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"I'm not afraid of dying. I just don't want to be there when it happens." —Woody Allen


No marriage is without its challenges, especially not that of Spike and Rarity. Despite the fairy tale-like circumstances surrounding their courtship (Beauty and the Beast is a popular reference made at dinner parties), their relationship is far from perfect: indeed, the combination of her overwhelmingly large dress orders and his frequent extended trips across Equestria as Celestia's personal envoy makes it seem as though neither one of them has any time for their significant other. Yet there is one key factor, one constant variable in their lives that will always be there to remind them of how much they love and care for one another, no matter what issues they face.

Thank Celestia they have Claire.

Featured 3-27-14!
My third foray into the Kilalaverse. Don't know what I'm talking about? Click here to find out!
Pre-read by the Lady herself, Ms. Kilala.
Spike, Rarity, and MLP: FiM in general © Hasbro/Lauren Faust
Crystal Clarity © kilala97 of DA

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I was alerted to the sound of one story being added to three different groups that I joined.

Hope it was worth all the trouble

This was a really good story. As much as I love Sparity, I can see their marriage have some rocky moments. Though I am surprised that Clarie was the one playing counselor here. I guess it shows how much she wants to keep her family together. Good job overall.

i realized just now the only other story I've ever read by you is the Titanic one from way back in the day

This was just too adorable!:yay:

I think I got diabetes from the amount of sweetness in this story

This was a great story. It really showed the married relationship between Spike and Rarity. They may fight like any other couple but at the end of the day they still love each other... with alittle help sometime lol.:moustache::duck:



I loved it. This is absolutely flawless, and earns one of my rare one-shot favorites.

Daw my parents said I also did this when I was little xD still a good read though



Outstanding, sir. About your AN, I can understand where the lack of drive can come from sometimes. Rest assured, you knocked this one out of the park. One thing that irritated me was the back and forth at the start. There is very little definition of speaking and it goes on just long enough that when it becomes obvious who is talking, the reader has to go back and verify what was said. That isn't good, you want your reader to remain engrossed in the work. Just adding something simple as pitch of voice or a snarl would easily clarify it.

I always prefer arguing couples to lovey-dovey one. Writing the REAL parts of relationships is hard, but many people need to understand that love isn't just moments of passion. Real love is very ordinary, very plain and mundane. When the euphoria of the new romance dwindles, how to you still show love without those moments?

I'm glad you found the correct answer. Keep on kicking ass.

And you know what? Have this for your trouble.



Greeeeeaaaaaat job, dude! Was Rarity sleeping with them too?

I must say this story had me going just to see what Clarity would do to her parents. Awesome job even after writers block. :derpyderp2: :twilightsmile:

I can here people crying because of the feels from this story in other planes of existence. So beautiful.

Nice story. Instant favorite. I can't wait for the next one.

This was a pretty nice story, though I'd like to point out a few things that could've been improved.

The fight between Rarity and Spike felt a little forced, as if you wanted them to be angrier than what they'd really be for the sake of setting up a greater conflict. Of course, the reason they were angry made perfect sense, but in Rarity's case, she seemed overly assertive.

The daughter character also seemed rushed and underdeveloped, but this is more due to the story's length.

Otherwise, not bad.


In lieu of the author, allow me to help. Claire is from Kilala97 on DA. If you are curious for any background information on her and the other characters from this little universe, you'll be able to find it, along with some incredible artwork, there.

As for the fighting part, I think it's very realistic. I mean, you've never gotten into a big fight over something really stupid and petty because you were stressed out?


4141331 I looked back over it and I think it makes more sense to me now. The whole fight just seemed really sudden and obtrusive to the point it didn't feel realistic. Maybe if it had a bit more build up, such as showing us where Spike ate the gems, then it wouldn't have given me that impression. Yeah, I've been in fights stupider than this, so I'd know.

Great job and wonderful showing of a child's love for their parents, even when they argue.

Do keep up the good work upon such tales like this for future stories. :raritywink:

This is the best story ever written featuring these three together and I would gladly slap anyone who said otherwise.


>his frequent extended trips across Equestria as Celestia's personal convoy
>Celestia's personal convoy

Think you mean envoy, bro. Unless Spike is actually a trucker who works for Celestia in a convoy of other truckers that work for her. That'd be pretty cool.


i would love to see more on this story-line, haven't seen anything like this before

Man, the "two mane characters have a kid" concept is a lot more widespread than I gave it credit for.

Well done.

In the description of the story, however, you say "convoy" when you mean "envoy".

Happy writing!

Great story! :pinkiehappy: Cute and very loving.
THe only personal, and big focus on 'personal', issue with the story was the doublestandards from Rarity during the fight scene.
Such as:
"Don't interrupt me when I am speaking!"
"But Rarity! Let me ex-"
"I said don't interrupt me!"
That is the kind of things that just makes me groan and facepalm. It is not a fault in the story, merely my personal taste. :twilightblush:

love it! the argument is really well written, has a nice flow to it. claire sounded a bit older towards the end than in the beginning ("If I'm grumpy in the morning, it's your fault," f.ex.), but otherwise good.

Wow, I'm honestly amazed at how authentic the argument between Rarity and Spike was.

Takes me right back...

This story got featured! :pinkiegasp:

The word is "envoy," unless Spike happens to transform into a large procession of cargo vehicles.

Kilala97 is the artist who made me see that Sparity would actually be a pretty nice pairing. I'll have to give this a read!

Far as I'm concerned, Rarity lost the argument the moment she admitted she left the gems on the kitchen table. I mean come on, its not like Spike broke into her work room to steal her stuff. She literally left food in a place where food is eaten. And she should know by now with her DRAGON husband, that that is a dumb idea.

This is a beautiful story.

I lol'd:moustache:

SO.MUCH.D'AWW Hnnngggg. Love it so much. This is kinda how my parents used to fight...too bad there was no happy ending. :fluttercry:. This story though, it made me sniffle. :raritystarry:

I had no idea I was such a sucker for Sparity.

... rarity was in the wrong really don't care how you spill it.

That was a cute story.

Nothing like getting chewed out by your own daughter for bickering.

My heart melted when Clarity said

"you'll start fighting again and daddy'll leave"

Found this at work, and had to read it again. I really enjoyed this story, and it is true, the arguments couples have usually end up bringing them closer together. Keep this up, not only do i enjoy kilala97s work, but i am becoming a sparity fan as well from stories like these. :moustache:

Excellent story! It had a nice flow from heart-wrenching to heart-warming.

I'm gonna read this but I thought I should point this out: Where it says "Spike as Celestia's CONVOY it should say "envoy".

Um.... I'm going to leave this here for you:

Put that in your source instead. It kind of links to the story itself, which isn't what the source thing is for :twilightblush:

Will read this story later. I'm sure it'll be good and all. Just wanted to fix a mistake you have there

the feels:rainbowkiss:
well done:moustache:

"If I'm grumpy in the morning, it's your fault."

What I wish I could tell my parents. :facehoof: Also, I'm going to say the chapter title is a reference to Tangled's "Mother Knows Best" song.

"constant variable in their lives"
"constant variable"


rarity dose not deserve spike.

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