• Published 20th Mar 2014
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An Apple Conundrum

An Apple Conundrum

Today’s episode performed by the Apple family.

Rated ‘needs work’ by the guy I sat next to on the bus the other day because the critic won’t answer his phone, again.

Applejack yawned as she emerged from the house and looked around the farm in the early morning light, as far as mornings go it was alright. Her ear twitched at the sound of her brother's voice coming from somewhere around the side of the house. Having nothing better to do, she made her way around to the backside of the building and stopped next her brother. “Mornin, Big Mack,” she said glancing up to the roof with a look of mild boredom and overall disinterest at what he was staring at.

“Mornin A.J.” He said in his usual tone, face betraying nothing out of the ordinary. He simply sighed in resignation as he chewed on a piece of straw stuck between his teeth.

“Any idea as ta what set 'er off this time?” Applejack asked with barely any genuine interest whatsoever.


“She been up there long?”


“You call Braeburn yet?”


“He on his way?”


“Caramel misplace the big ladder again?”


“We got one long enough to git er down?”


Applejack sighed as she turned to walk back inside. “Well I best go wake up Applebloom then, Somepony needs too.”

Big Mac watched her leave with a hint of envy, she always got to leave when this happened. He returned his gaze to the very top of the roof, trying to figure out exactly how Granny managed to get an entire Loom up there.

Author's Note:

Well, that was kinda random...

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