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Sometimes I think I must be the luckiest being ever, then again, sometimes I really question if I'm not actually incredibly unlucky. The line between the two can be a bit blurry at times. I never really had a problem with my life, or even with my untimely death. I try to stay chill about most things, and for the most part, succeed. You could call me apathetic, but I prefer indifferent. However, it's hard to keep maximum aloofness when I'm talking to a giant lizard. Even worse when it talks back. Maybe if it hadn't been for the fact that his tree has a name, which is frank, I would be okay. I really think ending up in Equestria put the final nail in the coffin though. Not the first place I would have chosen to go, but it's still pretty bad ass. Especially when you throw in some magic and awesome adventure.

Just figured I should put a note about this not being a SI. Unless I stopped being a narcissistic asshole who only thinks for himself, and turned into a happy-go-lucky kind of guy.

Chapters (23)
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Comments ( 119 )

this.... is pretty dece:moustache:

eh giving a thumbs up.

This fic is meh I give thee one out of 5 moustaches :moustache: and a confused applejack:applejackconfused:

It's like re-living a great reading adventure, thank you kind sir, you managed to make your story even more interesting!:ajsmug:

:3 sooooooo is silver going to get bucked by :ajbemused: because i've read that in so many fic's can't the main character be a bad ass and not get knocked out for once. seriously in every bloody human in equestria fic i read the human gets knocked out..... i mean cmon :fluttershysad:

:3 sooooooo is silver going to get bucked by :ajbemused: because i've read that in so many fic's can't the main character be a bad ass and not get knocked out for once. seriously in every bloody human in equestria fic i read the human gets knocked out..... i mean cmon :fluttershysad:

ps: this is a good read i can't wait for more

Do they really? I must have missed that. -shrug- Well let's just say he tries to be clever shall we?

Great to know! I had so much fun writing the last one that I couldn't help myself. Hopefully I can make this one have a decent ending though.

Make him learn magic! magic magic magic magic magic :pinkiecrazy:



Oh now that's an idea. We shall see.
You seem to have gargled the rest of your words. To be honest I have no idea what you are saying, but its appreciated!

So far the fan fic is awesome, cant wait for the next chapters!

Not sure where this is going, but is is an enjoyable tale. I definitely want to know more about the artifact. Sure seems like it has a lot of influence over our main character.

Good to hear that you like it. And ya so far he's been compliant with it. Based only on the fact that it's the way he got to Equestria.

I couldn't resist =p
You are awesome just for that.

need spell to make, more attracted to pony's :pinkiesick:

I like this. I like this a lot. Why have you been hiding this from me?! It's an awesome story :D I didn't know you were this good at writing. Keep it uuuuuuuuuuuup!:ajsmug:

Your character is handling the Rose thing differently than I would.

If it was me there instead of him now...

I would be married to her by now instead.

Yeah, I would.

I like Rose.

XD It's a growing problem. One that I'm not even sure how it will be solved.

Truthfully, I can understand why Silver is having such a hard time with things. The elder mage did warn him about things that would try to stop him by any means. Somewhere in his subconscious mind I am sure that thought would have crossed his mind. I know it would have crossed mine... probably after things went too far... But in Silvers case, he has the opportunity to patch things up if he wants to without being bogged down in Ponyville with a serious relationship. I mean, that sounds like a very subtle way for the Core to sidetrack an aspiring mage doesn't it? Who knows, perhaps after his quest to restore the Core, he may well patch things up and move forward...

In any event, loving the story and well written!

Keep the dream alive!

Thanks, I really appreciate the detailed feed back. I'm honestly wondering hot this entire thing will end as well. As to the well written part I do try my best, but I know there are times when I screw up.

Needs more headcrab/parasitic alien......:moustache:

I wonder if when/or ever that one of the ponies will find out that Silver is slowly dying.....

MORE :D Actually one f the best HiE Stories I've read in some time.

Yeah, but now we've got to wait for the next chapter! :flutterrage:
Still, I've enjoyed the fic so far...:twilightsmile:

I'll try and get it out fast XD
Good to hear that!

And then plot thickens to the point of oatmeal......:moustache:

Round and round the plot goes, where it stops, not even the writer knows!


I was more thinking something akin to porridge, it seems much thicker. :rainbowwild:

You've still got me interested, for what it's worth.

oh this is a killer twist! can't wait to see how this turns out!

441606I got confused and had to reread the last chapter then read this but I think I understand it now. Celestia is making him get married to someone and Luna doesn't want that so she is stopping Celestia from recasting the spell and now Silver is going to confront them at the wedding.:pinkiegasp: It IS amazing is it not?

:pinkiegasp: A TWEEST WITHIN A TWEEST! A TWEESTCEPTION! :derpytongue2:

I was worried that would happen, sorry. And we shall see won't we? :)
O.o Holy Carpe!

Celestia needs to get taught a lesson, if anyone messed with my mind they would be dead in a matter of moments. I would kill her personally, but the bitch needs to be knocked down a peg. Alot of the fics I read has Celly screwing with their minds & it always irritates me that nothing happens to her.

Probobly sound like an ass but whatever... Still good story, somewhat confusing chapter.

Have they really? Once again I've missed a stereotype. And I was hoping to avoid confusion for the most part, but I guess I failed there. Bit harsh on Celestia, but let's just say she doesn't get away unscathed.

443130 Love you *hugs* :pinkiehappy:

And yeah sorry, ha I get a bit... over the top with it comes to enemys. :twilightsheepish:

INTERNET HUG *Returns hug*
And better over the top than under the ground eh?

Why doesn't he just use his magic to dry his clothes and stuff?

I love the twist you put on the story!

omg it's time for some princess ownage ...... wait let me refrace that pwnage :flutterrage:

DUDE! That's not right! Post the next chapter now! You can't just leave people hanging like this! :twilightangry2:

Yar har har, I am so evils! Tbh, I wanted to do more, but it had taken me so long just to get that done, that I felt you guys needed something updated.

That's quite alright.....I guess. If I interpreted the last scene correctly, was Princess Celestia sporting some mad dong? I don't recall the main character swinging that way.

That was what was happening yeah, but it was more of a joke then anything. I haven't really though much about the character's barn door. I just kind of assumed it would be straight :/

SILVER YOU PRICK! He changed that he must've! I double checked it before I sent it to him!

Oh looks like it's time to start on another reading adventure

My body is ready

You have the copy yourself, take a look. We both know the truth.
Welcome to the adventure of a life time ya-da ya-da. Hope you enjoy your time and all that. I hope that you'll let us know what you like and didn't like. (But seriously, we're happy to have you.)

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