well I can’t stan….”

Silver paused when she noticed the white unicorn standing in the entrance. The pony in front of her wasn’t Diamond Tiara – it was Sweetie Belle.

Anxiety kicked in once again. Silver Spoon gasped and took a step back, “Wh… what are you doing here? Haven’t you ruined my life yet?” She snapped - how dare Sweetie Belle visit her home?

The unicorn ignored her anger,

“I came to see if you were alright Silver Spoon.” She replied.

Silver was stunned, and so Sweetie Belle continued, shuffling her front hoof as she spoke.

“I didn’t mean to black mail you.” She explained, “If it really means that much to you; if it’s going to cause you this much stress, then… I won’t say anything about you being a waitress. Not to my friends, not to Diamond Tiara, not to any pony...”

The kind hearted young unicorn’s gentle words both surprised and soothed Silver Spoon. She was a little skeptical at first, but Sweetie Belle had come alone, and she looked pretty sincere.

“But what if Di…what if we…are mean to you?” She asked.

“Put it this way,” Sweetie Belle smiled, “We’ll just pretend like the whole restaurant thing never even happened. Wipe it clean from your memory, and I’ll do the same.”

Silver couldn’t prevent her mouth falling open, she gathered herself before replying,

“Sweetie Belle… after everything...t…thank you.”

“It’s nothing.” Sweetie Belle turned to leave, but then glanced back at Silver and added, “But you know, perhaps you should tell Diamond Tiara yourself. It’s kinda cool you have a job and all. Not many fillies our age have that kind of responsibility; I think that Diamond Tiara would actually be pretty impressed.”

The young unicorn smiled and skipped away.

Silver Spoon couldn’t believe what she had just heard.

Cool? She had never thought about it that way before. She pondered for a minute, and began to think that perhaps Sweetie Belle was right - it was kind of impressive. No other pony in their class had a job, well, apart from Apple Bloom - she worked at her families Apple Farm. Diamond Tiara often teased the young country pony for that, but working on a farm and working at a top five star restaurant were completely different things.

It was almost as though having another pony’s opinion on her, had completely altered Silver Spoon’s opinion of herself. Sweetie Belle was not her friend, in fact, she was more like an enemy. If even she thought that it was cool that Silver Spoon had a part time job, then surely Diamond Tiara – her best friend – would think so too. After all, Diamond was the pony who thought she was cool in the first place. She had arrived at Kindergarten as a shy little four eyed outcast, and Diamond had taken an instant liking to her. Silver felt it in her heart that she and Di had a very strong connection. And now there was no doubt in her mind that Diamond would accept her, perhaps she would even even like her more.
That’s when the filly decided that she had to tell Di, she had to tell her everything, and it had to be right now.


Silver Spoon searched all over town for her friend. She checked every store, ventured down every street, and even started asking the other Ponyville residents if they had seen her.

“Excuse me mam,” She called to a green weather pony, “Have you seen my friend Diamond Tiara anywhere?”

“Nope.” The mare replied, “And I’m sure glad that I haven’t!”

Silver frowned; she didn’t like it when other ponies talked badly about her friend.

Next, she confronted a smart earth pony the same question,

“Hey Octavia, have you seen Diamond Tiara anywhere?” She asked hopefully; Octavia was always really polite.

“Can’t say I have.” Replied the mare, “She’s probably off causing trouble somewhere.”

Silver Spoon sighed; none of these ponies understood Di at all.

After searching throughout Ponyville, Silver Spoon concluded that Diamond Tiara must have gotten annoyed and returned home. So she headed off in the direction of the manor.

When she arrived, Silver Spoon suddenly became a bundle of nerves once more. She stared anxiously up at her friend’s bedroom window. The satin curtains were half closed, restricting her view. Just then, Silver noticed a figure. It was only present for a moment, but she made out a pointed ear, and a tiara.

“Di, please, just hear me out!” Silver Spoon pleaded. The figure disappeared.

The grey filly sighed; perhaps she really had blown it this time. She had let Diamond Tiara down, and left her alone with those blank flanks. Silver lowered her head and stared sadly at the ground, then turned to walk away, just as the front door of the manor opened.

Diamond Tiara approached her silently; she did not look happy. Silver tried to remain strong, after all, she was going to tell her friend everything, right now. She was going to explain all about her job, about bumping into Sweetie Belle, about their secret deal… and Diamond would accept her - she knew she would.

As the pink are friend approached, Silver took a deep breath. She was about to speak, but Diamond beat her to the mark.

“What in Equestria was all that about?” She bellowed, “You made me look like a right fool in front of those blank flanks!”

Once again, Silver felt her knees begin to shake, Diamond was fuming.

“They were standing there all smug when you ran away - I was literally a laughing stock! You ran away, like a little cry baby, like you were afraid of them or something. You abandoned me Silver! I thought you were my friend!”

“Di… I…” Silver’s voice was shaking; she had never seen Diamond Tiara this angry before.

“Those stupid blank flanks are never going to let me live this down! They’ll think I’m a joke! That flightless pegasus, that dim-witted unicorn, and that pathetic work horse!”

Silver gulped at the words ‘pathetic work horse’ Diamond often insulted Apple Bloom for working on her family’s farm - this was nothing new - but Silver then wondered if Diamond would think that she was a pathetic work horse, too. Her nerves came rushing back, and she suddenly concluded that perhaps now was not a good time to tell Diamond the truth after all.

“Di I…I’m sorry, I’m sorry I… just…” And just like that, instead of explaining anything Silver Spoon began to sob.

Diamond didn’t seem to care much for the reasoning behind Silver Spoons behavior - all she cared about was being humiliated in front of those blank flanks. She rolled her eyes as her friend continued to cry, and then turned away and began to walk back into her home. Diamond took a final glance at the distressed filly on her doorstep. Silver Spoon lifted the long plat in her mane, holding it up to her face in a hopeless attempt to wipe her eyes. She was whimpering, and shaking uncontrollably.

Diamond sighed, and spoke in a much calmer tone;

“Come with me, I… have something for you.”

Silver looked up. She was stunned for a moment, but then hurriedly followed to keep up with Diamond Tiara.

The inside of Diamond’s house was huge and beautiful. Everything from the walls, to the floor, to the decor glistened elegantly; it was like the inside of a palace. The walls themselves were covered in golden-framed paintings, and a magnificent glass chandelier hung from the ceiling. There were several maid ponies walking around, and a gigantic stair case which lead right up to the third floor.

Without another word, Diamond headed upstairs, and along the corridor to her room, with Silver Spoon close behind. Diamonds room was beautiful; her king-sized bed had a brass frame, and she owned more toys than the entire pony Kindergarten and Daycare centre put together. Diamond lead Silver Spoon over to a pine desk in the corner. She opened the drawer, and held out four pieces of paper for her tearful friend’s attention – they were tickets.

Diamond spoke firmly,

“My family is going to Manehatten for the summer. They said I can bring a friend, so…” She handed one of the tickets to Silver Spoon, who looked up in amazement.

Silver couldn’t believe her ears, she thought Diamond was furious with her, but she was inviting her to Manehatten? She instantly stopped crying and accepted the ticket. The two had visited Manehatten before when they were younger. It was an enormous city filled with famous ponies, top showcases, and restaurants suited for royalty. They had an incredible time, and it was one of Silver Spoons fondest memories.

The grey fillies’ sadness subsided, and was replaced by overwhelming excitement and joy.

“Thank you Di, thank you so much I… I’d love to go with you.” She looked down at the tickets, and then noticed the dates. “Wait, Di, these tickets… they’re for…”

“Yup, five whole months.” Diamond smiled, “My daddy purchased a house in the city, and when it’s refurbished we’re going to stay with him. Daddy is going to be working with some of the top business ponies in Manehatten, and he’s gotten us a private tutor, so we won’t even have to go to school.”

Silver could hardly contain herself; this was a dream come true. She was so relieved and thankful that Diamond hadn’t fallen out with her, and had instead given her this wonderful gift.

“That’s incredible Di, thank you thank you so much!” She reached out and hugged her friend, Diamond patted her back a little awkwardly, then smiled,

“Yeah yeah, I am pretty incredible. Now, are we going shopping or what?”

Silver nodded, and the two headed out to spend the rest of the day together.

Author's Note:

Some changes here and there, I loved the Kindergarten scene, so I kept that in. It's just too cute you know? I wanted to make it clear that Silver Spoon can be just as much of a bitch as Di. I also wanted to show that despite their attitudes, the two do have a strong friendship, and do care for each other in their own way.

Hope this came across :) Let me know what you think!