• Published 20th Mar 2014
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Laundry Juice

Laundry Juice

Twilight Sparkle was confused, as confused as she had every right to be that day at least. You see, poor Twily here had agreed to help her oh so good friend Pinkie Pie out by running a few basic errands for her. Errands like say, dropping off a few party invitations, taking Gummy to the groomers, Picking up Star Scream's ego from the machine shop, and of course grabbing a few home essentials.

Which is where we find our little purple heroine now, staring intently at the crumpled piece of paper floating before her, trying her darndest to glean any amount of sane meaning from the words written in pink crayon. More to the point, she studied two words in particular…

Laundry juice



Twilight looked up again, her eyes scanning the store shelf in front of her, all manner of liquid detergents and fabric softeners stared straight back. The happy little cartoon advertisements all mocking her with insipid little quotes about ‘being the best brand ever’, or, ‘endorsed by Celestia herself!’ As expected however, the legendary ‘Laundry Juice,’ was nowhere to be seen.

Already an hour had passed since she had been halted by this roadblock, and three since having arrived at the store. Again Twilight racked her brain for answers, trying desperately to picture the laundry room back at Sugar Cube Corner’TM’ only to realize that she had never even seen a laundry in the building. Did they have a laundry? Where was it? By Celestia what kind of juice did they use?!

Smoke wafting from her mane, Twilight grabbed one of each in her magic and shoved them into her shopping bag. Reasoning that she could easily return any that Pinkie didn’t want, she returned her attention to the shopping list with a slightly, if not adorable, maniacal grin. Taking a calming breath to remind herself the worst was over she read the next item on the list. Her eye began to twitch uncontrollably…

'Elbow grease.'

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