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The Big Cleanup - elPossenreisser

Rainbow Dash is sentenced to clean up the school gym for the Fall Formal after a mysterious slime explosion, even though she is innocent. Twilight offers her help.

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Epilogue - Sunday, the day of the match

Epilogue – Sunday, the day of the match

Twilight felt a little bit uneasy as she walked down the path to the football field. There were quite a few students on their way as well, and she was still under the impression of a week of being shunned and nasty glares. But, to her surprise, apart from a few suspicious looks, people didn’t seem to be taking much notice of her. Maybe they had really forgiven her?

Twilight approached the bleachers and couldn’t help but smile at the sea of blue and yellow. She casually raised her hand and touched the pony ears she was wearing along with her school sweater and the ponytail belt. For the longest time, she hadn’t been one to take part in such things, but when her fondness of a certain player had turned her into a soccer fan, she had discovered her school spirit.

Just as she was about to start climbing the bleachers, the voice of the announcer resounded across the field: “And now, would you please welcome the home team, the Canterlot High Wonderfillies!” As the crowd erupted in loud cheers, she turned around and watched the Canterlot High team running onto the field, waving to their fans and high-fiving each other. Rainbow was easy enough to spot with her distinctive hair.

She hadn’t seen or talked to Rainbow since they had parted on the night of the dance, and a small but vocal part of her insisted on worrying what it would be like to see her again. How should she greet her? With a kiss? A hug? What if Rainbow had come to her senses and—

“Twiliiight!” a high-pitched voice yelled over the cheers of the crowd. “Over heeere!”

She turned and saw three of Rainbow’s friends sit together in the first row, all clad in school colors as well. Pinkie Pie was jumping up and down, waving at her. Twilight grinned at the girl’s enthusiasm. Pinkie was beckoning her to come over, and after a second of hesitation Twilight made her way to the group of girls. Again, she felt uneasy, thinking of everything that had happened in the last week. But Pinkie seemed determined to get her to come over, so maybe the girls were not angry at her anymore.

“Hello,” she timidly greeted them when she had reached them.

Pinkie immediately jumped up and hugged her. “Hi, Twilight! Wanna sit with us? We have cupcakes!”

The other two girls, Rarity and Fluttershy, moved over to make some room for her, and she sat down between Rarity and Pinkie Pie who promptly shoved a cupcake decorated in the school colors into her hand.

“Hello, Twilight,” Rarity greeted. “It’s so nice to meet you. Under nicer circumstances, I mean.” From behind her, Fluttershy waved but didn’t say anything.

“Hi,” Twilight repeated awkwardly, fighting the urge to stare at her cupcake.

“Oh, dear, not to worry,” Rarity amiably continued, putting a hand on Twilight’s arm, “rest assured that no one is bearing a grudge against you.”

“Nope!” Pinkie Pie agreed. “Especially not since you and Dashie are lovebirds now!”

Twilight’s cheeks turned crimson, but she couldn’t help but notice that both Rarity and Pinkie were giving her friendly smiles and were not making fun of her. On the field the whistle sounded, and the game began.

“Oh, darling, I simply must know everything!” Rarity chirped and batted her eyelashes at Twilight. “What happened on Friday night? You two were gone all of a sudden!”

“Well, erm… we…” Twilight stammered, “we… we danced. For some time. And then we…” She couldn’t keep her eyes up and stared at the cupcake, her cheeks still burning—but at the same time the memory made her smile. “We kissed.”

Rarity sighed. “Oh, how romantic! A kiss on the dance floor! Young love blooming!” she squealed. Her eyes were gleaming with excitement. “And then, where did you two disappear to?”

“Um… we went to Donut Joe’s and had a milkshake… and then Rainbow Dash walked me home.” Twilight was still looking down on her cupcake. She didn’t feel the need to share everything that had happened during the walk home with Rarity. Especially not the good-night kiss.

Rarity sighed again and wiped an imaginary tear from her eye. “Oh, I cannot stress enough how happy I am for you two, dear! And now you’re here to support her. My heart is positively melting!”

“Actually, I’ve been coming to the matches regularly.”

“Sure you have,” Pinkie chimed in from her other side. “Dashie looks great in those shorts, doesn’t she? Want another cupcake?”

Inadvertently Twilight’s gaze turned to the field where the players were waiting for a throw-in, where Rainbow was standing in those shorts. She blushed again. In that moment Rainbow looked over and saw her. She grinned and gave her a wink as the match continued.

“Woohoo! Dashie!” Pinkie suddenly yelled. Rainbow had stolen the ball from the opposing player as she had been trying to take control of the ball after the throw-in, and was now leading a counterattack along with another Canterlot player, a girl with lavender skin and blonde hair. Three defending players were running between them, trying to stop them. The crowd erupted in cheers.

Rainbow crossed to her teammate who nimbly shrugged off one of the defenders before passing the ball back to Rainbow. A second defender missed the cross, and Rainbow volleyed the ball at the goal with full force. The crowd gasped as the ball only hit the bar and bounced back straight at her. Rainbow didn’t hesitate and scooped the ball over the goalie and into the net a split second before the last defender crashed into her.

“Wooohooo!” Twilight jumped up and cheered at the top of her lungs. Next to her, Pinkie was at the same time hugging her and the other two girls and jumping up and down, pulling them along. Even Fluttershy was cheering with unexpected force. On the field, the Canterlot players were hugging each other in a huge pile of jumping girls. When Rainbow finally broke free of the massive group hug, she turned to Twilight and waved at her as the teams returned to position for the kick-off.

As it went on, the match turned out to be a rather one-sided affair, but neither Twilight nor the other Canterlot fans minded. Rainbow scored a second goal and set up another one for the lavender girl with the blonde hair, each of them enthusiastically applauded by the crowd.

When the match ended, the crowd celebrated the team’s performance with several minutes of enthusiastic cheering. The players remained on the field, waving to the fans and basking in the applause. When it finally started dying down, Rainbow and the lavender girl slowly made their way towards the bleachers where Twilight and the other girls were seated.

“Dashie!” Pinkie screamed, jumped up and threw herself at Rainbow, giving her a quick hug. “You were soo awesome!”

“Well played, darling,” Rarity seconded.

“Thanks, girls!” Rainbow beamed. She looked at Twilight, and her smile grew even wider. It was all the invitation Twilight needed. She made a step towards Rainbow and threw her arms around her neck. As she looked into her eyes all her doubts from earlier simply disappeared. Her head drew closer, and she closed her eyes as their lips met.

Rainbow kissed her back with verve, her tongue dancing around Twilight’s lips but not quite pushing past them. Twilight froze for an instant, surprised—that was even more intense than the good-night kiss on Friday! The sensation of Rainbow’s tongue on her lips made her lightheaded, and she tried to take in as much of that sensation as possible. She tentatively opened her mouth and softly touched Rainbow’s tongue with the tip of her own. Rainbow slowed down a bit and gently circled her tongue around the tip of Twilight’s. When finally they broke the kiss Twilight found that she was breathing heavily and her knees were a little wobbly.

They let go of each other, and Rainbow kept an arm around Twilight’s waist. “And this is what it looks like when my girlfriend tells me I played an awesome match,” Rainbow declared, turning to her teammate. “Cloud Kicker, meet Twilight. Twilight, Cloud Kicker.”

“Nice to meet you,” Twilight said.

“So you’re the reason she played so inspired today,” Cloud Kicker said with a smirk. “Well done, nice to meet you.” She bumped Rainbow’s shoulder. “Come on, let’s go shower. I’m sure your girlfriend would rather make out with you when you’re not smelly and gross,” she said, winking at Twilight.

“Gee, Cloud, really?” Rainbow rolled her eyes. She turned to Twilight. “Why don’t you go ahead to Donut Joe’s with the girls? I’ll meet you there.” She gave Twilight another peck on the cheek before running off to the locker rooms with Cloud Kicker. Twilight dreamily watched them leave as Rarity took her hand and gently pulled her away towards the street leading to the city center.

“Bye, Dashie!” Pinkie Pie waved.

“Oh my,” Rarity mused, “I think I have a good idea which details about Friday night you left out, darling.” Twilight just grinned, way too happy to be embarrassed.

Author's Note:

You have TwiDashFan to thank for this epilogue, as he provided me with the idea.

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Gratuitous epilogue! :yay:

Thanks for the prompt :twilightsmile: I hope you're happy with what you made me do :trixieshiftleft: (no, seriously, I do :twilightsmile: )

YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! now we need a sequel where sunset becomes the queen bitch again, and tries to ruin what they have because she's jealous and stuff!

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Oh you guys :twilightblush:

I'm considering it :twistnerd: Won't make any promises though, as I have really no idea what I'll do next :derpyderp2:

ATTACK OF THE DAWWWWWS! :twilightblush::rainbowkiss:

YAY, great epilogue.

WHOO! :rainbowderp:

Imagine my shock when I saw this had an update and how awesome it felt that I was able to inspire! :twilightsmile:

I really liked the ending. It was fantastic elPossenreisser :twilightsmile::heart::rainbowwild:

A sequel could be good, there are still things that could be touched upon. Twi and Dash meeting each others parents, Trixie being a bitch about their relationship. (Cause she's totally jealous that Dashie got Twi before her^^):trixieshiftright:

That's all I got for now... I try and thunk of more stuff though. I'm a bit stuck on my own stories and this provides a nice distraction. I will say that this is probably one of the best EQG fics I've read... and I've read a lot on this site.:twilightsmile::heart::rainbowkiss:

A pleasant surprise to see this update (again), especially considering I thought you had wrapped it all up. That being said, I think that this epilogue helps wrap it up more neatly than before.

Best of luck in the contest!

Wonderful job my friend :twilightsmile: /)

I have read the fic in its entirety.

Judging imminent...

~Skeeter The Lurker

So my perfidious plan to cloud your judgment with overwhelming amounts of teh cutez0rz worked :yay:

I've only read two entries so far, but from the look of them all this one is quite unique. It's also surprisingly cute! Good job and good luck! :twilightsmile:

Nice story I had a lot of fun reading it, I just wish it did not end so soon

Wow, a good fic. Have to say though, as expected from you, Elpossy. I love all your stories.

With this, I've now read most of the entries. Just one fic left, then I can finally do my part in judging. Blunderbolt made me a judge after the contest began.

I wish you luck!

Good job i enjoyed it all the way to the end.
If a rating was to take place i'll give it a 8/10 not perfect but very well done.
I'am glad i finally took the time to read this one and after reading some of your other story's that i like and had a blast reading i think you my good sir/madam deserves a fallow/watch.

I...LOVED IT! :pinkiegasp: This was the only fanfic I've read on FimFiction that made me squeal all the time! :twilightsmile::heart::rainbowkiss:

I read this fic a few months ago. I fav'd it a couple of weeks ago because I wanted to re-experience it, and I have to say, I'm glad I did. This story was brilliant in its entirety. So many things were right with this that makes it hard to put into a comment, unless I made a super detailed one, which I won't.

This is not only how you do a EQG fic, but also an example of a romance fic. You've brought those two things together, and the payoff has been grand. I've thoroughly enjoyed this all the way through, and I'm glad to have it in my favourites. I would side with others and say this should have a sequel, but I don't know your writing schedule. I would love to see a sequel to this, but of course, it's your fic and decision. Maybe after Rainbow Rocks? :trixieshiftright:

In fact, I'd love to see you tackle other EQG fics. They're hated on a lot just because of the EQG aspect, but you've pulled it off brilliantly.

And you know, I'll enjoy re-reading this in the future, AGAIN! And when I do that, I know it's a great story.

Wow, such praise, thanks :twilightsmile: I'm flattered :twilightblush:

In regards to future EQG fics / sequels... I like EQG as a setting (minus the little detail that I have to ignore the actual EQG movie if I want to have Twilight around :twilightoops: ), and I think I have an idea or two for stories in the setting.

I may even start to write them down at some point if people stop shoving contests into my face ( :rainbowkiss: :heart: :twilightsmile: )

4775853 You deserve EVERY second of your praise.:twilightsmile::moustache:

“And this is what it looks like when my girlfriend tells me I played an awesome match,”

That has to be one of the best lines I've ever heard :D:rainbowkiss:

Sorry if double post:fluttershysad:

THR WAS SO AWESOME! :rainbowkiss:


You can join in to my group called Sci-TwiDash.

Omfgomfgomfgomfgomfgomfgomfg I fucking love this fic!!!! Sooooooo cute!!!!
I really love this phrase by Rainbow.. It's really cheesy!
“Don’t worry none, little lady, I’ll keep you safe.”
Oof!!! My hurt aches!!!
Hope you'll write more about TwiDash! Please please please????? 💓💓💓💜💙💜💙💜💙

This is just one of your stories I've read multiple times. They are all so good and this is no exception. I loved every little bit of this though the whole time I'm sitting there thinking that if Twilight just told Rainbow the truth from the beginning or at least on that second day before they found the notebook so much could have been avoided.

That was an amazing twidash fanfic I loved it and good job on writing it and Twidashfan thanks for the epilogue :twilightblush: :rainbowkiss:

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