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The Cutting Room Floor, Outtakes 3 & 4

The Cutting Room Floor, Outtakes 3

Welcome to the third instalment of The Cutting Room Floor. Today’s episode brought to you by popular demand and by serious lack of inspiration to work on the intended projects piled up on our hard drives. The episode has been rated “The hell is this?” by a gas station attendant I annoy from time to time, because the critic has apparently fled from authorities and is now somewhere in Africa. In lighter news our insurance finally decided to pay the studios for the recent damages.

Roll it!


Infinity’s End. Chapter three. Scene two. Take one.

From off screen the voice that’s supposed to be in discord’s head began his lines from the top of his part for the scene. “You should quit while you still have a miniscule shred of dignity…” He cut off as Discord’s young Discord double started laughing.

“Ok.” The double said, before turning and walking off set, still laughing.

Take three.

“You should quit while you still have a miniscule shred of dign-”

“haaahaahaaa oohhhhhaaaaaa…”

Take twenty.

“aaaahhhhaaaaaaaahahaaaaaaha…” The double rolled across the floor holding his ribs. The voice over actor left the set and headed for his trailer, pulling at his hair.

Infinity’s End. Chapter three. Scene six. Take two.

“Oh have a little faith M,” the double laughed on time with the script, for once. “What’s the worst that could happen?”

“…Hig…….. ‘Static’ …… ‘Static’ …. ‘Muffled background noise’ …”

The recording artist stepped out of the sound booth shaking his head. “Sorry, batteries in the mic just died.”

Infinity’s End. Chapter three. Scene nine. Take one.

“Forgive my lack of enthusiasm,” a subtle sound of shifting paper could be heard over the playback, but the director let it slide. He really wanted them to get this scene right as soon as possible. “Now, are you going to release all that energy, or do you plan on, just, ch…Changing…Charade…I, I can’t read my own handwriting…” He slapped his forehead and started laughing.

Infinity’s End. Chapter three. Scene ten. Take four.

The director placed his face in his palms and started muttering to himself as the camera panned back to the green screen room set up across from his chair.

“Roar! No? uhh…RRROOOOOAAAAAARRRRRRR!” The young Discord double looked down at his script and frowns. “So, like, what’s my motivation again?” He asked whilst tilting his head and putting his hands on his hips.

Infinity’s End. Chapter three. Scene eleven. Take sixteen.

The director’s grip on his large white megaphone was white knuckle tight as he began to yell out his instructions. “Alright everyone, places! Queue music! Lights! Camera one, roll! Camera two at stand by! And, ActiooOHSHIT!” The director bellowed as his chair fell over backwards.

Infinity’s End. Chapter three. Scene fifteen. Take one.

“Focus, it’s all about focus. Also not blowing up half the kingdom while you’re at it would be nice.” The ‘voice in head’ actor said dryly as he plodded through his next line with the enthusiasm of a dead house plant.

“Uhh… Line?”


“Cut!!!” The director knocked his chair over in anger as he rose and berated the actor. “You’re not even on the damned screen! Just look at your script!”

“Infinity’s End. Chapter three. Scene… Alright let’s be honest here, there wasn’t really a whole lot of material for this chapter, soo… Yeah. I don’t know, should I just like, stand here and jingle some keys, or something?” Puts hand up to ear, whispers then smiles mischievously. “Really? Great, they should really love that. Okay folks, slight change in plans here, I was just informed we have another little something thrown together for all of you. Drum roll please!”

“Uhh, we don’t have any drums…”

“Oh, well in that case just roll the tape then. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls!... Please don’t mistake this half assed cobbling of scraps for actual entertainment, and yes, more is sure to come. Unfortunately…”

The Cutting Room Floor, Outtakes Four

Hello again everyone and welcome to another wonderful installment of our outtakes collection. Today we have a nice selection from the Infinity’s End universe side story, The Star Order Chronicles that will feature some of the many random things that occurred on set. Additionally we would like to point out that this selection may contain spoilers for said story as well as no proper rating as the Critic is now on the run from authorities somewhere in Denmark, still managing to update his Twitter though…

Anyway, here are a few of our favorite moments from filming in more or less order, enjoy.


The Star Order Chronicles, scene five, take one.

“Okay Star Swirl, for this one I’m going to need to see some more emotion, alright. I mean, I really didn’t want to say anything, but. You emote about as well as my car right before it runs out of gas,” the director said, leaning forward to peer at the shivering pony from behind his ridiculously oversized shades.

“Yeah… Um, just gonna skim right over that in favor of a decent paycheck, but,” he said, trailing off as he looked at the, to be honest, insane number of cables and high wire trapeze systems set up around the area. “Shouldn’t I have a stunt double for this? It doesn’t look particularly, safe.”

“Oh, now he wants a stunt pony!” The director groaned, rubbing his temples. “Actors.”

“I think maybe I should call my lawyer,” Star Swirl grumbled, turning to walk back to his place for the next take.

Bolting upright in his chair the director cleared his throat. “What was that?” He asked sweetly. “I couldn’t hear you over the sound of your contract bursting into flames…”

“Oh, nothing, nothing!” Star Swirl said smartly, quickly clipping back into the harness attached to the severely over complicated rigging system above, a very forced grin plastered on his face.

“That’s what I thought,” the director hissed triumphantly. He grinned to himself in victory, just as his evil twin dumped a tub of snow over him from behind.

The Star Order Chronicles, scene seventeen, take one.

Star Swirl had just escaped the pursuing yeti…
“Took you long enough,” came a voice from his right near an outcropping of rock as another pony materialized out of the snow and approached him.
“I was unavoidably detained,” the stallion said moving toward his fellow member. “Good morning Silver. Did you get yours?” He asked, still fiddling with his cloak.
“Of course I did Star Swirl,” the rather shiny silver pony said somewhat proudly. “What do you think I am? Some sort of slacker?”
“Come now Silver Spark, I would never say that. To your face,”
Silver Spark punched Star Swirl in the face.
“Oh you whore!”

The Star Order Chronicles, scene twenty, take two.

Star Shine had just saved Star Swirl and Silver Spark from the yetis with her shield and approached them…

Resolving from the swirling snow, with a very annoyed look on her face, was a unicorn mare. She bore an apprentice cloak as they did, though hers was adorned with a mark of attachment as she had been chosen by a specific master of the order. Under said cloak was a gorgeous golden yellow coat that grew brighter as it reached her hooves. Her mane was a vivid orange giving her the look of a sunrise. Completing her beauty were a pair of deep pink eyes that had a sense of absolute intelligence behind them. If looks could kill, both stallions would have dropped from her mere presence.
“Oh… Hey there, Star Shine,” Silver Spark spluttered, from his position underneath Star Swirl. “Uhh… It’s exactly what it looks like…”
Everyone on set cracked up laughing as the two continued to play cuddle.


Author's Note:

Well that was painful, no worries people the next installment should be something much more interesting…Hint, I hope you like poker… ;)

I'm craving coffee now. -Jake

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