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It had been a long day at work, so I went for my usual stroll.
This was normal for me. I didn't know where I was going, nor did I care. It was nice.

But by some odd twist of events, I found myself lost in a world that was not my own.

Cover Art by tsonline

Chapters (6)
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Swa cwæð eardstapa,
earfeþa gemyndig,
wraþra wælsleahta,
winemæga hryre

Alwaays like them ideots running off into the woods, then finding themselves in Equestria, especially when they almost get killed first by the wild life of the everfree. But the idea to build a bird out of twigs and make it your golem with the remains of the slained timberwolf?... PRICELESS! Thumbs Up from me so far.

It may be simple, but it's a nice read.

Sounds like you have an original. Hurry up i want more.

wait 3 wolf 4 eyes so... what's the next creature he's going to build See it Wait to the next episode Oonn a idiot who found himshelf in equis to be contuined well jokes over great new story and have a luna face WITCH ISEN'T IN YET

4133255 So you are the one that took my name. Lol

Amazing. Please more

Wow. I like this, please continue. :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by Lunar Prose deleted Mar 26th, 2014


But the idea to build a bird out of twigs and make it your golem with the remains of the slained timberwolf?

My inner evil genius told me to :pinkiecrazy:

wow he just got there and equestria already gave him the bird.

I am really enjoying your character developments so far, they have a refreshing feeling about them. I very much so look forward to your next update! :pinkiesmile:

4143304 Thanks, I was worried about having flat characters :rainbowkiss:

Wanderer lv .1 login
>Spawn Location Everfree Forest.
!Main Quest Complete!
>|Find and Talk to Zecora|<
> Rewards:
> Items
Walking Pole (Slot Upgrade +1)
~Slot 1~: >Timberstone< //Effect: "Activates "Push" skill for usage on target."
> Bits : 0
!New Main Quest added!
>|Leave the Everfree Forest and enter Ponyville|<
// See 'Quest details' to display location marker.

4161688 I'm beginning to love your comments :rainbowlaugh:

When is the next chapter going to come?

4218784 Soon my friend, soon.
I have been absent for some time, so I wrote a long chapter to make up for it. :pinkiehappy:

..Is it slightly odd that i wanted to hear some Bon Jovi in this? :pinkiecrazy:

From a literal stand point, this was pretty bad. From my stand point, this was the best thing I've read all week. Shamble on

Absolutely loving every minute of this story! Bravo!

no comment here (super walruss away)

4235922 I'm gonna have to make that happen sometime soon :pinkiehappy:

Four stools down, A sky-blue pegasus sat with [...]
"Awww shit, its Lightning Dust..."

I have to object here,
as you can see, Lighting Dust's coat is more of a aquamarine color, as it is slightly darker than Lyra's.

AQUAMARINE: solidbackgrounds.com/images/1400x1050/1400x1050-aquamarine-solid-color-background.jpg
Sky-blue, or cyan is the color of Rainbow Dash's coat.
SKY-BLUE: 3.bp.blogspot.com/--COK1TXlsnk/UMHLKR06_MI/AAAAAAAAAB4/US_cCoNUxQ4/s1600/Sky_Blue.png

So we conclude:
"Four stools down, a darker shade of aquamarine pegasus sat with [...]

Another note:

"I didn't know he could play that!"

You dont have to put exclamation marks when your character is thinking something, writing in italic is enough to express the inner monolog.

4252540 Why thank you for that, the picture I was looking at was a bit off apparently.

(sitting at a campfire under a starry night sky)
DE_K you are so good at edit things.
you are also sooo
(blah blah blah half an hour later)
Oh my god. you are the most special person in the world.:raritystarry:
(looking at you with icy blue brown eyes. which are cursed to gave people goosebumps... or not)
DE_K... w-will you marry me?:fluttercry:

uh uh uh first comment...
Fuck! someone came before me.:twilightangry2:
So who is this motherfu....
... (facepalming :facehoof:)
oops, it is me :twilightblush:

Did you make that song up?

beep boop i am a robbot

Comment posted by Powder_Sniffer deleted May 3rd, 2014

He and I are planning something...
So be prepared.

0:59 - 1:34

4330534 No, it was made by an awesome band by the name Mumford and Sons, you should look them up.

In about the middle, there is some really tiny text.
It says

Got tackled by one of the wolves

1. It sounds like you took me and made me into a self insert, both with the way he acts and the family situation, a bit creepy. 2. Does he still have 4 Enchanted Emeralds left?

0/10 Not enough clop. (Damn son them are some fine ass writing skills.)

Ooh! This story seems interest-god fucking damnit it's on hiatus :ajbemused:

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